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Virtually no one is using Apple Music even though it is utterly free

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Will they honour the price...

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open UK Information Commissioner OKs use of phone data to track coronavirus spread 104
open Infosys fires employee who Facebooked 'let's hold hands and share coronavirus' 103
open Capita cuts projects, furloughs workers due to 'unpredictable level of disruption' from COVID-19 10
By M444KKR
open UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, health secretary Matt Hancock both test positive for COVID-19 coronavirus 213
open Interested in Busting a Move? Mmmm? IBM UK: We couldn't get to GTS redundo numbers we need by voluntary means 17
By batfink
open Google warns against disabling websites during Coronavirus pandemic 25
open California emits latest layoff statistics. March's numbers are ugly. It's 19,000 total, including many in tech 8
open Brits swarm Dixons Carphone for laptops, printers, games consoles, fridges, freezers to weather out COVID-19 storm 20
open Drones, apps and packed lunches: The latest on big tech's COVID-19 response 4
By hayzoos
open There's no Huawei a virus can stop us! 90% of our staff in China are already back at work, says CEO 27
open Sharp gobbles NEC as Japan's display giants team up to take on Europe and North America 6
open London court tells Julian Assange: No, coronavirus is not a good reason for you to be let out of prison 56
open Xerox slurps something that isn't HP Inc: Brit managed print services houses Altodigital and ITEC Connect 2
open IT services sector faces armageddon as COVID-19 lockdown forces project cancellations – analysts 53
open World's smallest violin to be played for opportunistic sellers banned from eBay and Amazon for price gouging 108
open India tech firms warned not to abuse their exceptions to national coronavirus lockdown 6
open Capita CEO and CFO take 'voluntary' pay cut of 25% amid coronavirus outbreak 23
open India's peak IT body tells outsourcers to check contract cancellation fine print while Coronavirus reigns 21
open Dell files to trademark 'Podference' – presumably the mutant offspring of COVID-19 and a virtual conference? 9
open After 20-year battle, Channel island Sark finally earns the right to exist on the internet with its own top-level domain 58
By Mips
open Britain's courts lurch towards Skype and conference calls for trials as COVID-19 distancing kicks in 26
open I/O, I/O, no work from home for show: Google will not hold 2020 event 'in any capacity' 1
open Your Agile-built IT platform was 'terrible', Co-Op Insurance chief complained to High Court 48
open India makes new push to lure global electronics manufacturers 3
open Thought you'd go online to buy better laptop for home working? Too bad, UK. So did everyone. Laptops, monitors and WLANs fly off shelves 118
By MrNigel
open Education tech supplier RM smacked by UK schools closure 18
By Lee D
open HPE celebrated diversity on International Women's Day not with pictures of its own staff but stock images of models 28
open IBM puts 1,248 frontline techies at risk of redundo, warns of data centre closures 60
open Philippines sends all workers home, outsourced call centres for Acer and telcos suffer degraded service 8
open UK government puts IR35 tax reforms on hold for a year in wake of coronavirus crisis 110
open America: We'll send citizens cash checks amid coronavirus financial hardship. UK: We'll offer £330bn in biz loans 69
open UK Carphone Warehouse shops set to sling their last phones, 2.9k redundancies hit high street, as Dixons closes all 531 'standalone' sites 22
By Dave559
open IBM veep partly blamed Sopra Steria for collapse of £155m Co-Op Insurance Agile project 41
open India crowdsources COVID-19 response – startups told to make YouTube vids to win 8
open French watchdog to take €1.1bn bite out of Apple over 'anticompetitive' practices 7
open Supply, demand and a scary mountain of debt: The challenges facing IT as COVID-19 grips the global economy 83
open India's tech hub Bengaluru tells IT outfits to send workers home as part of COVID-crimping action 8
open US prez Donald Trump declares America closed to those flying in from Schengen zone over coronavirus woes 156
open Resellers facing 'months' of delays for orders to be fulfilled. IT gathers dust on docks as coronavirus-stricken China goes back to work 52
open Appareils électroniques: Right to repair gets European Commission backing 87
open HP Inc to Xerox: If you complete a hostile takeover, and try firing our chief exec, you will pay... 19
open Budget 2020 in tech: splashes cash on broadband and R&D while trying to limit impact of COVID-19 outbreak 22
open 'Up to 300' UK heads to roll at Brit IT services firm Allvotec, with 200 jobs offshored to Bulgaria in cost-cutting drive 19
open Google to appeal against €7m fine from Swedish watchdog for failing to remove search results under GDPR 25
open Post Office burned £100m in UK taxpayer cash on Horizon IT scandal legal fees, MPs told 79
open IBM's outgoing boss Rometty awarded $20m+ in 2019 for growing revenue 0.1% 58
open House of Lords push internet legend on greater openness and transparency from Google. Nope, says Vint Cerf 51
open Morrisons puts non-essential tech changes on ice as panic-stricken shoppers strip stores 148
open All the IT ladies (all the IT ladies), all the IT ladies (all the IT ladies), now put your hands up! Oh, still not many here 43
open There's no Huawei we're taking this lying down: Chinese mobe maker denies US govt racketeering charges 19
By henryd


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