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open AI-designed COVID-19 drug nominated for preclinical trial 7
open Clearview AI wants its facial-recognition tech in banks, schools, etc 17
open Google says it would release its photorealistic DALL-E 2 rival – but this AI is too prejudiced for you to use 19
open Neuromorphic chips 'up to 16 times more energy efficient' for deep learning 5
open Amazon puts 'creepy' AI cameras in UK delivery vans 131
open Clearview AI fined millions in the UK: No 'lawful reason' to collect Brits' images 73
By xyz123
open Deepfake attacks can easily trick live facial recognition systems online 25
By jmch
open Microsoft-backed robovans to deliver grub in London 26
By Lee D
open Did hoodwink Americans with IRS facial-recognition tech? 14
open Cars in driver-assist mode hit a third of cyclists, all oncoming cars in tests 207
open US cops kick back against facial recognition bans 9
open Bosses using AI to hire candidates risk discriminating against disabled applicants 26
open How ICE became a $2.8b domestic surveillance agency 66
open Fully automated AI networks less than 5 years away, reckons Juniper CEO 20
By Plest
open IBM's autonomous Mayflower ship breaks down in second transatlantic attempt 73
By jake
open Clearview AI promises not to sell face-recognition database to most US businesses 8
open Can AI transformer models help design drugs and treat incurable diseases? 8
By Korev
open AMD’s Xilinx-enhanced Epycs are right up the alley of datacenter builders 3
open OpenAI's DALL·E 2 generates AI images that are sometimes biased or NSFW 49
By druck
open Revealed: Intel's plan to sell software simplifying computer vision training 1
By tomgid
open Google Cloud hopes to woo factories with its usual fare: Analytics and AI 3
open Watchdog rubber-stamps cavity-detecting neural network for dentists 7
open Eggheads demo how to fool share-trading bots with carefully crafted retweets 16
open Ex-Google, Uber AI heads launch ML error-detection platform 1
open Meta releases code for massive language model to AI researchers 2
open Microsoft to ax Azure Video Analyzer in November 6
open Watch out for AI models regurgitating misplaced keys that unlock crypto wallets 4
open AI helps scientists design novel plastic-eating enzyme 20
By ThatOne
open AI models still racist, even with more balanced training 46
By msobkow
open Meta materials: Facebook using AI to design green concrete 18
By Roland6
open Meet Flamingo, Deepmind's latest open-ended AI 4
By JassMan
open Autonomous Mayflower to attempt Atlantic crossing, again 41
By msobkow
open HPE uses blockchain for distributed machine learning models 1
open DARPA backs virtual worlds for autonomous off-road vehicles 1
open Algorithm can predict pancreatic cancer from CT scans well before diagnosis 18
open Ex-Googlers take a stab at building 'general intelligence' that makes software do what you tell it 42
By jake
open lassos China's first autonomous taxi license 3
open Google Docs' AI-powered inclusive writing auto-correct now under fire 115
By Psmo
open Samsung, others test drive Esperanto's 1,000-core RISC-V AI chip 19
open Former NHS AI leader joins US spy-tech firm Palantir 21
By sabroni
open Uni team demo algorithm to shield conversations from eavesdropping AI 21
open Robots are creepy. Why trust AIs that are even creepier? 105
open British motorists will be allowed to watch TV in self-driving vehicles 216
open Machine-learning models vulnerable to undetectable backdoors: new claim 16
open Biotech firm: Graphcore IPUs faster for AI-based drug discovery than GPUs 4
By Snowy
open What will help enterprises meet sustainability goals? Algorithms, says Oracle 3
open Amazon opens MASSIVE AI speech dataset so Alexa can speak your language 10
open Google Cloud launches exclusive AI management platform 3
By Poopyo
open AI with an improvisational streak is under development 7
open Fake it until you make it: Can synthetic data help train your AI model? 7
By Stumo



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