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open Three-year-old Apache Flink flaw under active attack 11
open Veeam says critical flaw can't be abused to trash backups 1
open GitHub Enterprise Server patches 10-outta-10 critical hole 3
open Microsoft fixes a bug abused in QakBot attacks plus a second under exploit 3
By Kev99
open NHS Digital hints at exploit sightings of Arcserve UDP vulnerabilities 4
open Patch up – 4 critical bugs in ArubaOS lead to remote code execution 4
open Open source programming language R patches gnarly arbitrary code exec flaw 1
By t245t
open Delinea Secret Server customers should apply latest patches 3
open Rust rustles up fix for 10/10 critical command injection bug on Windows in std lib 57
open Easy-to-use make-me-root exploit lands for recent Linux kernels. Get patching 26
By jake
open JetBrains keeps mum on 26 'security problems' fixed after Rapid7 spat 14
open Nvidia's newborn ChatRTX bot patched for security bugs 1
By IGotOut
open These 17,000 unpatched Microsoft Exchange servers are a ticking time bomb 44
open More than 133,000 Fortinet appliances still vulnerable to month-old critical bug 2
open March Patch Tuesday sees Hyper-V join the guest-host escape club 9
By ThatOne
open JetBrains is still mad at Rapid7 for the ransomware attacks on its customers 12
open Rapid7 throws JetBrains under the bus for 'uncoordinated vulnerability disclosure' 37
By druck
open Crims found and exploited these two Microsoft bugs before Redmond fixed 'em 5
By 43300
open Just one bad packet can bring down a vulnerable DNS server thanks to DNSSEC 15
By Roland6
open QNAP vulnerability disclosure ends up an utter shambles 8
By Snake
open Double trouble for Fortinet as it issues critical FortiSIEM vulns 3
By t245t
open Ivanti releases patches for VPN zero-days, discloses two more high-severity vulns 8
By ldo
open Using GoAnywhere MFT for file transfers? Patch now – an exploit's out for a critical bug 1
open Ivanti and Juniper Networks accused of bending the rules with CVE assignments 7
open Windows Server 2022 patch is breaking apps for some users 42
open Patch now: Critical VMware, Atlassian flaws found 8
open Thousands of Juniper Networks devices vulnerable to critical RCE bug 13
By ldo
open Patch time: Critical GitLab vulnerability exposes 2FA-less users to account takeovers 21
open Why we update... Data-thief malware exploits SmartScreen on unpatched Windows PCs 20
open New year, new updates for security holes in Windows, Adobe, Android and more 14
open Facebook, Instagram now mine web links you visit to fuel targeted ads 20
open Four in five Apache Struts 2 downloads are for versions featuring critical flaw 10
open SSH shaken, not stirred by Terrapin vulnerability 14
open Before you go away for Xmas: You've patched that critical Perforce Server hole, right? 9
By ecofeco
open Final Patch Tuesday of 2023 goes out with a bang 10
open Apple slaps patch on WebKit holes in iPhones and Macs amid fears of active attacks 2
open Trio of major holes in ownCloud expose admin passwords, allow unauthenticated file mods 8
open OpenCart owner turns air blue after researcher discloses serious vuln 48
open Windows Server 2022 update gave ESXi host VMs the blue screen blues 17
open Another month, another bunch of fixes for Microsoft security bugs exploited in the wild 17
open Intel emits patch to squash chip bug that lets any guest VM crash host servers 1
open Stop what you’re doing and patch this critical Confluence flaw, warns Atlassian 2
open Apple drops urgent patch against obtuse TriangleDB iPhone malware 9
open VMware reveals critical vCenter vuln that you may have patched already without knowing it 4
open US cybercops urge admins to patch amid ongoing Confluence chaos 3
By Kev99
open curl vulnerabilities ironed out with patches after week-long tease 16
open It's 2023 and Microsoft WordPad can be exploited to hijack vulnerable systems 18
open Fresh curl tomorrow will patch 'worst' security flaw in ages 11
open Another security update, Apple? You're really keeping up with your tech rivals 3
By t245t
open IT networks under attack via critical Confluence zero-day. Patch now 16