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Reseller gives Brits Insight into value webcam shipments of the future-ture-ture-ture

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open Co-Op Insurance and IBM play blame game over collapse of £175m megaproject 28
open Xerox to nominate up to 11 directors to HP's board in hostile takeover push – report 16
open Dixons Carphone to London Stock Exchange: Yay, we grew 2% in the festive quarter. Oh, hang on, no we didn't 12
open New SAP co-CEO 'runs simple' to Davos in Mercedes hydrogen car 28
By JohnG
open EU've been naughty: GDPR has netted bloc €114m in fines since 2018 35
open Microsoft picks a side, aims to make the business 'carbon-negative' by 2030 52
By P. Lee
open Azure consultant's Google image search results hotlinking sueball booted off the pitch by High Court 18
open The $4.3bn trial of the century is over! Now we wait for judgment 34
By Moosh
open This is also a system for GPs, right? UK doctors seek clarity over Health dept's £40m single sign-on funding 61
open Ex-Autonomy CFO Sushovan Hussain's part in the accounting badness was 'wildly overblown' 30
open Squirrel away a little IT budget for likely Brexit uncertainty, CIOs warned 161
open Globo PC sales up for first time in 7 straight years – but market still 25% down on 2011 21
open Alphabet's 'love rat' legal chief David Drummond ejects after 18 years at web goliath, no golden parachute attached 27
open Sometimes shining a light on a nuclear problem just makes things worse 69
By rskurat
open The soap opera continues. HP again tells Xerox: Show us more money! 24
open Ministry of Justice bod jailed for stealing £1.7m with fake IT consulting contract 48
open 'Buyer's remorse' drove HP's legal crusade to go after Lynch, High Court told 55
open Microsoft engineer caught up in sudden spate of entirely coincidental grilling of Iranian-Americans at US borders 68
open UK government review of IR35 tax reforms? Like a broken pencil, say contractors groups – it'll be utterly pointless 48
open Having trouble finding a job in your 40s? Study shows some bosses like job applicants... up until they see dates of birth 168
By gotes
open Xerox grabs $24bn from banking titans to fund hostile takeover of HP Ink 28
open Autonomy did count some hardware sales as marketing costs, ex-finance bod tells High Court 22
By Mark 85
open Dell slathers on factor XPS 13 to reveal new shiny with... ooh... a 0.1 inch bigger screen 34
By Dave K
open Y2K? How about Y2.02K as Lloyds suffers its second TITSUP* of the year 16
By Wayland
open Lynch lied about Autonomy's accounts, rages HPE to the High Court 72
By Grooke
open Senior health tech pros warn NHS England: Be transparent with mass database trawl or face public backlash 54
open Uber forks out $4.4m to settle claims of rampant sexual harassment and retaliation in the Travis Kalanick era 22
open Sir John Redwood backs IR35 campaign, notes review would have to start 'immediately' before new off-payroll working rules kick in 80
open Capita unfurls new consulting arm. Hmm, what shall we call it? 52
open What’s that Skippy? Google’s coughed up $330m in tax Down Under? 15
open Post Office faces potential criminal probe over Fujitsu IT system's accounting failures 141
open Samsung says sorry as union-busting chairman and VP head off for 18 months in the chokey 15
open Google security engineer says she was fired for daring to remind Googlers they do indeed have labor rights 85
open Digital Ministry merry-go-round set to continue as Nicky Morgan reappointed, made a life peer 13
open US and China wave white flags, hit pause button on trade war 53
open Lynch was 'willing to lie' to High Court over Autonomy whistleblower, claims HPE 25
open GlaxoSmithKline ditches IR35 contractors: Go PAYE or go home 107
open Londoner admits illegally accessing National Lottery accounts 10
open HPE to Mike Lynch: You told either El Reg or High Court the right version of why former Autonomy execs won't testify 46
open Hey Dixons, you know what's mobile? Your rapidly shrinking sales 27
open Post Office coughs £57.75m to settle wonky Horizon IT system case 47
open Capita lights One Revenues and Benefits bug bonfire: ALL reports older than 12 months to be ignored 32
open When is an electrical engineer not an engineer? When Arizona's state regulators decide to play word games 243
By Kiwi
open Worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable and royalty-free: Amazon's Alexa NHS contract released 54
open Two can play that game: China orders ban on US computers and software 126
By Jaybus
open David Phillips, godfather of UK tech distribution industry, dies aged 74 1
open FTC kicks feet through ash pile that once was Cambridge Analytica with belated verdict 29
open Ireland's B.ICONIC snaffles Stormfront to become largest Apple reseller in the UK 10
open Listen up you bunch of bankers. Here are some pointers for less crap IT 46
open Onestream slammed for 'slamming' vulnerable and elderly folk: That's £35k to Ofcom, please 25


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