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open Venture capital firm makes 'unsolicited' bid for MariaDB buyout 4
open CERN swaps out databases to feed its petabyte-a-day habit 2
open Oracle at Europe's largest council didn't foresee bankruptcy 57
open Oracle disappoints market with revenue miss as Ellison hints at Azure database move 13
open Local governments aren't businesses – so why are they force-fed business software? 101
By Andy 73
open SAP user group calls for support deadline reprieve amid hospital billing worries 13
open Decades-old Home Office asylum system misses EOL deadline, no new timetable in place 38
open Largest local government body in Europe goes under amid Oracle disaster 236
open Three years after setting off, Bus Open Data Service wants consultants to help it on its journey 12
open Google wants to takes a byte out of Oracle workloads with PostgreSQL migration service 15
open NHS watchdog expresses vendor lock-in concerns over Federated Data Platform deal 8
open MariaDB's revenue grows as new CEO settles in, but bank loan discussions continue 1
open Fauna Query Language tamed to appeal to developers 6
By claimed
open Larry Ellison a major contributor to Blair Institute vaccine database plan 37
open SAP CEO push for cloud-only 'innovation' shatters users' trust in German-speaking heartlands 12
open £214m effort to modernize SAP ERP in UK govt systems marked Code Red 28
open Meet the guy trying to drag HM Treasury's data strategy into the 21st century 13
open Lucky backup might save 100 days of data for InfluxData's GCP Belgium users 9
By DS999
open InfluxData apologizes for deleting cloud regions without performing 'scream test' 25
By donk1
open UK government's newest department to lead mega ERP procurement 19
open MariaDB sent dollar dip warning from NYSE 7
open Databricks puts cards on the table format as Snowflake looks for more players 2
By xyz
open Europe's largest city council runs parallel systems to cover Oracle rollout mess 48
open Oracle certifies its database for Arm architecture on-prem and in cloud 5
By chasil
open Palantir's deals with NHS England top £60M – without competition 7
open Oracle Cerner bleeds jobs as Veterans Affairs project stalls 13
open CockroachDB hits Azure at last after five-year mission 2
open reboots ERP refresh with £934 million procurement 8
open Before you sprinkle AI on all your analytics, check data quality 4
open Europe’s biggest city council faces £100M bill in Oracle ERP project disaster 74
By fogerty
open SAP's cloud drive hits speed bumps with American users 3
open VA, Oracle's Cerner agree on renegotiated health records contract 4
open Qlik's got Talend as visualization vendors merge 2
By Korev
open MariaDB CEO: People who want things free also want to have very nice vacations 44
open Privacy Framework draft isn't 'future-proof', say MEPs 8
open VA's Cerner EHR platform fails to deliver medications to veterans 4
open If you don't brush and floss, you're gonna get an abscess – same with MySQL updates 4
open MariaDB's Xpand offers PostgreSQL compatibility without the forking drama 3
open EDB offers 'risk-free' migration to lure Oracle users to the PostgreSQL side 8
open SAP users not happy about German giant's price rises 14
By Slipoch
open Oracle's examplar win over SAP for Birmingham City Council is 3 years late 44
By Lonpfrb
open US Veterans Affairs Dept shoots down $10B Oracle Cerner dream 1
By JWLong
open It's a matter of when, not if, customers move to the cloud, SAP tells investors 12
open MariaDB cuts jobs, repeats 'going concern' warning to stock market 6
open NHS England considered using Palantir tech to manage strike disruption 20
By Terry 6
open FerretDB 1.0 offers fresh approach to open source document databases 7
open Users slam SAP's public cloud and S/4HANA migration strategy 9
open Teradata chases hyperscaler, SI partnerships in cloud push 2
open UK consortium set to bid for £480 million NHS data platform 26
By VseGood
open Power behind throne to depart as SAP enters a new era 6