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open Ports in a storm: The Matebook 14 won't set your world on fire, but it's still a half-decent laptop 20
By Sampler
open Oracle Zooms past rivals to run TikTok’s cloud, take stake alongside WalMart and ByteDance investors 33
By DS999
open It's IPO week and one of Wall Street's own is raising the spectre of a stock market crash 23
open Top 5 billionaires find that global pandemics are good for business – and their wallets 25
open Reseller gives Brits Insight into value webcam shipments of the future-ture-ture-ture 4
open Pakistan to smartphone-makers: Come for the low tax, stay to create your replacements 5
By IGotOut
open USA still hasn’t figured out details of WeChat ban but promises users won't be punished 14
open Microsoft forks out $3m in back pay settlement to make Feds' hiring discrimination probe go away 22
open Financial Reporting Council slaps Autonomy auditor Deloitte with £15m fine over audit 'misconduct' 26
open Japan’s new PM makes e-government a key plank of his platform 6
open Fighting an insurer over lockdown payout? UK policyholders just won an important COVID-19 test case 9
By streaky
open Top Chinese central banker says Beijing’s digital currency must be restricted to big commercial banks 2
open Brit MPs to Apple CEO: Please stop ignoring our questions about repairability and the environment 41
open Singapore to test compulsory COVID-tracker usage as condition of entry to some venues 12
By Tempest
open Mozilla says India's planned data harvest law is 'blunt' and should be caste aside 9
open UK and Japan agree to free trade deal that excludes data localisation requirements 56
open IBM made ‘top-down’ efforts to fire older workers, says US employment discrimination watchdog 32
open Unexpected risks of using Apple ID: 'Sign in with Apple' will be blocked for Epic Games 53
open Indonesia starts taxing Minecraft, Skype, Zoom and Twitter 6
By aki009
open Huawei's supply chain squeeze tightens, as SK Hynix and Samsung set to stop selling chips to the Chinese bogeyman as of next week 25
open Job planning, temp staffing: NHS England tosses out £30m for HR and people systems to support new ways of working 5
open Tech ambitions said to lie at heart of Britain’s bonkers crash-and-burn Brexit plan 253
open UK electricity and gas regulator Ofgem puts up £30m 'to respond to urgent requests to complete projects' 6
open SMEs to We need vouchers for tech and training ahead of final Brexit curtain falling 18
open US ponders tech export ban on SMIC, China's biggest chipmaker 43
open Taiwan tightens rules around local tech firms sharing tech with China 5
open Unexpected victory in bagging area: Apple must pay shop workers for time they spend waiting to get frisked 60
open When low-balled projects go bad: Scottish pensions agency starts £10m procurement to buy the system Capita could not 29
open Five Eyes nations start new club for competition regulators and paint target on digital giants 12
open Google, Amazon pass on UK Digital Services Tax by hiking ad prices, fees at same rate the government takes 86
open India's telecoms given ten years to pay $22bn in back taxes they've already disputed for a decade 10
open Infosys to hire 12,000 more Americans – especially the cheapest ones it can find 31
open UK govt: It's time to get staff back into the office! Capita: Hey everyone... about that... 58
open Dell: 60% of our people won't be going back into an office regularly after COVID-19 129
By AK565
open IBM ordered to pay £22k to whistleblower and told by judges: Teach your managers what discrimination means 125
open Ex-Autonomy CFO Sushovan Hussain loses US appeal bid against fraud convictions and 5-year prison sentence 40
By oiseau
open Highways England primes market for £2bn tech spend as part of massive investment in crumbling roads network 40
open 50%+ of our office seats are going remote, say majority of surveyed Register readers. Hi security, bye on-prem 49
open Amazon makes 850,000m2 bet that its people will get off the kitchen table and back to an office 21
By rg287
open Capita: We were juuust about to generate revenue growth and sustainable cash flow – then pandemic stuffed it up 16
open Dido 'Queen of Carnage' Harding to lead UK's Institute for Health Protection because Test and Trace went so well 127
By rcw88
open Former HP CEO and Republican Meg Whitman – who split HP with mixed success – says Donald Trump can't run a business 95
By DiViDeD
open Australian regulator slams Google ‘misinformation’ in pay-for-news-fight 34
open ANPR maker Neology sues Newcastle City Council after failing to win 'air quality' snoopcam project bid 42
By WhyMe!
open Shocking no one, not enough foreigners applied for H-1B visas this year so US govt ran a second lottery 58
open Trump administration reportedly offers Oracle cheap end to $400m wage discrimination case 49
open Made in China? Not for much longer, reckons Foxconn boss 38
open eBay won't pass UK Digital Service Tax costs on to third-party sellers – unlike Amazon, which simply can't afford it 44
By Falmari
open Ink tanks park themselves all over the lawns of Western Europe as orders flood in 45
By 9Rune5
open What looks like a global pay freeze, sounds like a global pay freeze, but isn't a global pay freeze? Ask IBM 15



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