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When Facebook says you're not a good 'culture fit', it means you're not White or Asian enough – complaint

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open All we need is just a little patients: Google's Alphabet hires new chief health officer 7
open Google lashes out at DoJ, Oracle as it asks US Supremes to sniff Java suit one last time 46
open Yay, Intel chip shortages should be over soon! Nope. Strap in, at least another quarter or two to go, say PC execs 19
open UK culture sec hints at replacing TV licence fee, defends encryption ban proposals and her boss in Hacker House inquiry 186
By sealm
open A funny thing happened on Huawei to the bank. We made even more money. Hahaha. Here till Friday 37
By carl0s
open Scariest thing about Halloween? HMRC and Defra systems still a risk to post-Brexit borders 22
By quxinot
open Well, well, well. Fancy that. shelves planned pr0n block 139
open Hunter becomes the hunted as private equity giant makes $5bn bid to buy Tech Data – report 2
open First Python feature release under new governance model is here, complete with walrus operator (:=) 70
open Getronics CEO on HMRC winding-up petition: An 'embarrassing' blip with cash in the wrong places 22
open John Lennon says hello. Hello, hello... as Cancom buys Novosco for £70m 4
By Jedit
open Swiss wheeze: Microsoft reseller titan SoftwareONE plots IPO on Zurich exchange 1
open Private equity to gobble up Brit virus blocker Sophos for £3bn 20
open Microsoft, GitHub staff tell Satya Nadella: It's time to ice ICE, baby. Rip up those tech contracts 40
By ghp
open Forget Brexit, ignore Trump, write off today: BT's gonna make us all 'realise the potential of tomorrow' 39
open Aria Technology takes £750k VAT fraud case to Court of Appeal 4
By defiler
open HP to hike upfront price of printer hardware as ink biz growth runs dry 159
open Remember the FBI's promise it wasn’t abusing the NSA’s data on US peeps? Well, guess what… 77
open Virtual inanity: Solution to Irish border requires data and tech not yet available, MPs told 221
By Lusty
open If you thought Windows Insiders was lacking a little in the leadership department, it is now 14
open Heavy data protection regulation looms in Labour plans for post-Brexit flows and IoT devices 10
By Tom 35
open Boris Brexit bluff binds .eu domains to time-bending itinerary 285
open HP polishes the redundancy cannon, prepares to fire 16% of workforce 46
open The immovable object versus the unstoppable force: How the tech boys club remains exclusive 149
By Dropper
open Oracle demands $12K from network biz that doesn't use its software 105
open EU's top court sees no problem with telling Facebook to take content down globally 44
open DXC has picked a brand new people person: Finch lands as freed Mason preps to depart 15
open You only need to click once, fool: Gaming rig sales up as Trump presses continue on trade tariff tussle 13
open £3bn Google sueball over Safari Workaround bounces through UK Court of Appeal 21
By DavCrav
open EU's top court says tracking cookies require actual consent before scarfing down user data 125
open Dell breaks out the checkbook and $7m later, US discrimination claims go away 3
open Landmark US net neutrality decision reveals that both sides won and lost out 23
open IR35 blame game: Barclays to halt off-payroll contractors, goes directly to PAYE 208
open You and me baby ain't nothing but mammals, so let's watch for tech sales VAT weirdness through the channel 18
open The mod firing squad: Stack Exchange embroiled in 'he said, she said, they said' row 288
open A new US-UK data agreement is worrisome but it won’t give access to encrypted comms 46
open WeWork, but We don't IPO: Self-styled techie boarding house calls off cursed stock offering 41
open Planes, boats and autocrats: US Treasury Dept. slaps more sanctions on accused Russian troll funder 18
open How to lose a UK contractor in 10 days: Make them commit after upcoming IR35 tax upheaval, apparently 84
open Gears of law say Gears of War character Cole Train is not based on ex-American football player 7
By Psmo
open Careful now, UK court ruling says email signature blocks can sign binding contracts 155
open Margin mugs: A bank paid how much for a 2m Ethernet cable? WTF! 211
By Danny 2
open Hey, it's Google's birthday! Remember when they were the good guys? 72
By JohnFen
open We're all doooooomed: Gloomy Brit workforce really isn't coping well with impending Brexit 254
open Oracle: Yeah, we've had a bunch of G-Men come sniffing around asking questions about Google 2
open HMRC chief digital wonk Jacky Wright takes flight back to Microsoft's light 20
open US govt watchdog barks at FAA over 737 Max inspectors' lack of qualifications 39
open HMRC slaps Getronics with winding-up petition: It'll be sorted out today, blurts tech services firm 24
open Hinkley Point nuclear power station will be late and £2bn over budget 56
By Mark 65
open Tech CEO thrown in the clink for seven years for H-1B gang-master role: Crim farmed out foreign staff as cheap labor 38


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