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open Google takes shots at Microsoft for shoddy security record with enterprise apps 8
open British Library's candid ransomware comms driven by 'emotional intelligence' 15
By hayzoos
open How two brothers allegedly swiped $25M in a 12-second Ethereum heist 50
open Aussie cops probe MediSecure's 'large-scale ransomware data breach' 11
open First LockBit, now BreachForums: Are cops winning the war or just a few battles? 12
open Crims abusing Microsoft Quick Assist to deploy Black Basta ransomware 12
By jaffy2
open Stifling Beijing in cyberspace is now British intelligence’s number-one mission 22
By t245t
open Crook brags about US Army and $75B defense biz pwnage 7
By Lurko
open FCC names and shames Royal Tiger AI robocall crew 5
open Cybersec chiefs team up with insurers to say 'no' to ransomware bullies 7
By druck
open 'Cyberattack' shutters Christie's website days before $840M art mega-auction 6
By tiggity
open Uncle Sam urges action after Black Basta ransomware infects Ascension 4
open Europol confirms incident following alleged auction of staff data 4
open Ransomware negotiator weighs in on the extortion payment debate with El Reg 42
open Cybercriminals hit jackpot as 500k+ Ohio Lottery lovers lose out on their personal data 9
open Microsoft's Brad Smith summoned by Homeland Security committee over 'cascade' of infosec failures 24
By Sparkus
open US faith-based healthcare org Ascension says 'cybersecurity event' disrupted clinical ops 30
open Dell customer order database of '49M records' stolen, now up for sale on dark web 35
open What do Europeans, Americans and Australians have in common? Scammed $50M by fake e-stores 10
By ecofeco
open UK opens investigation of MoD payroll contractor after confirming attack 50
By Starxe
open Cops finally unmask 'LockBit kingpin' after two-month tease 21
By Blazde
open Consultant charged over $1.5M extortion scheme against IT giant 14
open Europol op shutters 12 scam call centers and cuffs 21 suspected fraudsters 26
open Federal frenzy to patch gaping GitLab account takeover hole 8
open REvil ransomware scum sentenced to almost 14 years inside, ordered to pay $16 million 8
open Infosec biz boss accused of BS'ing the world about his career, anti-crime product, customers 14
open US charges 16 over 'depraved' grandparent scams 17
open Cyber-bastard jailed for stealing psychotherapy files, blackmailing patients 11
open NSA guy who tried and failed to spy for Russia gets 262 months in the slammer 27
open Cops cuff man for allegedly framing colleague with AI-generated hate speech clip 18
open Two cuffed in Samourai Wallet crypto dirty money sting 4
open Russia, Iran pose most aggressive threat to 2024 elections, say infoseccers 9
open UnitedHealth admits IT security breach could 'cover substantial proportion of people in America' 13
open Leicester streetlights take ransomware attack personally, shine on 24/7 49
By tiggity
open Misconfigured cloud server leaked clues of North Korean animation scam 17
open Sacramento airport goes no-fly after AT&T internet cable snipped 44
By jake
open Cybercriminals threaten to leak all 5 million records from stolen database of high-risk individuals 22
open Ransomware feared as IT 'issues' force Octapharma Plasma to close 150+ centers 9
open Crooks exploit OpenMetadata holes to mine crypto – and leave a sob story for victims 6
open Fraudsters abused Apple Stores' third-party pickup policy to phish for profits 1
By MiguelC
open 185K people's sensitive data in the pits after ransomware raid on Cherry Health 6
open Singapore infosec boss warns China/West tech split will be bad for interoperability 3
open MGM says FTC can't possibly probe its ransomware downfall – watchdog chief Lina Khan was a guest at the time 19
open SIM swap crooks solicit T-Mobile US, Verizon staff via text to do their dirty work 4
By druck
open Change Healthcare’s ransomware attack costs edge toward $1B so far 11
By Sparkus
open Roku makes 2FA mandatory for all after nearly 600K accounts pwned 15
open Zero-day exploited right now in Palo Alto Networks' GlobalProtect gateways 13
open Microsoft breach allowed Russian spies to steal emails from US government 18
open UK businesses shockingly unaware of how to handle security threats 23
open Home Depot confirms worker data leak after miscreant dumps info online 3