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open We have bigger targets than beating Oracle, say open source DB pioneers 7
open CockroachDB adds command line tool as database hits version 22.1 4
open Beware the fury of a database developer torn from tables and SQL 171
open Oracle really does owe HPE $3b after Supreme Court snub 59
By Kofovok
open Finnish open-source-as-a-service startup Aiven adds $1bn to valuation 3
By fg_swe
open What 'share of wallet' means and why it matters to SAP 3
open A discounting disaster averted at the expense of one's own employment 87
open Microsoft fixes cross-account vulns in Azure Database for PostgreSQL service 2
open Aerospike takes swipe at document databases JSON support 1
open Oracle to release on-prem software usage tools to prep cloud switch 13
open Oracle contracts and pricing a 'challenge', says Gartner 6
open New graph database features eschew need for DBAs 3
open Db2 13 makes z/OS debut, promises AI, hybrid cloud features 2
By HildyJ
open Real-time data analytics firm Tinybird nets $37m in Series A 1
open SAP hits 50: Entrenched, spread out and fully middle-aged 21
open SAP users struggling with data management for S/4HANA migration 8
open PlanetScale offers undo button to reverse schema migration without losing data 3
open RISE with SAP struggles to gain purchase with German-speaking users 1
open SAP wins competition to replace own ageing system at UK council 7
open Verified asset management tools help speed Oracle audits 1
By HildyJ
open Northwest England councils in £31m SaaS HR system tender 5
open Openness of Oracle licensing and audit tools questioned 34
open MongoDB to terminate Russian SaaS accounts 11
open Oracle sees automation opportunity in healthcare following pandemic 5
By DS999
open UK Home Office dangles £20m for national gun licence database system 99
open DBAs massively over-provision Oracle to protect themselves: Microsoft 33
open Desperately seeking SaaS: English council to replace Oracle R12 9
open Couchbase promises P2P sync in mobile and edge DB 5
open Scottish universities launch £42m ERP tender 8
open GraphQL data wrangler Hasura bags $100m investment 1
open Skills shortage puts SAP projects on hold 47
open AWS and Elasticsearch settle trademark infringement lawsuit 2
open Expect sales reps' calls if IT wants to ditch Oracle 23
open English county council blasted for 'inept project management' in delayed SAP replacement 25
open Western Australia Health taps SAP and Deloitte for AU$220m SaaS HR system over 10 years 9
open Exasol pledges to help customers avoid cloud bill shock with new DBaaS 1
open Workday gets £9.8m deal for second chunk of UK's Student Loans Company project 15
open Despite growth, questions remain over whether SAP can get customers off-prem fast enough to appease investors 12
open Former Oracle execs warn that Big Red's auditing process is also a 'sales enablement tool' 51
open Team behind delayed ERP project was aware of problems but didn't inform Surrey County Council for months 25
open And relax: No repeat car crash financials for SAP in 2021 as cloud services come good 2
open Games Workshop has chucked another £500k at entrenched ERP project with no end to epic battle in sight 62
open Dev's PostgreSQL experiment probes possibility of zero-downtime schema migration 11
open Another day, another ERP project behind schedule: This time it's Norfolk County Council and an Oracle system 21
By Dabooka
open When ERP projects go awry: Surrey County Council incurs £3.2m additional costs in delayed Unit4 project 17
By donk1
open All your database are belong to us: Snowflake named DBMS of the year by DB-Engines 5
open Db2, where are you? Big Blue is oddly reluctant to discuss recent enhancements to its flagship database 55
open Cerner, a company that scooped more than £100m in NHS deals in a year, is in Oracle's crosshairs 8
open Database company Cockroach Labs more than doubles in value to $5bn 3
By pip25
open Trouble getting REST APIs into GraphQL? Try our low-code approach, says Hasura 1



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