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open British Airways, Boots, BBC payroll data stolen in MOVEit supply-chain attack 5
open Ukraine war blurs lines between cyber-crims and state-sponsored attackers 5
open Criminals spent 10 days in US dental insurer's systems extracting data of 9 million 13
open 1. This crypto-coin is called Jimbo. 2. $8m was stolen from its devs in flash loan attack 45
open BlackByte ransomware crew lists city of Augusta after cyber 'incident' 2
By Dimmer
open Five Eyes and Microsoft accuse China of attacking US infrastructure again 10
By druck
open This legit Android app turned into mic-snooping malware – and Google missed it 19
open IT security analyst admits hijacking cyber attack to pocket ransom payments 22
open US bans North Korean outsourcer and its feisty freelancers 3
open Apria Healthcare says potentially 2M people caught up in IT security breach 5
open Dish confirms 300,000 people's data was exposed in February's attack 4
By Vader
open Ads for lucrative jobs in Asia fail to mention chance of slavery as crypto-scammer 16
open Uncle Sam strangles criminals' cashflow by reining in money mules 7
By Casca
open More UK councils caught by Capita's open AWS bucket blunder 35
By Lomax
open Teen in court after '$600K swiped from DraftKings gamblers' 17
open Russian IT guy sent to labor camp for DDoSing Kremlin websites 25
By JassMan
open Six million patients' data feared stolen from PharMerica 5
open Ransomware-as-a-service groups rain money on their affiliates 4
open Feds offer $10m reward for info on alleged Russian ransomware crim 1
open Cops crack gang that used bots to book and resell immigration appointments 24
open FTC sues VoIP provider over 'billions of illegal robocalls' 39
By spuck
open Some potential: How bad software updates could over-volt, brick remote servers 3
By rcxb
open Ransomware corrupts data, so backups can be faster and cheaper than paying up 31
open 'Top three Balkans drug kingpins' arrested after cops crack their Sky ECC chats 27
open Ex-Ubiquiti dev jailed for 6 years after stealing internal corp data, extorting bosses 8
open Britain's largest private pension scheme reveals scale of Capita break-in 38
open UK cops score legal win in EncroChat snooping op 11
open Millions of mobile phones come pre-infected with malware, say researchers 49
By jnimmo
open 23-year-old Brit linked to 2020 Twitter attack and SIM-swap scheme pleads guilty 12
open Capita looking at a bill of £20M over breach clean-up costs 9
By s. pam
open FBI-led Op Medusa slays NATO-bothering Russian military malware network 9
open FYI: Intel BootGuard OEM private keys leak from MSI cyber heist 13
open Western Digital: Customer info stolen in that IT attack 8
open A right Royal pain in the Dallas: City IT systems crippled by ransomware 21
By Tron
open Capita admits some pension data 'likely' to have been accessed in March breach 23
By tip pc
open Ex-Uber CSO gets probation for covering up theft of data on millions of people 18
open 288 arrested in multinational Monopoly Market takedown 16
open Data loss costs are going up – and not just for those who choose to pay thieves 6
open Russia's APT28 targets Ukraine government with bogus Windows updates 4
open IT giant Bitmarck shuts down customer, internal systems after cyberattack 6
By bo111
open China has 50 hackers for every FBI cyber agent, says Bureau boss 27
open Google sues CryptBot slingers, gets court order to shut down malware domains 7
open DoJ, Treasury accuses 3 men of laundering crypto for North Korea 3
open European air traffic control confirms website 'under attack' by pro-Russia hackers 10
open Capita has 'evidence' customer data was stolen in digital burglary 14
open An earlier supply chain attack led to the 3CX supply chain attack, Mandiant says 2
By Ochib
open Medusa ransomware crew brags about spreading Bing, Cortana source code 12
open Spyware slinger QuaDream’s reported demise may be the canary in the coal mine 3
By druck
open US citizens charged with pushing pro-Kremlin disinfo, election interference 10
open Capita IT breach gets worse as Black Basta claims it's now selling off stolen data 39