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open Is El Reg working on an article for this Porn Industry gadget yet? John Brown (no body) 2
By jake
open Forum layout borked "-%]" at top of page and long comment DIVs cyberdemon 2
open Why is DevClass a separate website? Dave559 2
open Ads in comments Roger Greenwood 3
open CAA NZ CC's 1000's of users email adresses to each other :( Johndoe888 2
open Best hidden open secret Andy Non 2
open Whatever happened to??? Stumpy 3
By Stumpy
open Is El Reg georestricting stories? Dan 55 6
By jake
open New TLD redirect? Steve Foster 11
By jake
open How long does cookie permission last? JDX 2
open I've got me a stalker! Obsessive downvoter alert! Jamie Jones 10
By Stumpy
open A link to my post in the thread ComputerSays_noAbsolutelyNo 1
open RSS Feed Isn't Being Updated richardcox13 3
open Editting bugs Jamie Jones 1
open "Something went wrong with the submission. Please try again." ... forever. Dan 55 3
By Dan 55
open Your new cookie stuff is broken [aka why you shouldn't roll out changes on a weekend] heyrick 4
By Dan 55
open Sponsored Articles Roland6 9
open Change to front page Roger Greenwood 12
By Dwarf
open Badges for Commentards Anonymous Coward 421
open EL Reg Going To Shit? chuckufarley 3
open Don Jefe Jamie Jones 3
open Getting strike through HTML to work in comment. A Non e-mouse 4
By Brown_W
open God awful adverts on El Reg dnicholas 1
open Feature request Slarti Bartfast 3
open Missing the "your topics" side bar? Kiwi 2
By Kiwi
open New Format Mark 85 2
open RSS broken? Nematode 2
open Social Media buttons Dan 55 3
By Dan 55
open Anonymous Coward no more ? JimmyPage 3
open Office 365 CSP ordering down for days ?? carl0s 1
By carl0s
open Any chance of a redirect? Slarti Bartfast 5
open Where's my opt-out link gone? Sammy Smalls 4
open Upvoting / downvoting bug Jamie Jones 7
open Has El Reg been hacked? Christoph 3
open Editing post seems permitted if system clock is set back Waseem Alkurdi 3
open Annoying 'edit-post' bug Jamie Jones 2
open AC enumeration Sandtitz 13
open BETA Site steviebuk 3
open @Richard C: not sure why no comments but Alistair 4
open post icons Anonymous Coward 5
By jake
open Barratt Homes Ad nichomach 2
open Missing Obit for Ursula? Alistair 2
open Quality journalism Dr Mantis Toboggan 4
open Kent woman to season festive dinner with her mother's ashes : what happened? Anonymous Coward 4
open Germans make an even bigger mess of naval procurement than Brits? Jonathan Schwatrz 2
open "pre" tag not working as expected User McUser 2
open page not loading Mark Eaton-Park 2
open Increased level of rejections Anonymous Coward 8
By Aitor 1
open What's with the blasted captchas? Anonymous Coward 2
open Commentards booted off m.register? mics39 17



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