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open NHS tests COVID-19 contact-tracing app that may actually work properly – EU neighbors lent a helping hand 90
By _LC_
open Mozilla signs fresh Google search deal worth mega-millions as 25% staff cut hits Servo, MDN, security teams 38
open Deep-root database: Kew Garden's 8 million specimen collection to find new life through data management 18
open Splunk sales ace wins sex discrimination case after new boss handed her key accounts to blokes deemed 'flight risks' 70
open Just can't let go of those Windows CE apps? Microsoft has a container for that 12
open Some lucky web developer just scored $20k to scour Facebook out of Neil Young’s website 39
open Firefox maker Mozilla axes a quarter of its workforce, blames coronavirus, vows to 'develop new revenue streams' 60
open Microsoft: The UK is facing an AI skills gap. If only there were a humble cloud giant that could help 6
By Roland6
open Programming pioneer Fran Allen dies aged 88 after a career of immense contributions to compilers 11
By Danny 2
open Google offers first part of its in-house M:N thread code as open source to Linux kernel 22
open India awards apps that offer citizens Microsoft and Google alternatives 11
By quxinot
open Have I Been Pwned to go open source – 10bn credentials, not so much, says creator Hunt 12
open British Army does not Excel at spreadsheets: Soldiers' newly announced promotions are revoked after sorting snafu 61
open Angular framework support brings Microsoft's Visual Studio into line with its way cooler little brother, VS Code 5
open Greatest crossover of all time: Microsoft, Samsung preview Android on Windows via Your Phone app 21
open UK insurance biz Direct Line drops 'misrepresentation' claims against IBM in £36m database platform lawsuit 20
open Mozilla warns more Firefox website breakage to come because devs just aren't checking for SameSite snafus 30
open Google creates secure file locker for countries where people often share smartphones 10
open Google reports 80% spike of Flutter-built apps in Play Store as 1.20 is released 1
open Wrap it before you tap it? No, say Linux developers: 'GPL condom' for Nvidia driver is laughed out of the kernel 85
open Maker of SonarQube defends DevOps product's security after source code leaks blamed on bad configurations 1
open China requires gamers to reveal real names and map them to frag-tastic IDs 36
open Apple's big trouble in not-so-little China – culls 30,000 apps from its Middle Kingdom App Store in legal crackdown 8
open Brit local authority appoints a systems integrator in leap to Oracle cloud, but support time-bomb is already ticking 6
open Linus Torvalds pines for header file fix but releases Linux 5.8 anyway 37
open Microsoft confirms pursuit of TikTok after Satya Nadella chats to Donald Trump 91
open IT giant CSC coughs up $2m after helping New York City bill Medicaid for child therapy rather than insurance cos 14
open We give up, Progressive Web Apps can track you, says W3C: After 5 years, it decides privacy is too much bother 32
open Venerable text editor GNU Nano reaches version 5.0 and adds the modern frippery that is scrollbars 56
open Intel, boffins invent an AI Clippy for code: Hi, I see you're writing another lock-free bloom filter. Can I help? 9
open Firefox 79: A thin release for regular users, but plenty for developers to devour 20
By jake
open Microsoft finally spills the beans on everything you need to know about its low-code platform, Dataflex for Teams 11
By Eek
open From a trickle to an Application Stream: Red Hat opens barriers for RHEL 8.3 beta 5
open Oh, you shouldn't have: Microsoft whips up website for devs that makes it easier to moan about Windows issues 3
open It's been five years since Windows 10 hit: So... how's that working out for you all? 216
open GitHub starts publishing roadmap of future features 7
open UK housing associations offer framework worth up to £400m to eBay-for-plumbers startup (but it won't get to keep it all) 7
open IDE like an update, please: JetBrains freshens IntelliJ, adds improved GitHub integration, Java support 21
open Class move, Java. Coding language slips to third place behind Python in latest popularity contest 38
By Maventi
open Named arguments squeak into PHP 8.0, 7 years after first RFC 14
open SAP to list Qualtrics, less than two years after convincing it not to list 4
open Just what you want when stuck working from home: Microsoft domain mixup downs Remote Web Access 7
open Microsoft wants to show enterprises that Edge means business, rather than the thing you use to download Chrome 58
open We told you remote working is quite good, says Citrix as its numbers head higher 1
open Wipro buys 4C worth of extra Salesforce expertise 2
By AMBxx
open Microsoft tells AMD-powered Insiders they're unblocked in new Windows 10 Dev Channel build: 'Oh no we're not!' 13
open From Accompli to Microsoft to Google: G Suite chief Javier Soltero chases the 'complete collaborative experience' 12
open Microsoft pulls dust covers off Dataflex: Low-code data access from Teams 17
open Only EU can help us, pleads Slack as it slings competition complaint against Microsoft Teams 69
open The W3C steers the way the World Wide Web works. Yet it is reluctant to record crucial meetings – and its minutes are incomplete 15



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