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open Microsoft tries getting touchy-feely once again with its Windows Insiders 15
open What happens when the maintainer of a JS library downloaded 26m times a week goes to prison for killing someone with a motorbike? Core-js just found out 106
open Apple: Relax, we're not totally screwing web apps. But yes, third-party cookies are toast 10
open Singapore to open-source national Coronavirus encounter-tracing app and the Bluetooth research behind it 9
open Collabora working on making any DirectX 12 driver able to support open graphics and parallel programming APIs 11
By Def
open Microsoft goes into Windows lockdown for builds from May, citing 'public health situation' (yes, the coronavirus spread) 24
open Where's our software, Langowski? Windows Insider Program gets new leader 4
open SAP opens up certain online courses to locked-down tech learners 9
open Make haste slowly when deploying tools to cope with global coronavirus pandemic 7
By veti
open Techie collective to whip together official WHO-backed COVID-19 app within a week to meet 'urgent, global need' 9
By tip pc
open First impressions count when the world is taken by surprise by an exciting new (macro) virus 61
open Linus Torvalds ponders: Is Linux 5.6 going well because it's bug-free, or thanks to that other bug? 10
By baud
open Microsoft drops a seemingly innocuous Windows Insider build, teases the future 14
open Line-of-business folk will have bigger role in growing robotic process automation revolution 13
open Surge in home working highlights Microsoft licensing issue: If you are not on subscription, working remotely is a premium feature 126
open Watching you, with a Vue to a Kill: Wikimedia developers dismiss React for JavaScript makeover despite complaints 30
By adempus
open Captain Caveman rides to the rescue, solves a prickly PowerPoint problem with a magical solution 155
By rskurat
open Finally – news that something is guaranteed to be healthy and well looked-after for the next six months. That something is Windows 10 1709 31
open 7 years after hooking up, SAP gets much, much cosier with Ariba's supply chain and procure-to-pay software 1
By aldolo
open Beyond JAMstack: Next.js creator on hybrid rendering, TypeScript and Visual Studio Code 8
open Out with the old and in with the new as Java 14 arrives, bringing with it first Project Panama enhancements 20
open Atlassian finally unleashes free Jira tier – nearly six months late yet just in time for coronavirus crunch 3
open Google halts Chrome, Chrome OS releases to avoid shipping flawed code, prioritizes security fixes amid coronavirus crunch 7
open Reach for the sky: Pixar founders win Turing Award for pioneering 3D animation – and getting rid of jagged edges 32
open Closed source? Pull the other one... We love open source, but not enough to share code for our own app, says GitHub 13
By jake
open Who needs an iPad Pro? Look everyone, Windows Terminal has mouse input 7
open XAML Hot Reload sounds like a gun you need for the 2050 zombie apocalypse – but it's a Visual Studio 2019 16.5 feature 3
open Microsoft starts a grand unification attempt with .NET 5 17
By Psmo
open That upgrade from Java 8 to 11 you've been putting off? UK fintech types at Revolut 'quite happy' after a year in production 24
open Some good coronavirus news: Monster Google-Oracle API copyright battle on hold as bio-nasty shuts Supremes 9
open Microsoft's GitHub absorbs NPM into its code-hosting empire: JavaScript library vault used by 12 million devs now under Redmond's roof 41
open Two years late, but upgrade wave finally washes a billion folk onto Windows 10 as its Android phone waits in the wings 12
By Dave 15
open Microsoft frees Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 from the shackles of, er, Windows? 52
By Sil
open Build goes digital, Brexit goes virtual (really): El Reg gets some unexpected lessons from WSLConf 11
By ThatOne
open Control is only an illusion, no matter what you shove on the Netware share 50
open Apple bans COVID-19 games and restricts virus-related apps to authoritative souces 24
By DrXym
open Microsoft's Bill Gates defrag is finally virtually complete: Billionaire quits board to double down on philanthropy 107
open Apple fans may think they can't get viruses but Cupertino disagrees: WWDC 2020 dev summit goes online-only 15
By Psmo
open ServiceNow pulls on its platforms, talks up machine learning, analytics in biggest release since ex-SAP boss took reins 6
open Quick, show this article to the boss, before they ask you to spin your own crisis comms Power App in 2 days 24
open Microsoft picks up Your Phone – unless you're an Apple fan – in a fresh Windows 10 build 18
open Microsoft throws a bone to those unable to leave the past behind: .NET 5 support on the way for Visual Basic 60
open Firefox 74 slams Facebook in solitary confinement: Browser add-on stops social network stalking users across the web 57
open We checked in with the new Windows 10X build, and let's just say getting this ready for late 2020 will be a challenge 48
By gingeds
open Google Cloud ushers in the rise of the machine... images. You know, to capture and recreate VM snapshots? 1
open Amazon teases Bottlerocket, its take on Linux specifically for running containers 6
open No-no-no-notarised: Apple gives Microsoft's Visual Studio Code the all-clear for Mac devs 5
open Microsoft spares TLS 1.0 in Azure DevOps Services after customer backlash, Cosmos DB makes good on blurtage 6
open Former US Homeland Security Inspector General accused of stealing govt code and trying to resell it to... the US govt 36
open 'Optional' is the new 'Full' in Windows 10: Microsoft mucks about with diagnostic slurpage levels for Fast Ring Insiders 32
By Mark 65


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