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open VMware claims 'bare-metal' performance on virtualized GPUs 1
open Broadcom to buy VMware 'on Thursday for $60 billion' 21
open Broadcom in talks to buy VMware: multiple reports 8
By Piro
open Arm, Microsoft at pains to say this CPU arch can be trusted with real server work 11
open VMware walks back ban on booting vSphere from SD cards or thumb drives 14
By J. Cook
open VMware says server sprawl is back, and SmartNICs are the solution 3
open VMware reveals a swarm of serious bugs – some critical 6
By man_iii
open Containers may be more effective than VMs for hybrid apps – Gartner 7
open VMware offers hardware compatibility list for home labs 5
By chuBb.
open VMware patches critical guest-to-host vulnerabilities 3
By Mobster
open VMware pulls physical to virtual conversion tool, adds VM to container conversion tool 33
open VMware fixes vSphere release it pulled, sorts out Log4j while it's at it 2
open Parallels: Purveyors of decent virtualization software... and occasionally iffy checksums 11
open SiFive's latest top-end RISC-V CPU core supports proper virtualization in hardware 10
open VMware waiting for Tanzu take-off, tops guidance as customers kick tyres 1
By K
open VMware recalls full vSphere update over driver dramas 6
open VMware pulls vSphere update that only made things worse 4
open VMware's divorce from Dell is complete: Virtualization giant now a separate biz with $64bn valuation 13
open Remember, remember, the 1st of November: The day Dell VMware spun out 5
open China to allow overseas investment in VPNs but Beijing keeps control of the generally discouraged tech 6
By nijam
open Google adds VM support to Anthos, admits not everyone is ready for containerised everything 6
By HildyJ
open Want to deploy a new Windows VM on Microsoft Azure? Today might not be your lucky day 7
open VMware announces tech preview of Arm hypervisor – Fusion on Apple's M1 silicon 7
By DS999
open PayPal buys Japanese buy-now-pay-later player Paidy for $2.7bn 1
By Gazman
open VMware shreds planned support for 'cheese grater' Mac Pro 27
By DS999
open Microsoft sinks standalone Hyper-V Server, wants you using Azure Stack HCI for VM-wrangling 20
By Archaon
open Desktop 17 for Mac: In a Parallels universe with Windows 11 on M1 silicon 19
open AWS adds browser access to its cloudy WorkSpaces desktops – but not for Linux 11
open HP Inc slurps Teradici to get better at delivering remote PCs 10
By HPCJohn
open Red Hat buddies up with Nutanix to provide an escape route from VMware 5
open VMware's security boss suddenly bails 1
open Will containers kill VMs? There are no winners in this debate 13
open Containers make life easier for the software vendors you buy from, and that's why they'll win 17
open Containers have security problems and flexibility issues. VMs will make them viable 26
open VMs were a fad fit for the Great Recession. Containers’ time has finally come 58
open Apple's macOS 12 adds improved virtualization though no sign of anything like Boot Camp on M1 silicon 22
open Hyper-V bug that could crash 'big portions of Azure cloud infrastructure': Code published 11
open VMware’s incoming CEO promises to change ... almost nothing 5
By HildyJ
open BlackBerry says it’s virtualised macOS for M1 on an x86 CPU 9
By Chris J
open With Gelsinger back at Intel, VMware picks new CEO from within, shakes up execs 1
open India’s massive COVID-19 wave slows VMware desktop hypervisor development 8
By Elon
open In 2020, VMware said its remote work kit was brilliant. Now it says you need its new stuff to do it right 2
By Dwarf
open Windows comes to Apple M1 silicon as Parallels delivers native desktop hypervisor 16
open Dell to spin out remaining VMware stake, cements Friends With Benefits status for at least five years 11
open Xen releases a new version 4.15 after a slightly delayed development process 2
open VMware adds support for 80-core Ampere Altra chips to its experimental Arm hypervisor 2
open It's been a long time coming but AWS has at last enabled an interactive serial console for de-borking VMs 16
open VMware builds narrow one-way road to move its crown jewels towards cloudy subscriptions 1
open Working from home is the future, yet VMware just extended vSphere 6.5 support for a year because remote upgrades are too hard 5
open Two ransomware strains target VMware’s ESXI hypervisor through stolen vCenter creds 5



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