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HP vs. Dell vs. IBM vs. Sunacle vs Reg Club

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Little fluffy clouds

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Re: AIrcrew redundancies willbe far higher than reported so far


Lock away your bits

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How much carrion can a carrier pigeon carry?

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E pluribus unum

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Where managers go to die

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open Welcome to the telco, we've got fun and games: BT inks 5-year deal to outsource mainframe management to IBM 35
open Huawei rotating Chairman: Chinese government will not 'just stand by and watch Huawei be slaughtered' 16
open Cloudflare is over the moon because its pro-privacy DNS service got a clean bill of health from everyone's favorite auditor – KPMG 20
open Watch your MANRS: Akamai, Amazon, Netflix, Microsoft, Google, and pals join internet routing security effort 9
open Pandemic impact: Two-thirds of polled Reg readers say it's business as usual in the IT dept, one in ten panicking 47
open Hunting for IT staff? Lost your job during the pandemic? Sysadmin vacancies – and a free job ads offer – inside 25
By Cederic
open SAP's locked-down offshore project managers develop remote work plans for clients 7
By IGotOut
open Outage hits some Google Cloud services, error rate curve flattens and they're coming back 2
open Microsoft corrects '775 per cent cloud usage surge' claim: Big number only applied to Teams and only in Italy 11
open India suggests cloud storage to slow the spread of coronavirus 1
open Official: Office 365 Personal, Home axed next month... and replaced by Microsoft 365 cloud subscriptions 71
By jgard
open Dot-com price rises on their way over the next four years: ICANN approves Verisign contract, walks off with $20m 13
open Cloud'n'server hosting giant OVH more like OMG: Data center hardware failure knocks out services in France 8
open BT providing free meals to coax its healthy customer support staff back into office as calls rocket amid pandemic 54
open BT reopens £90m UK High Court case over 1970s VAT 'overpayments' 20
open Leaving Las Vegas... for good? IT industry conference circuit won't look the same on other side of COVID-19 pandemic 86
open Lost in translation and adrift in cloud storage 73
open UK big five carriers bin wired broadband download quotas for as long as we're all stuck indoors 28
open What are you doing at quarter past? WebEx wants you on calls then, to ease corona-congestion 10
open Microsoft cops to 775% Azure surge, quotas on resources and 'significant new capacity' coming ASAP 32
open Could WFH web traffic topple a Brit telco? Pfff, scoff operators. This has nothing on Liverpool v Everton streaming 25
open Google polishes platinum Cloud Foundry membership badge as foundation takes KubeCF under its wing 1
By stiine
open Dell, VMware withdraw fiscal 2021 guidance amid humming global supply chain and remote work boom 2
open ISP Monkeybrains cries foul over coronavirus fees after requesting more bandwidth. Zayo says it was all a mistake 7
open From Gmail to Gfail: Google's G-Suite topples over for unlucky netizens, rights itself 13
open Meeemories, fuel our revenue's incline: Micron sees uptick in PC and data centre demand as WFH becomes new normal 1
open Internet samurai says he'll sell 14,700,000 IPv4 addresses worth $300m-plus, plow it all into Asia-Pacific connectivity 63
open HPE fixes another SAS SSD death bug: This time, drives will conk out after 40,000 hours of operation 38
By robidy
open Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talks hardware supply chains and elasticity: 'Bigger issue' is what happens around US and Europe's 'demand side' 8
By BillG
open Stuck at home? Why not let an edgy, GPU-boosted slice of Azure keep you company? 3
open BT Openreach prepares to declare UK MBORCed* as all new phone line installations halted over coronavirus 25
open Well, Zuckerberg did promise India it hadn't seen the last of Facebook. How do you say they're BAAACK in Hindi? 4
open UK's Ministry of Defence loads up £4.6m for one plucky IaaS and PaaS provider to host Oracle Primavera apps 4
open Samsung says it has the future of DRAM sorted after success with new EUV process 21
open VMware says cloud 'capacity constraint' in Australia is not a shortage, but it's adding new hosts anyway 1
open Hypochondriacs – are your eyes all blurry? It's just YouTube trying to cut video-stream quality worldwide amid the coronavirus pandemic 17
open COVID-19 not blamed for tech outage: We were just being a bit crap, says TeamViewer 6
open Whoa, someone actually texted you in 2020? Oh, nvm, it's just Boris Johnson, telling you to stay the f**k at home 85
open 'Azure appears to be full': UK punters complain of capacity issues on Microsoft's cloud 58
open Microsoft brings K8s Security Center out of preview, replaces CoreOS Container Linux with Flatcar 1
By ecofeco
open PC owners borg into the most powerful computer the world has ever known – all in the search for coronavirus cure 172
open Freed from the office, home workers roam sunlit uplands of IPv6... 2 metres apart 33
open IBM fires up the big iron, Facebook hands out masks, Cisco splashes cash, and CDC gets an Azure-powered bot 13
open Workday will PaaS up the opportunity to open its platform to third parties 3
open Equinix closes data centres to customers, contractors in France, Germany, Italy, Spain amid coronavirus pandemic 5
open Microsoft names priority users for new Azure capacity – emergency services, government, remote workers top the list 8
open Peak greenwashing: SAP backs oil and gas giants with Accenture partnership, eco-credentials go up in smoke 12
By tudmon
open Forget toilet roll, bandwidth is the new ration: Amazon, YouTube also degrade video in Europe to keep 'net running amid coronavirus crunch 65
open Netflix starts 30-day video data diet at EU's request to ensure network availability during coronavirus crisis 110
open Dell publishes data centre cleaning guidance, suggests hiring pros to disinfect enterprise kit 26


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