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open It looks like you’re a developer. Would you like help upgrading Windows 11? 3
By 45RPM
open Long-term support for Linux kernels is about to get a lot shorter 14
open Why Chromebooks are the new immortals of tech 93
open Ubuntu's 'Mantic Minotaur' peeks out of the labyrinth 12
By phuzz
open Linux Mint Debian Edition 6 hits beta with reassuringly little drama 13
open Microsoft Edge still forcing itself on users in Europe 31
By Pot
open Linux 6.6's in-kernel SMB networking server graduates 18
By Kurgan
open Microsoft to kill off third-party printer drivers in Windows 134
open GNOME 45 formalizes extensions module system 36
open Windows August update plays Blue Screen bingo – and MSI boards got the winning ticket 18
open Linux distros drop their feelgood hits of the summer 12
open Windows File Explorer gets nostalgic speed boost thanks to one weird bug 58
open Fedora and Asahi Linux pals revamp installation process 4
open ArcaOS 5.1 gives vintage OS/2 a UEFI facelift for the 21st century 72
open antiX 23: Anarchic for sure, but 'design by committee' isn't always the best for Linux 58
open After injecting pop-up ads for Bing into Windows, Microsoft now bends to Europe on links 36
By navarac
open Linus Torvalds couldn't find an excuse to hold back Linux 6.5, so here it is 7
By LionelB
open Bodhi Linux 7 brings Enlightenment to Ubuntu 47
open Microsoft whips out probe after Windows 11 users suffer the blue-screen blues 8
open Xebian is the Marie Kondo of Linux distros – it's here to declutter 19
open Version 5 of systemd-free Debian remix Devuan is here 70
open A license to trust: Can you rely on 'open source' companies? 27
open 30 years on, Debian is at the heart of the world's most successful Linux distros 88
By bitdusk
open Red Hat redeploys one of its main desktop developers 21
open Red Hat's Mexican standoff: Job cuts? Yes, but we still need someone to boot Linux 31
By jake
open Oracle, SUSE and others caught up in RHEL drama hit back with OpenELA 50
open Indian armed forces gives Windows its marching orders, but only for desktop warriors 40
open Linux project's first full version has all the subtlety of a Rhino in a China shop 5
open GNOME 45 beta: Less buggy, more colorful, and still not your grandma's desktop 20
open Sparkling fresh updates to Ubuntu, Mint and Zorin on way 31
open IBM gives z/OS an AI infusion in major upgrade aimed in part at easing admin chores 19
By deevee
open Asahi Linux project hooks up with Fedora: Remix that's not a remix coming soon 3
open Behold, Incus: Check out this fork of Canonical's LXD 'containervisor' 19
open Soon the most popular 'real' desktop will be the Linux desktop 311
By LionelB
open Microsoft yanks internal Windows 11 testing tool soon after release 4
open Middleweight champ MX Linux 23 delivers knockout punch 77
open Soft-reboot in systemd 254 sounds a lot like Windows' Fast Startup 127
open GNOME project considers adding window tiling by default 87
open Fed-up Torvalds suggests disabling AMD’s 'stupid' performance-killing fTPM RNG 72
open 'Weird numerological coincidence' found during work on Linux kernel 6.5 30
open OctoX is a radical Rust implementation of a very old OS for RISC-V 19
open To infinity and beyond, with a swarm of tiny computers costing under $1K each 10
open Debian 12.1 released with bug fixes aplenty and excitement still in short supply 9
open Want to live dangerously? Try running Windows XP in 2023 123
By RobDog
open Linux lover consumed a quarter of the network 130
open RHEL drama, ChromeOS and more ... Our vultures speak freely about the latest in Linux 18
open Slackware wasn't the first Linux distro, but it's the oldest still alive and kicking 58
open Mint 21.2 is desktop Linux without the faff 82
By Mage
open Linux has nearly half of the desktop OS Linux market 239
By MilSpec
open AlmaLinux project climbs down from being a one-to-one RHEL clone 47
By Roland6