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open No Mo'zilla for about 100 techies today: Firefox maker lays off staff as boss talks of 'difficult choices' and funding 76
open Microsoft's on Edge and you could be, too: Chromium-based browser exits beta – with teething problems 51
open Look sharp: Microsoft Blazor's gone mobile. Fancy developing mobile apps with C# web technology? 11
open Huawei invites app developers to board the HMS Core to grab their pieces of eight 3
open Boeing aircraft sales slump to historic lows after 737 Max annus horribilis 146
open IBM, Microsoft, a medley of others sing support for Google against Oracle in Supremes' Java API copyright case 103
open What can we rid the world of, thinks Google... Poverty? Disease? Yeah, yeah, but first: Third-party cookies – and classic user-agent strings 24
By DiViDeD
open Tabletop battle-toys purveyor Games Workshop again warns of risks in Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP project 36
By chuBb.
open Are you getting it? Yes, armageddon it: Mass hysteria takes hold as the Windows 7 axe falls 205
open Google's clever-clogs are focused on many things, but not this: The Chrome Web Store. Devs complain of rip-offs, scams, wait times 13
By woppo
open Step away from that Windows 7 machine, order UK cyber-cops: It's not safe for managing your cash digitally 134
By Kiwi
open It's your walkie-talkie Teams mate, over. 'You don't have to say Over, over'. Copy that. Stop making the static noise, over and out 20
By swm
open It's a no to ZFS in the Linux kernel from me, says Torvalds, points finger of blame at Oracle licensing 189
open What was Boeing through their heads? Emails show staff wouldn't put their families on a 737 Max over safety fears 264
open Hey kids! Ditch that LCD and get ready for the retro CRT world of Windows Terminal 68
By crayon
open I am broot: The Reg chats to French dev about Rust tool that aims to improve directory navigation 52
By dozen
open Shhh! It's us, Microsoft. Yes, it's 2020. We're here with a new build of Windows 10 47
open Windows 7 and Server 2008 end of support: What will change on 14 January? 187
By Alk2
open Firefox 72: Floating videos, blocking fingerprints, and defeating notification pop-ups 60
open Blackout Bug: Boeing 737 cockpit screens go blank if pilots land on specific runways 182
open Improved Java support poured into Microsoft's Visual Studio Code – will it be enough to tempt developers? 10
By Elledan
open Reusing software 'interfaces' is fine, Google tells Supreme Court, pleads: Think of the devs! 91
open Cloudflare buys browser isolation biz S2 Systems in bid to realize Sun's network computing vision at long last 8
open Long-term Linux Mint: 19.3 release unchains the Gimp, adds HiDPI, is kind to your older, less-beefy kit 82
open Linux in 2020: 27.8 million lines of code in the kernel, 1.3 million in systemd 176
By Solviva
open Bruce Perens quits Open Source Initiative amid row over new data-sharing crypto license: 'We've gone the wrong way with licensing' 58
open Train-knackering software design blunder discovered after lightning sparked Thameslink megadelay 133
open Snakes on a wane: Python 2 development is finally frozen in time, version 3 slithers on 50
open Stack Overflow makes peace with ousted moderator, wants to start New Year with 2020 vision on codes of conduct 83
open Behold Schrödinger's Y2K, when software went all quantum 28
open Today's budget for application improvements is brought to you by the letters "Y", "K" and the number "2" 35
open Remembering Y2K call-outs and the joy of the hourly contractor rate 44
By jake
open Two missing digits? How about two missing employees in today's story of Y2K 60
open LibreOffice 6.4 nearly done as open-source office software project prepares for 10th anniversary 206
open Microsoft: Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, my PowerShell has gone RC 24
By Agnes.W
open Boeing, Boeing, gone! CEO Muilenburg quits 'effective immediately' 92
open 'Supporting Internet Explorer is hell': Web developers identify top needs – new survey 73
By Kiwi
open IBM to Google: Istio, Knative, TensorFlow should be under 'open governance' 6
open JavaScript survey: Devs love a bit of React, but Angular and Cordova declining. And you're not alone... a chunk of pros also feel JS is 'overly complex' 73
open Vivaldi opens up an exciting new front in the browser wars, seeks to get around blocking with cunning code 99
open Crossing the platforms: The Register checks in with Canonical's WSL alternative – Multipass 8
By IGotOut
open IBM tailors Swift relationship after 'review of open source priorities' 12
open In an homage to Harry Potter's every-flavour jelly beans, Microsoft unveils 'Lucky Dip' Windows 10 testing ring 21
open Deadly 737 Max jets no longer a Boeing concern – for now: Production suspended after biz runs out of parking space 116
By AlbertH
open Where's our data, Google? Chrome 79 update 'a catastrophe' for Android devs with WebView apps 56
By Kiwi
open FUSE for macOS: Why a popular open source library became closed source and commercially licensed 117
open Microsoft's cloud floats over to Qatar and Azure Functions flings doors open to .NET Core 3.1 2
open Admins sigh as Microsoft pushes Teams changes – let everyone play! 37
By Tom 35
open Cops storm Nginx's Moscow offices after a Russian biz claims it owns world's most widely used web server, not F5 54
open Microsoft enables phone calls from your Windows PC (as long as it's paired with an Android) 23



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