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Little fluffy clouds

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Re: AIrcrew redundancies willbe far higher than reported so far


Lock away your bits

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How much carrion can a carrier pigeon carry?

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E pluribus unum

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Where managers go to die

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open Is that a typo? Oh, it's not a typo. Ampere really is touting an 80-core 64-bit 7nm Arm server processor dubbed Altra 20
open Mirantis gros fromage quits to start new 'private LTE' biz on open-access spectrum 3
open We're Finnished: Nokia replaces CEO Rajeev Suri in industry Lundmark decision 3
open Chipzilla or Chipzooky? If Intel's server CPU sales keep on shrinking, El Reg will have to update the branding 13
open We regret to inform you there are severe delays on the token ring due to IT nerds blasting each other to bloody chunks 128
open Take it Huawei, Pai: Senate passes bill to rip 'dodgy' kit from rural telcos 54
open Switchzilla? More like Ditch-your-staff-zilla: Cisco back at the layoffs as revenues shrink 15
open BOFH: Gosh, IPv5? Why didn't I think of that? Say, how do you like the new windows in here? Take a look. Closer... 70
open I heard somebody say: Burn baby, burn – server inferno! 131
open Total Inability To Service User Pulls: GitHub wobbles with a good old Thursday TITSUP 17
open Nokia said to be considering sale or merger as profits tank 37
By Dave559
open Poor old Google. Its cloud division only brought in $8.9bn last year. So it's chucking a few billion at US offices and data centres 9
open Salesforce's revolving door spins amid shopping spree: Co-CEO out, BT alumnus G-Patz up, Vlocity slurped 1
open Admins beware! Microsoft gives heads-up for 'disruptive' changes to authentication in Office 365 email service 85
By Tamz
open SecureX gon give it to ya: Cisco muscles into the integrated security game 5
open Firefox, you know you tapped Cloudflare for DNS-over-HTTPS? In January, it briefly knackered two root servers at the heart of the internet 36
By Mark 65
open Blow me down with a feather, well, storage server software update gone awry: Nest vid streams go dark for 16 hours 17
open While hype merchants push chatbots, CIOs are saving up pennies while expecting a recession, reckons study 16
By ecofeco
open Get in the lake, Sparky: Databricks touts new ingestion file sources 2
open MWC now stands for Mighty Wallet Crusher? Smaller firms counting the cost after mobile industry event scrapped 15
By IGotOut
open Would-be .org gobbler Ethos Capital promises to keep prices down in last-ditch effort to keep $1.1bn deal alive 42
open Afilias vanishes from battle to run Colombia's trendy .co after El Reg probes technical docs, allegations of a stitch-up 4
By HildyJ
open World Wide Web's Sir Tim swells his let's-remake-the-internet startup with Bruce Schneier, fellow tech experts 44
open Afrinic's new CEO promises change of culture at org laid low by allegations of corruption and dysfunction 1
open Red Hat slips through Platform 16 to OpenStack wizarding world, says customers still want to run their own cloud 4
open All your base station are belong to us: Intel joins spec race with new 5G chips 6
open Third time's a charm, maybe: Bankers suing Oracle over claims of exaggerated cloud sales have another go at convincing skeptical judge 15
open Managed services slinger Ensono waves goodbye to staff on both sides of the pond 15
open Ofcom measured UK's 5G radiation and found that, no, it won't give you cancer 135
open Breaking bad... browser use: New Mexico accuses Google of illegally slurping kids' private data via G Suite 36
open The self-disconnecting switch: Ghost in the machine or just a desire to save some cash? 77
open FCC forced by court to ask the public (again) if they think tearing up net neutrality was a really good idea or not 38
open Google product boss cuffed on suspicion of murder after his Microsoft manager wife goes missing, woman's body found, during Hawaii trip 47
open Buzzwords ahoy as Microsoft tears the wraps off machine-learning enhancements, new application for Dynamics 365 7
open Hey, Brits. Your Google data is leaving the EU before you are: Hoard to be shipped from Ireland to US next month 129
open No Huawei gear in vital 5G project to bring virtual-reality Robin Hood to Sherwood Forest 11
By Trev 2
open Forcing us to get consent before selling browser histories violates our free speech, US ISPs claim 70
open Brit telcos can keep £218m licence fee repayment from Ofcom after penny-pinching regulator loses Court of Appeal case 14
open Fire Brigades Union warns of wonky IT causing dangerous delays in 999 control rooms 48
open Now Internet Society told to halt controversial .org sale… by its own advisory council: 'You misread the community mindset around dot-org' 61
open Hard Disk Dri, er, Connive: Two sales execs accused by Uncle Sam of bumping up HDD component prices 3
By eldakka
open Japan would like to offer 5G firms cheap loans – because subsidies are only bad when Huawei gets them 7
open Google lives in an Orange submarine: Transatlantic cable will get by with a little help from some friends 36
By Korev
open Psst. SANshine, fancy a bit of shared block storage on Azure? 6
By buchan
open We can simulate him... we have the technology: Virtual humans make jump from super 'puter to Oracle Cloud 4
open Everything OK down there in the Oracle trench? Good. Big Red has a cloud-based data science platform for you 6
By HildyJ
open C'mon SPARCky, it's just an admin utility update. What could possibly go wrong? 174
open How the US-China trade war is felt stateside: Xilinx trims workforce after lucrative Huawei sales pipe blocked 34
open Steve Jobs, executives shot down top Apple engineers' plea to design their own server CPU – latest twist in legal battle over chip upstart Nuvia 76
open Cache me if you can: HDD PC sales collapse in Europe as shoppers say yes siree to SSD 100


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