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open Your kids' chances of becoming programmers? ZERO 215
By fodell
open How to explain what an API is – and why they matter 17
open If you're using the ctx Python package, bad news: Vandal added info-stealing code 7
open 381,000-plus Kubernetes API servers 'exposed to internet' 15
open Red Hat Kubernetes security report finds people are the problem 21
open Mystery of industry-targeting backdoored NPM JavaScript packages solved 11
By Lis
open Atlassian boasts strong Q3 revenue growth in wake of two-week outage 4
By DavidRa
open So, what happened with GitHub, Heroku, and those raided private repos? 10
open Atlassian comes clean on what data-deleting script behind outage actually did 91
open At last, Atlassian sees an end to its outage ... in two weeks 48
By spold
open Perforce now pulls Puppet's strings: Takeover announced 3
By phuzz
open Day 7 of the great Atlassian outage: IT giant still struggling to restore access 43
open Google now requires two staff to sign off each Go change 16
open Docker goes double unicorn with $105m Series C funding and $2.1b valuation 11
open HashiCorp co-founder on dodging cloud chaos, supporting open source 1
open JavaScript library updated to wipe files from Russian computers 56
By CQCoder
open Coding in a war zone: A Ruby developer's life in Kharkiv 27
open NSA spies ample opportunities to harden Kubernetes 1
By HildyJ
open Kubernetes container runtime CRI-O has make-me-root flaw 1
By JassMan
open The long-term strategy behind IBM's Red Hat purchase 23
open GitHub puts prebuilt Codespaces into public beta 3
open Temporal picks up $103m for workflow-as-code platform 1
open Nebulon adds Ansible support for infrastructure deployment 3
open Users report trouble with Azure DevOps services 6
open FYI: Support ends for older Visual Studio versions in April 10
open You should read Section 8 of the Unix User's Manual 80
open Microsoft's do-it-all IDE Visual Studio 2022 came out late last year. How good is it really? 89
open Can Rust save the planet? Why, and why not 138
open GitHub's State of the Octoverse survey shows devs are still swerving the office 2
open We're making F# more normal as a language, says its creator 14
open GitHub CEO forks off: Nat Friedman to quit this month, replacement will report to exec behind .NET Hot Reload fiasco 8
By DomDF
open Microsoft introduces Azure Container Apps with scale to zero 8
By 2+2=5
open It's that time of the year again when GitHub does its show'n'tell of features – some new and others kinda new 5
open IPSE: More than a third of freelancers have quit contracting since IR35 reforms 47
open Want a piece of GitLab? It's going to cost you: IPO price per share settles at $77 6
open VMware's K8s challenge advances with Tanzu Community Edition 3
open GitHub Codespaces feels a bit too closed? Gitpod opens up OpenVSCode Server to escape Microsoft control 2
By HildyJ
open DORA explorers see pandemic boost in numbers of 'elite' DevOps performers 22
open GitLab all set to go public as revenues – and losses – rise 10
open Stressed-out IT workers, software devs – we're not being funny but have you tried rebooting your breathing? 27
open Snyk: 50% of security jobs unfilled… any solution predicated on devs 'becoming security experts is doomed' 7
open Docker’s cash conundrum is becoming a bet on a very different future 32
By pip25
open JavaScript library downloaded 3m times a week exposes apps to hijacking via evil proxy configs 7
By stiine
open Docker Desktop no longer free for large companies: New 'Business' subscription is here 34
By raesene
open What's the top programming language? It's not JavaScript but Python, says IEEE survey 61
open Is this indeed the light-house top I see? Microsoft updates its container Linux, CBL-Mariner 2
open Stack Overflow survey: Microsoft IDEs dominate, GCP and Azure battle behind AWS 24
open About half of Python libraries in PyPI may have security issues, boffins say 21
open DevOps still 'rarely done well at scale' concludes report after a decade of research 31
open GitHub stuffs $1m in Stanford Law School's pocket to provide free legal advice to DMCA-hit developers 3



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