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open SF tech biz forks out $146m in fines, settlements after painkiller makers bribed it to design medical software that pushed opioids to patients 30
open Google promises next week's cookie-crumbling Chrome 80 will only cause 'a very modest amount of breakage' 19
open Shopify goes all in on React Native for mobile development 3 years after Airbnb dropped it like 3rd-grade French 1
open Need 32-bit Linux to run past 2038? When version 5.6 of the kernel pops, you're in for a treat 86
open Vendor-bender LibreOffice kicks out 6.4: Community project feel, though now with added auto-█████ tool 89
open Thunderbird is go: Mozilla's email client lands in a new nest 115
open What are those Windows 10 PCs running? Several flavours from 2019, by the looks of things 15
open Indie VPN WireGuard gets the Torvalds seal of approval with inclusion in Linux kernel 5.6 23
open Petition asking Microsoft to open-source Windows 7 sails past 7,777-signature goal 91
open Brave, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla gather together to talk web privacy... and why we all shouldn't get too much of it 105
open Use our stuff for free and sell your application? That's Qt. Time to give something back 51
By Qt guy
open Kernel debugger begone: Microsoft emits update for DTrace on Windows 10 1
open Among waves, blisters and sleep deprivation, rowing duo add Microsoft's Teams to list of transatlantic ordeals 6
By WolfFan
open Like its Windows-noob-stabilisers OS, Zorin's cloudy Grid tool is Linux desktop management for dummies 33
By Roland6
open 'Trust no one' is good enough for the X Files but not for software devs: How do you use third-party libs and stay secure, experts mull on stage 37
open Microsoft: 14 January patch was the last for Windows 7. Also Microsoft: Actually... 57
open Windows takes a tumble in the land of the Big Mac and Bacon Double Cheeseburger 91
By Kiwi
open In deepest darkest Surrey, an on-prem SAP system running 17-year-old software is about to die.... 69
open Take DOS, stir in some Netware, add a bit of Windows and... it's ALIIIIVE! 172
open What is WebAssembly? And can you really compile C/C++ to it? And it'll run in browsers? Allow us to explain in this gentle introduction 94
open Electron devs bond at Covalence conference: We speak to those mastering the cross-platform tech behind Slack, Visual Code Studio, etc 30
By brianoh
open Microsoft puts away the Catnip: Windows Insiders community app axed due to 'technical limitations' 8
open Microsoft previews Visual Studio update with added Linux love, many new features 31
By phuzz
open Free Software Foundation suggests Microsoft 'upcycles' Windows 7... as open source 160
open Rockstar dev debate reopens: Hero programmers do exist, do all the work, do chat a lot – and do need love and attention from project leaders 81
By Wayland
open No big deal, Rogers, your internal source code and keys are only on the open web. Don't hurry to take it down 14
By bpfh
open Keg-xistential issues: Fullers pours away £10m Infor ERP system after selling brewing business 12
By Roland6
open In the red corner, Big Red, and in the blue corner... the rest of the tech industry 87
open If you never thought you'd hear a Microsoftie tell you to stop using Internet Explorer, lap it up: 'I beg you, let it retire to great bitbucket in the sky' 92
By Kiwi
open German taxpayers faced with €800k Windows 7 support bill due to Deutschland dithering 56
By Inkey
open Flinging resource-hungry apps at landfill Android? Ubuntu daddy wants to lure you into Anbox Cloud 9
open Microsoft boffin inadvertently highlights .NET image woes by running C# on Windows 3.11 139
open From WordPad to WordAds: Microsoft caught sneaking nagging Office promos into venerable text editor beta 114
open *David Attenborough voice* And here we have, in the wild, a rare glimpse... of what may be... a positive IBM quarter 22
open Opera hits back at 'short seller' whose report claimed its 'predatory' microloan droid apps could hurt, er... investors 21
open 'I am done with open source': Developer of Rust Actix web framework quits, appoints new maintainer 87
By Roland6
open Windows 7 back in black as holdouts report wallpaper-stripping shenanigans 150
By DiViDeD
open Server-side Swift's slow support story sours some: Apple lang tailored for mobile CPUs, lacking in Linux world 21
open Whoa, whoa... Tesla slams brakes on allegations of 'unintended acceleration' bug: 'Completely false and was brought by a short-seller' 64
open It's update time – yes, again – for Insiders as the Windows 10 Slow Ring meanders towards release 11
open The delights of on-site working – sun, sea and... WordPad wrangling? 92
open You're not Boeing to believe this: Yet another show-stopping software bug found in ill-fated 737 Max airplanes 195
By Kerisun
open Time to burst out graphing: Get the Windows Insider experience... by taping a calculator to your monitor 20
By IceC0ld
open Autonomous Logistics Information System gets shoved off the F-35 gravy train in favour of ODIN 64
open WebAssembly: Key to a high-performance web, or ideal for malware? Reg speaks to co-designer Andreas Rossberg 93
open Copy-left behind: Permissive MIT, Apache open-source licenses on the up as developers snub GNU's GPL 46
open The Curse of macOS Catalina strikes again as AccountEdge stays 32-bit 167
open Shhhhhh: Fujitsu bags another £12m from Libraries NI as bosses fail to bookmark replacement 14
open Google reveals new schedule for 'phasing out support for Chrome Apps across all operating systems' 54
open No Mo'zilla for about 100 techies today: Firefox maker lays off staff as boss talks of 'difficult choices' and funding 76


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