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open UK utility Severn Trent tests the waters with £4.8m for SCADA monitoring and management in the clouds 26
open Tech industry might have weathered the storm so far, but challenges will be felt from next year, Unit4 boss warns 1
open COVID-19 tracing without an app? There's an iOS and Android update for that 65
By ThatOne
open Dating apps swiped left on Pakistan’s request to clean up their acts, bans followed 11
open In the frame with the Great MS Bakeoff: Microsoft sets out plans for Windows windows 48
open Party like it's 2004: Almost a quarter of Windows 10 PCs living with the latest update 23
open As promised, Apple will now entertain suggestions from the hoi polloi on how it should run its App Store 42
open Funny, that: Handy script for wiping directories is capable of wreaking havoc beyond a miscreant's wildest dreams 103
open Forget Fortnite and FIFA: India wants to develop games based on local legends 34
open China trolls Trump with tech export rules changes that could imperil TikTok sale 66
By mego
open Kubernetes moves to end ‘permanent beta’ for some APIs 6
open Brave takes brave stand against Google's plan to turn websites into ad-blocker-thwarting Web Bundles 93
open Hidden Windows Terminal goodies to check out: Retro mode that emulates blurry CRT display – and more 53
open First effort to unify sprawling .NET estate nearly done with 5.0 set for November release 11
open East Sussex County Council dodges SAP S/4HANA upgrade bullet, sets aside £25m for a 10-year SaaS ERP deal 8
open My crow soft adds audio transcription to premium Word Online... Only joking. It's pretty good if a bit on the slow side 15
open Adobe yanks freebie Creative Cloud offer – now universities and colleges have to put up or shut up 81
open Relying on plain-text email is a 'barrier to entry' for kernel development, says Linux Foundation board member 256
open Open-source database outfit Redis Labs grabs $100m funding as it seeks to be about more than just cold, hard cache 6
By LeoP
open Epic move: Judge says Apple can't revoke Unreal Engine dev tools, asks 'Where does the 30 per cent come from?' 62
open Docker blocker: Container crew takes on The 1%... of anonymous download whales 3
open If you think Mozilla pushed a broken Firefox Android build, good news: It didn't. Bad news: It's working as intended 155
open Start Me Up: 25 years ago this week, Windows 95 launched and, for a brief moment, Microsoft was almost cool 109
open Microsoft sides with Epic over Apple developer ban, supports motion for temporary restraining order 66
By d3vy
open SUSE plots edgier Kubernetes with Linux behind the wheel 3
By s2bu
open Accenture scores £20m contract extension with UK pensions department: Competition? We've heard of it 9
open India's contact-tracing app grows an API to share health status info with businesses 5
open TikTok takes to the courts to challenge US ban 15
open Chromium devs want the browser to talk to devices, computers directly via TCP, UDP. Obviously, nothing can go wrong 159
open Apple hits back at Epic, says Fortnite crew wants a 'free ride' on fees: Let the app store death match commence 99
open Alright! Who's stoked for Windows 10 20H2? Anyone? Well, it's ready for commercial pre-release validation anyway 9
open WSL2 is so last year: Linux compatibility layer backported to older Windows 10 versions 12
By JulieM
open Chinese State media uses new release of local Linux to troll Trump 55
open Putting the d'oh! in Adobe: 'Years of photos' permanently wiped from iPhones, iPads by bad Lightroom app update 194
open India anoints little-known Zoom clone as its home-grown videoconf tool of choice 4
open Microsoft nudges latest TypeScript iteration out onto the mean streets of JavaScript 10
open Aw, Snap! But you should see the other guy – they're in dire need of a good file system consistency check 27
open C++ still rules the Chromium roost though Rust has caught our eye, say browser devs 37
open Better Java than Java: Kotlin 1.4 introduces new compilers for JVM and JavaScript 12
open Someone please have mercy on this poorly Ubuntu parking machine that has been force-fed maudlin autotuned tripe 42
open SQLite maximum database size increased to 281TB – but will anyone need one that big? 60
open Trump backs Oracle as potential TikTok buyer 30
By Mike 16
open Robust Rust trust discussed after Moz cuts leave folks nonplussed: Foundation mulled for coding language 11
open PowerShell 7.1 Release Candidate is lurking around the corner, but first there's Preview 6 to poke and prod 8
open Linux kernel maintainers tear Paragon a new one after firm submits read-write NTFS driver in 27,000 lines of code 130
By andro
open How to have a more positive 'outage experience' according to Microsoft: Please don't rely on the Azure Status page 25
open We've come to wish you an unhappy birthday: Microsoft to yank services from Internet Explorer, kill off Legacy Edge by 2021 45
open Notepad++ website sent to China's naughty step after 'Stand with Hong Kong' software update 29
By jbburks
open UK govt reboots A Level exam results after computer-driven fiasco: Now teacher-predicted grades will be used after all 135
By Deimos
open Microsoft adds 'Here's what we may have broken' screen to Windows 10 Insider PCs 16


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