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closed El Reg Redesign - leave your comment here. Drewc 1171
By Dan 55
closed Inline comment voting please Unprofessional Type 2
By Drewc
closed Latest thread titles showing unencoded characters Vimes 2
By Drewc
closed Whats up with Top stories? Eric Kimminau TREG 2
By Drewc
closed What happened to Odds & Sods? Zaphod.Beeblebrox 25
closed The Register Survey Palebushman 1
closed Google Apps fo Business Ad nichomach 2
By Drewc
closed daily digest e-mails not being recieved Gavin Burnett 3
closed Who Won the Fondleslabs? Webcrowd 2
By Drewc
closed Friggin Giant Ugly Microsoft Ads! Barry Rueger 9
closed IE9 Flash problems with El Reg? Keith 72 4
closed Forum Feature Sugestion Joeman 2
By Drewc
closed Forums front page flipped to Drewc 7
By TeeCee
closed <a href=""></a> I ain't Spartacus 21
By jake
closed Drew's Cookie Jar - psst. want a forum upgrade Drewc 102
By Drewc
closed New forum Wishlist BristolBachelor 212
By Vic
closed Navigation Chris Mellor 1 8
By Drewc
closed <a href"">BBC</a> I ain't Spartacus 5
By TeeCee
closed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TeeCee 6
closed Whát àbóút Títlès wìth fòréígñ letters BristolBachelor 2
closed Can Two Topics Share a Name? jake 9
By TeeCee
closed Test: Can someone please reply? I ain't Spartacus 29
closed Can Two Topics Share a Name? I ain't Spartacus 1
closed Are you going to keep the old testing posts? Geoff May 3
By Drewc
closed Beta! New front page for User forums - with sections... Drewc 21
By Drewc
closed This is a test Phil Mitchell 27
By dogged
closed New forum usability Andrew Orlowski 16
By G Olson
closed Testing 1 2 3 Chris Mellor 1 8
closed Just trying this out Federica Monsone 9
By Drewc
closed New feature Trevor_Pott 4
By TeeCee
closed Bug: Browser goes into loop Chris Mellor 1 10
By Drewc
closed Welcome to the latest forum features Minty 74
By Drewc
closed Storage Forum Chris Mellor 1 9
closed Is any... Anonymous Coward 16
closed 0118 999 881 999 119 725 Trevor_Pott 4
closed Does it handle%20properly? What about a / in the title? BristolBachelor 4
closed RAID card and a ball of twine Trevor_Pott 1



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