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open Microsoft introduces Places to make flexible working less fraught 14
open Telegram CEO calls out rival Signal, claiming it has ties to US government 25
By Wzrd1
open Oracle ULA audits are a license to bill 13
open Apple confirms iPadOS will fall under its Alternative Business Terms in the EU 11
open Billions on the line for Google as web search monopoly trial nears end 10
open Vivaldi composes Split View sonata for browser on iPadOS 2
open BMC's $1.6B victory over IBM is TKO on appeal 21
open Enterprise browser maker Island says it's now worth $3B 24
open Amazon to ditch WorkDocs sharing service, support countdown begins 8
By 43300
open Encrypted email service files DMA complaint claiming it vanished from Google Search 62
By Mike007
open Spotify claims Apple wants 'tax' for in-app pricing tweak 18
open BMW calls for vendor openness in quest to mine its own processes 12
open Ex-CEO of 'unicorn' app startup HeadSpin heads to jail after BS'ing investors 7
open Lawsuit accuses Grindr of illegally sharing users' HIV status 7
open Official: EU users can swerve App Store and download iOS apps from the web 84
By fPuck
open YouTube now sabotages ad-blocking apps that stream its vids 70
By Not Yb
open Microsoft to tackle spam by restricting Exchange Online bulk email 13
By tiggity
open Senator Warren slams Intuit's 'junk fees' as America's Tax Day rolls around again 67
open Japan turns up heat on Apple, Google with threat of hefty fines 3
open GCC 15 dropping IA64 support is final nail in the coffin for Itanium architecture 81
open Linux Foundation is leading fight against fauxpen source 37
open SharePoint logs are easily circumvented and Microsoft is dragging its heels 7
open Notepad++ dev slams Google-clogging 'parasite' 105
open VMS Software prunes OpenVMS hobbyist program 55
open Google sues app devs, claims they're Play Store crypto scammers with 100k+ victims 20
By biodevm
open Microsoft's playdate in Google's Privacy Sandbox gets messy 6
open Microsoft thinks bundles are great and customers love them 25
open How this open source LLM chatbot runner hit the gas on x86, Arm CPUs 3
By HuBo
open Microsoft Teams decouples from Office 365 suite globally 22
open SEC cleared to take securities beef against Coinbase to trial 2
open In-app browsers are still a privacy, security, and choice problem 26
By adfh
open Canva acquires Affinity, further wounding a regulator-bruised Adobe 29
By ldo
open Good news: HMRC offers a Linux version of Basic PAYE Tools. Bad news: It broke 105
By JulieM
open Meta, Microsoft, X, Match pledge selves to Epic battle against Apple App Store 14
open UK tech titan Mike Lynch's US fraud trial begins today 10
open Microsoft defends barging in on Chrome with pop-up ads pushing Bing, GPT-4 62
open Microsoft license shuffle means Power Apps users could break the bank 21
open Developers beware, Microsoft's domain shakeup is coming soon 37
open Exchange Online blocked from sending email to AOL and Yahoo 47
open Oh look, cracking down on Big Tech works. Brave, Firefox, Vivaldi surge on iOS 68
open The end of classic Outlook for Windows is coming. Are you ready? 226
By BrBill
open Now you can compare your Chromium browser with that other Chromium browser using Speedometer 3.0 10
By chroot
open No App Store needed: Apple caves, will allow sideloading in EU 14
By fPuck
open Network Rail steps back from geofencing over safety fears 39
open Chrome users – get an alert when extensions are in danger of falling into wrong hands 22
open Apple's had it with Epic's app store shenanigans, terminates dev account 72
open EU users can't update 3rd party iOS apps if abroad too long 92
open EU takes a bite out of Apple with $2B in-app purchase fine 31
open EU-turn! Now Apple says it won't banish Home Screen web apps in Europe 38
open Microsoft Publisher books its retirement party for 2026 53