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HP vs. Dell vs. IBM vs. Sunacle vs Reg Club

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Finally, a wafer-thin server... Only a tiny little thin one. Oh all right. Just the one...


Where Business meets supercomputers: Home of The Register's HPC Community

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Little fluffy clouds

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"Regrettably this will result in a number of job losses"


Lock away your bits

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Re: Craig Federighi needs to go, his track record is abysmal. Just works? Catalina anyone?


How much carrion can a carrier pigeon carry?

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Re: What a waste


E pluribus unum

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Re: Xen kicks arse


Where managers go to die

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Re: Windows...

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open Analogue radio given 10-year stay of execution as the UK U-turns on DAB digital future 97
open It's not a Windows 10 release without something breaking so here's a troubleshooter for your OneDrive woes 15
By boltar
open AWS attempts to woo devs with new tool aimed at porting .NET applications to Linux 2
open The good news: Vodafone switches on first full-fat, real-life 5G network in the UK. The bad news: it only got sent to Coventry 29
open Capita Consulting ditching more than a quarter of its workforce 45 days after consultations with consultants 28
open Microsoft sees the world has moved on, cranks OneDrive file size upload limit from 15GB to more useful 100GB 18
open Not such a DRaaS-tic action, buying into cloud-based disaster recovery in times like these: VMware to swallow Datrium 1
open I was screwed over by Cisco managers who enforced India's caste hierarchy on me in US HQ, claims engineer 128
open US govt warns foreign hackers 'will likely try to exploit' critical firewall bypass bug in Palo Alto gear – patch now 3
By crayon
open Memories are made of chips: 'Surge in online activity' helps Micron make off with $5.4bn in Q3 1
By HildyJ
open PA Consulting catches £5.3m to develop web gateway that handles access to UK health data – including on COVID-19 4
open Beijing's tightening grip on Hong Kong could put region's future as an up-and-coming tech hub in jeopardy 64
open CIOs will force SaaS vendors to limber up and get more flexible about contracts in the post-pandemic world 7
open Stinker, emailer, trawler, spy: How an engineer stole top US chip designs, smuggled them to China to set up a rival fab 39
open Google Cloud partially evaporates for hours amid power supply failure: Two US East Coast zones rattled 6
open Oracle opens second Indian cloud region in bid to keep pace in make-or-break market 7
By 3Sails
open Spare some change, guv? UK's CCTV regulator pitches for £100k budget increase 3
By Mips
open UKCloud latest to sign Memorandum of Understanding with ahead of cloud mega framework 11
By crayon
open Finally, a wafer-thin server... Only a tiny little thin one. Oh all right. Just the one... 142
open Fintech biz Wirecard folds into insolvency like two pair against a flush. Good luck accessing your chip stack 50
open Huawei wins approval to plonk £1bn optical comms R&D facility in UK's leafy Cambridgeshire 53
open After three leisurely years, Citrix releases second long-term-service hypervisor 5
open Singapore awards 5G licences – and winning carriers pick anyone but Huawei for nationwide network 13
open Wanted – DRAM or alive: US Feds bag arrest warrants for three Taiwanese accused of stealing Micron's mem secrets 10
open Salesforce plans to write Slack integration out of the equation by rolling its own messaging and collaboration app 3
open US Department of Defense releases list of firms allegedly linked to the Chinese Army. Surprise surprise, Huawei makes an appearance 44
open Honey, I built the app! Amazon's beta no-code dev platform is great for ad-hoc stuff, but not much else – yet 22
By jake
open Working from home on Virgin Media's broadband? Too bad. Outage hits English capital 38
By Roland6
open Slack Connect: Hipster chat platform to let different orgs play in the same channel – only for paying users, mind 4
open GitHub redesign goes mobile-friendly – to chagrin of devs who shockingly do a lot of work on proper computers 37
open Taiwan to stay ahead of China as top chip manufacturing titan 10
open Wobbly Wednesday whacks IBM as 30 cloud services take unplanned naps 4
open Internet Society, remember your embarrassing .org flub? The actual internet society would like to talk about it 35
By Adair
open TikTok boom: Brits spent a quarter of their waking hours in lockdown online – Ofcom 11
open Skype for Windows 10 and Skype for Desktop duke it out: Only Electron left standing 38
open Indonesia’s capital city is literally sinking. Google just opened a new cloud region there anyway 6
open Foxconn signals Indian expansion to make ... something it will reveal eventually 3
open HPE's GreenLake remade with fresh set of cloud services as biz starts move to aaS future 9
open Microsoft loosens Teams' necktie as platform courts your forensic accountant relatives 8
open Ampere smacks the ball over the net, back at Marvell: Our Altra Max cloud processor will have 128 Arm cores 8
open While eyes are fixed on Apple announcements, Microsoft's streaming service Mixer goes the way of the Windows Phone 16
open Ancient Arm server outfit Kaleao resprouts as Bamboo with CPU offload plan and electricity-saving power play 2
By HildyJ
open Fujitsu, Japan strong-Arm their way to the top with world's fastest-known super: 415-PFLOPS Fugaku 16
open Email innovator Hey extends an olive branch in standoff with Apple, tweaks code to make the iGiant appier 12
open Belief in 5G conspiracy theories goes hand-in-hand with small explosions of rage, paranoia and violence, researchers claim 140
open Dell updates hyperconverged boxen with second-gen AMD Epyc server processors 2
open Internet blackout of Myanmar States that are home to ethnic minorities enters second year 23
open Huawei going to predict the future? Nope, say company leaders when asked about Joe Biden winning US election 45
open Ex-director cops community service after 5,000-file deletion spree on company Dropbox 44
open Police and NHS urge British public not to call 101 and 111 non-emergency numbers after behind-the-scenes kit failure 16



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