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HP vs. Dell vs. IBM vs. Sunacle vs Reg Club

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HPE slashes Windows Server 2019 licence costs – if you buy direct for its AMD Epyc Rome-powered servers


Where Business meets supercomputers: Home of The Register's HPC Community

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Give it time ...


Little fluffy clouds

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I thought the MySQL bit was more interesting


Lock away your bits

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No Confusion


How much carrion can a carrier pigeon carry?

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Re: It's all about the money


E pluribus unum

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Re: "a close-to-optimal work environment for a remote sysadmin"


Where managers go to die

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BOFH: When was the last time someone said these exact words to you: You are the sunshine of my life?

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open Well, Zuckerberg did promise India it hadn't seen the last of Facebook. How do you say they're BAAACK in Hindi? 4
open UK's Ministry of Defence loads up £4.6m for one plucky IaaS and PaaS provider to host Oracle Primavera apps 4
open Samsung says it has the future of DRAM sorted after success with new EUV process 21
open VMware says cloud 'capacity constraint' in Australia is not a shortage, but it's adding new hosts anyway 1
open Hypochondriacs – are your eyes all blurry? It's just YouTube trying to cut video-stream quality worldwide amid the coronavirus pandemic 17
open COVID-19 not blamed for tech outage: We were just being a bit crap, says TeamViewer 6
open Whoa, someone actually texted you in 2020? Oh, nvm, it's just Boris Johnson, telling you to stay the f**k at home 85
open 'Azure appears to be full': UK punters complain of capacity issues on Microsoft's cloud 56
open Microsoft brings K8s Security Center out of preview, replaces CoreOS Container Linux with Flatcar 1
By ecofeco
open PC owners borg into the most powerful computer the world has ever known – all in the search for coronavirus cure 173
open Freed from the office, home workers roam sunlit uplands of IPv6... 2 metres apart 33
open IBM fires up the big iron, Facebook hands out masks, Cisco splashes cash, and CDC gets an Azure-powered bot 13
open Workday will PaaS up the opportunity to open its platform to third parties 3
open Equinix closes data centres to customers, contractors in France, Germany, Italy, Spain amid coronavirus pandemic 5
open Microsoft names priority users for new Azure capacity – emergency services, government, remote workers top the list 8
open Peak greenwashing: SAP backs oil and gas giants with Accenture partnership, eco-credentials go up in smoke 12
By tudmon
open Forget toilet roll, bandwidth is the new ration: Amazon, YouTube also degrade video in Europe to keep 'net running amid coronavirus crunch 62
open Netflix starts 30-day video data diet at EU's request to ensure network availability during coronavirus crisis 105
open Dell publishes data centre cleaning guidance, suggests hiring pros to disinfect enterprise kit 26
open Microsoft Teams usage jumps to 32, no, 44 million as Windows-slinger platform slides onto home workers' PCs 40
open Gods of cloud smiled on Chinese server makers in Q4, as mainframe punters chucked a big bone at IBM 3
open NASA to launch 247 petabytes of data into AWS – but forgot about eye-watering cloudy egress costs before lift-off 110
open Tencent is now bigger than Cisco and Lenovo – and predicts this virus thingy will help it get bigger still 15
open Virtual reality: Now even the online Google Cloud Next event is postponed 1
open BT's Wi-Fi Disc ads banned because there's no evidence the things work 109
open Not just video-conferencing apps taking a dive: IBM Cloud hit by partial Tuesday outage 4
open Hey, Sparky: Confused by data science governance and security in the cloud? Databricks promises to ease machine learning pipelines 1
open It's Baaaaaack (or is it?): Microsoft Teams suffers a Tuesday totter 44
open You get fibre, you get fibre, you all get fibre: UK Ministry of Fun promises new rules to make all new homes gigabit capable 21
open Data centres are warm and designed to move air very efficiently. Are they safe to visit during the pandemic? 22
open Zoom goes boom, Teams tears at seams: Technology stumbles at the first hurdle for this homeworking malarkey 42
open Data surge as more Brits work from home? Not as hard on the network as their nightly Netflix binges, claims BT 24
open Microsoft Teams gets off to a wobbly start as the world and its cat starts working from home 38
open Look ma, no code: TigerGraph looks to attract wider audience for niche-but-growing DB segment 1
open Google reveals the wheels almost literally fell off one of its cloudy server racks 102
open Azure admins' cold sweat likely caused by a 'isolated' power problems that browned out West Central USA region 16
open How's this for a JEDI mind trick? AWS waves hand, has Uncle Sam 'reconsider' $10bn contract award to Microsoft 24
open Adobe and Slack report buoyant revenues, but is that a COVID-19 iceberg ahead? 3
open Not exactly the kind of housekeeping you want when it means the hotel's server uptime is scrubbed clean 176
open BT CEO tests positive for coronavirus, goes into self-isolation after meeting fellow bosses from Vodafone UK, Three, O2 plus govt officials 57
By Kane
open When the world ends – coronavirus plague, WW3, whatever – all that will be left are cockroaches and Larry Ellison trash talking his rivals 19
open Still hoping to run VMware's ESXi on Arm any time soon? Don't hold your breath – no rush and no commitments 14
open Microsoft, Google, Slack, Zoom et al struggling to deal with a spike in remote tools thanks to coronavirus 25
open Capita hops on UK's years-late, billions-over-budget Emergency Services Network to keep legacy system alive 45
open Corporate VPN huffing and puffing while everyone works from home over COVID-19? You're not alone, admins 67
By hayzoos
open US telcos tossed yet another extension to keep going with Huawei kit despite America's 'security threat' concerns 21
By Grogan
open Core blimey, that's edgy: HPE makes a play for next-gen 5G market 3
open You can't hold black horse down: Brit bank Lloyds goes full multi-cloud, signs up with Google as well as Microsoft 9
open tells rebel MPs to go Huawei – but 5G Telecoms Security Bill was the price 17
open Amazon launches itself into retail IT with 'all the necessary technologies'. Not saying which, but you know... 20



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