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Virtually no one is using Apple Music even though it is utterly free

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Will they honour the price...

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open What looks like a global pay freeze, sounds like a global pay freeze, but isn't a global pay freeze? Ask IBM 15
open to propose new rules for online political campaigns after last election marred by an avalanche of fake news 84
open Pakistan aims to quadruple IT exports to $5bn, with freelancing youth to the fore 1
open UK utility Thames Water splashes cash as host of IT consultancies appointed to handle £100m worth of deals 14
open Apple's at it again: Things go pear-shaped for meal planner app after iGiant opposes logo 126
By vargula
open As hospital-based infections set to rise, best not change the vendor behind the system that tracks them, hm? 18
open Let arbitrator decide on auto-enrolling membership lawsuit 34
open Rackspace IPO bags $704m, proceeds used to pay down debts to private equity backer 5
By hoola
open Going for a song: Wales inks £300m in deals after shopping spree for hardware, software, and audio-visual equipment 5
By Terry 6
open European Commission: Full-scale probe launched into data-slurping potential of Google's $2.1bn Fitbit buy 10
open You think the UK coronavirus outbreak was bad? Just wait till winter: Study shows test-and-trace system is failing 179
open Workplace Technology latest division to be jettisoned from Capita – back into the hands of its original owner 4
open Trump bans Feds from contracting H-1B workers and makes telehealth the new normal 26
open In the halcyon days before Brexit, takeover attempts, and COVID-19, HP made 1.3% pre-tax profit on sales at UK limb 6
By IGotOut
open Struggling company pleads with landlords to slash rents as COVID-19 batters UK high street. The firm's name? Apple 69
By Adelio
open Architect of tech contractor tax fraud scheme jailed for at least five years 35
By Pin1OnU
open Australia to force Google and Facebook to pay for news and reveal algorithm changes before they whack web traffic 29
By Mark 65
open Congratulations Peebles. Felicitations Queenzieburn. Openreach is bringing you FTTP (yes, they're real places) 46
By AndrueC
open Qualcomm signs new IP licencing deal with Huawei despite US-China trade tensions 3
open Arm China brands itself a 'strategic asset', calls for Beijing's help in boardroom dispute with Brit HQ 20
open Australia sues Google over data collection practices that merged DoubleClick data to create single user profiles 15
open Ex-boss of ICANN shifts from 'advisor' to co-CEO of private equity biz that tried to buy .org for $1bn+ 49
open IBM CEO and Indian prime minister talk about yoga … and unspecified further investment 3
open Alibaba's financial arm, Ant, files for monster IPO ahead of march on the world's merchants and shoppers 4
By x 7
open India drops the bar on e-commerce seller's listings: You want to sell it? Tell us where it came from from then 17
open Fujitsu re-orgs Fujitsu Japan by making more parts of Fujitsu Fujitsu 2
open Lock down your data – or get the cheque book out: ICO privacy violation fines are rising, say lawyers 7
open Japan plans massive national tech modernisation program 10
open Forget about Wipro chairman saying no one would lose their job due to COVID-19: UK staff told they're facing redundancy 43
open HCL hardly noticed COVID – revenue and profit rose and further growth predicted 3
open SMIC, SMIC, boom: China's homegrown chip foundry raises £5.27bn as it hits Shanghai Stock Exchange 2
open UK's Ministry of Justice puts out feelers for SaaS ERP with up to £100m on the table 3
open Infosys reports better-than-expected results thanks in part to lower visa costs 1
By Ashto5
open Yahoo! Japan! wants! to! be! side! hustle! for! 100! new! strategy! development! workers! 1
By HildyJ
open €13bn wings its way back to Apple after Euro court rules Irish tax deal wasn't 'state aid' 60
open Apple and Google, take note: Newly enacted EU law aims to protect developers from arbitrary decisions of tech giants 16
open With another NHS overhaul in the offing, £200m up for grabs in northern England for pretty much anything related to IT 9
open USA ends Hong Kong's special treatment, crimping flow of tech to territory 21
open Pakistan pitches ‘most relaxed tax structure’ in the world to tech investors 8
open Google creates $10bn 'digitisation fund' for India 3
By Raj
open Mixed signals? Yes and no: Analog Devices snaps up rival Maxim Integrated for $20.9bn 6
open Reporting live from Gartner pandemic watch: IT spending is shrinking by X this year, I mean Y 6
open Software biz Advanced set to lay off 6% of its workforce, blames that virus 4
open South Korea joins the ‘we’re going to be self-sufficient in more tech and then export bucketloads’ club 14
open Tata Consultancy Services says pandemic's most powerful punches landed in Q1 - and it's still dancing 6
open Philippines government tech agency seeks 750 percent budget boost for COVIDigital transformation 4
open MariaDB inhales $25m. 'People tried to get away with simpler' but now there's a 'relational renaissance,' says open-source biz chief 22
By swm
open Indonesia slaps 10 percent tax on three Googles 5
open Manchester, UK seeks IT-slinger: £235m for number-plate-and-fines system to clean up vehicle emissions 33
open When Facebook says you're not a good 'culture fit', it means you're not White or Asian enough – complaint 45


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