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open Microsoft gives Hyper-V ceilings a Herculean hike 45
open VMware's end-user compute products probably have a new brand: Omnissa 13
open Virtually and actually, LXC 6 and Incus 6 are here – both LTS versions 7
By ldo
open VMware customer reaction to Broadcom may set the future of software licensing 24
open VMware by Broadcom plots pair of Cloud Foundation releases that will show off its strategy 3
open XenServer is back, with a rebranded Citrix Hypervisor and a tasty three-host freebie 4
open SoftIron rolls its own server virt stack to join the 'let's get VMware' crowd 4
open VMware by Broadcom offers a lifeline to small cloud service providers 12
open Broadcom boss Hock Tan acknowledges 'some unease' among VMware community 33
open Broadcom says VMware to grow revenue by double-digit percentages all year 12
open VMware urges emergency action to blunt hypervisor flaws 16
open Citrix reveals invitation-only 'Platform' license 3
open Nutanix doesn't expect a rush of VMware refugees – maybe for years 4
open The self-created risk in Broadcom's big VMware kiss-off 28
open VMware's end-user compute unit reportedly headed to private equity firm KKR 24
open VMware takes a swing at Nutanix, Red Hat with KVM conversion tool 23
open Broadcom moves to reassure VMware users as rivals smell an opportunity 13
open Broadcom terminates VMware's free ESXi hypervisor 58
open Microsoft brings its cloudy virtual desktops on-prem to AzureStack HCI 4
open Cloud Software Group effectively snuffs open source XenCenter via a README file 9
open Dell kills sweetheart distribution deal with Broadcom's VMware 26
open Amid Broadcom's subscription push, VMware killed a SaaS product 11
open Veeam researching support for VMware alternative Proxmox as backup buyers fret about Broadcom 27
open Broadcom ditches VMware Cloud Service Providers 75
open VMware's end-user compute products are for sale. Who might buy 'em? 17
open Apple, Corellium settle iOS virtualization case 2
open VMware channel partner rates new product bundles and subs-only licenses 'very attractive' 10
open Broadcom halves subscription price for VMware's flagship hybrid cloud suite 17
open Broadcom to divest VMware's end-user computing and Carbon Black units 30
open Broadcom re-orgs VMware into four divisions – none of which mention end-user compute products 26
By Sudosu
open China's regulator paused VMware purchase probe before desired close date 1
open China relents: Broadcom-VMware merger approved at last 3
open VMware revealed Symantec SASE integration plan before Broadcom finished buying it 1
By ChoHag
open 1 in 5 VMware customers plan to jump off its stack next year 33
open While it waited for Broadcom, VMware set out to do to data services what it did to storage 1
open Broadcom, VMware insist merger to 'close soon' as China plays hard to get 4
open As uncertainty swirls, VMware closes its home for experimental software 2
open South Korea approves Broadcom's VMware buy 1
open Fears China could trash Broadcom's VMware nuptials as revenge for sanctions 7
open What's next for VMware? Long-term Virtzilla-watchers predict Broadcom's moves 5
By baspax
open UTM: An Apple hypervisor with some unique extra abilities 19
By Roland6
open VMware staff reportedly told job cuts may start before Broadcom acquisition 5
open As VMware says goodbye, leadership thinks Broadcom buy is a win 7
open SmartNICs haven't soared so VMware will allow retrofits in old servers 10
open Here’s how VMware hopes to spend $1B Broadcom R&D budget boost 9
open VMware sees no need to Arm itself for multi-architecture multi-cloud 4
open UK clears Broadcom buying VMware, but deal yet to scale Great Regulatory Wall of China 1
open XenServer teases free VMware migration package 8
open UK greenlights Broadcom's $61B VMware takeover 2
open Broadcom asserts VMware's strategy isn't working and it basically needs rescuing 43