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open Early adopters delighted as Microsoft pulls plug on Mobile Backend as a Service. Haha, only joking – they're fuming 48
open Windows Terminal and Azure Data Studio both get a tickle from the Microsoft update fairy 8
By phuzz
open Another week, another bunch of Windows 10 machines punched by a patch 53
open 25 years of Delphi and no Oracle in sight: Not a Visual Basic killer but hard to kill 154
By GerryMC
open Microsoft brings the pane: You'll be looking at Xamarin and React Native to design apps for dual-screen gizmos 35
open Microsoft: Yeah, dual screens are pretty rad, but check out our purple calendar 7
open Oracle tells Supremes: Fair use? Pah! There's nothing fair about 'Google's copying' 51
open It's official: In May, Microsoft will close the door, lock the vault, brick over the entrance of dreaded Windows 10 1809 41
open Another Windows 10 build sneaks out amid all the foldable fandango 6
open Dual screens, fast updates, no registry cruft and security in mind: Microsoft gives devs the lowdown on Windows 10X 118
open NBD: A popular HTTP-fetching npm code library used by 48,000 other modules retires, no more updates coming 25
open Ever had a script you just can't scratch? Excel on the web now has just the thing 44
open It's a Bing thing: Microsoft drops plans to shove unloved search engine down throats of unsuspecting enterprises 55
By Timmy B
open Microsoft ups the ante with fix-fixing patch that leaves some Windows Server 2008 machines unable to boot 37
open Windows 7 will not go gentle into that good night: Ageing OS refuses to shut down 110
open Starliner snafu could've been worse: Software errors plague Boeing's Calamity Capsule 81
open A new entry in the franchise: Microsoft Windows and the Goblet of Meh 6
open HPE's orders to expert accountant in Autonomy trial revealed 51
open Ex-Autonomy CFO Sushovan Hussain was accused of sexual misconduct against Darktrace staff – report 11
open Canary-build Microsoft browser blocks Microsoft extension from inflicting Microsoft search engine 19
open Maker of Linux patch batch grsecurity can't duck $260,000 legal bills, says Cali appeals court in anti-SLAPP case 32
By Rich 2
open Oi! You got a loicence for that Java, mate? More devs turn to OpenJDK to swerve Oracle fee 46
open Wake me up before you go Go: Devs say they'll learn Google-backed lang next. Plus: Perl pays best, Java still in demand 70
open Git takes baby steps towards swapping out vulnerable SHA-1 hashing algo for SHA-256 19
open Whaddya mean, 'niche'?! Neo4j's chief scientist schools El Reg on graph databases 13
open Iowa has already won the worst IT rollout award of 2020: Rap for crap caucus app chaps in vote zap flap 89
By AVee
open We surrender: SAP yields to customers, extends support for Business Suite 7 to 2027 13
open Micro Focus chairman Kevin Loosemore cuts himself loose as merger with HPE Software continues to haunt biz 13
open GitLab can proclaim diversity all it likes, but it seems to have a real problem keeping women on staff or in management 80
open Microsoft Teams starts February with a good, old-fashioned TITSUP* 47
open At last, the fix no one asked for: Portable home directories merged into systemd 207
By jake
open Universal Woe Platform: Microsoft shows UWP support – by yanking ad monetisation 12
By big_D
open BSOD Burgerwatch latest: Do you want fries with that plaintext password? 77
open SF tech biz forks out $146m in fines, settlements after painkiller makers bribed it to design medical software that pushed opioids to patients 30
open Google promises next week's cookie-crumbling Chrome 80 will only cause 'a very modest amount of breakage' 19
open Shopify goes all in on React Native for mobile development 3 years after Airbnb dropped it like 3rd-grade French 1
open Need 32-bit Linux to run past 2038? When version 5.6 of the kernel pops, you're in for a treat 86
open Vendor-bender LibreOffice kicks out 6.4: Community project feel, though now with added auto-█████ tool 89
open Thunderbird is go: Mozilla's email client lands in a new nest 115
open What are those Windows 10 PCs running? Several flavours from 2019, by the looks of things 15
open Indie VPN WireGuard gets the Torvalds seal of approval with inclusion in Linux kernel 5.6 23
open Petition asking Microsoft to open-source Windows 7 sails past 7,777-signature goal 91
open Brave, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla gather together to talk web privacy... and why we all shouldn't get too much of it 105
open Use our stuff for free and sell your application? That's Qt. Time to give something back 51
By Qt guy
open Kernel debugger begone: Microsoft emits update for DTrace on Windows 10 1
open Among waves, blisters and sleep deprivation, rowing duo add Microsoft's Teams to list of transatlantic ordeals 6
By WolfFan
open Like its Windows-noob-stabilisers OS, Zorin's cloudy Grid tool is Linux desktop management for dummies 33
By Roland6
open 'Trust no one' is good enough for the X Files but not for software devs: How do you use third-party libs and stay secure, experts mull on stage 37
open Microsoft: 14 January patch was the last for Windows 7. Also Microsoft: Actually... 57
open Windows takes a tumble in the land of the Big Mac and Bacon Double Cheeseburger 91
By Kiwi


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