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open Refreshed from its holiday, Emotet has gone phishing 2
open Frankenstein malware stitched together from code of others disguised as PyPI package 3
open Fast-evolving Prilex POS malware can block contactless payments 16
open Malvertising attacks are distributing .NET malware loaders 7
open Microsoft closes another door to attackers by blocking Excel XLL files from the internet 6
open Microsoft took its macros and went home, so miscreants turned to Windows LNK files 6
open How to track equipped cars via exploitable e-ink platemaker 90
open Dridex malware pops back up and turns its attention to macOS 6
open Legit Android apps poisoned by sticky 'Zombinder' malware 25
open Meta links US military to fake social media influence campaigns 20
open Still using a discontinued Boa web server? Microsoft warns of supply chain attacks 10
open WASP malware stings Python developers 9
open Robin Banks crooks back at the table with fresh phish from Russia 1
By stiine
open All the US midterm-related lies to expect when you're electing 149
open Oh, look: More malware in the Google Play store 25
open Double-check demand payment emails from law firms: Convincing fakes surface 15
By WolfFan
open Ordinary web access request or command to malware? 4
open This Windows worm evolved into slinging ransomware. Here's how to detect it 12
By JWLong
open Purpleurchin cryptocurrency miners spotted scouring free GitHub, Heroku accounts 14
open DHL named most-spoofed brand in phishing 4
By Ruisert
open Good news, URSNIF no longer a banking trojan. Bad news, it's now a backdoor 1
open Phishing works so well crims won't bother with deepfakes, says Sophos chap 15
By ThatOne
open Criminal multitool LilithBot arrives on malware-as-a-service scene 1
By Plest
open Loads of PostgreSQL systems are sitting on the internet without SSL encryption 20
open Steganography alert: Backdoor spyware stashed in Microsoft logo 27
By Danny 2
open Microsoft warns of North Korean crew posing as LinkedIn recruiters 10
open How CIA betrayed informants with shoddy front websites built for covert comms 37
open Pentagon is far too tight with its security bug bounties 16
By Cav
open Matrix chat encryption sunk by five now-patched holes 8
open The web's cruising at 13 million new and nefarious domain names a month 10
open Want to sneak a RAT into Windows? Buy Quantum Builder on the dark web 4
By Terry 6
open China's infosec researchers obeyed Beijing and stopped reporting vulns ... or did they? 4
open Can reflections in eyeglasses actually leak info from Zoom calls? Here's a study into it 68
By Grogan
open Mandiant links APT42 to Iranian 'terrorist org' 27
open Oh no, that James Webb Space Telescope snap might actually contain malware 25
By keith_w
open Find a security hole in Google's open source and you could bag a $31,337 reward 5
open Twitter, Meta kill hundreds of pro-Western troll accounts 38
By Zolko
open Microsoft finds critical hole in operating system that for once isn't Windows 65
open Two years on, Apple iOS VPNs still leak IP addresses 18
open Software developer cracks Hyundai car security with Google search 81
By usbac
open Mozilla finds 18 of 25 popular reproductive health apps share your data 44
open Oh Deere: Farm hardware jailbroken to run Doom 50
open Student crashes Cloudflare beta party, redirects email, bags a bug bounty 8
open Post-quantum crypto cracked in an hour with one core of an ancient Xeon 82
By atle
open Miscreants aim to cause Discord discord with malicious npm packages 2
open Vietnamese attacker circumvents Facebook security with ‘DUCKTAIL’ malware 8
open Node.js prototype pollution is bad for your app environment 5
open US Cyber Command spots another 20 malware strains targeting Ukraine 1
open Boffins release tool to decrypt Intel microcode. Have at it, x86 giant says 18
open Botnet malware disguises itself as password cracker for industrial controllers 8