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open CISA says 'no more' to decades-old directory traversal bugs 13
open It may take decade to shore up software supply chain security, says infosec CEO 27
By ExpatZ
open Qantas app glitch sees boarding passes fly to other accounts 8
open UnitedHealth CEO: 'Decision to pay ransom was mine' 28
open London Drugs closes all of its pharmacies following 'cybersecurity incident' 20
open UK lays down fresh legislation banning crummy default device passwords 77
By Grogan
open Kaiser Permanente handed over 13.4M people's data to Microsoft, Google, others 8
open Management company settles for $18.4M after nuclear weapons plant staff fudged their timesheets 10
open X fixes URL blunder that could enable convincing social media phishing campaigns 27
open Malicious SSH backdoor sneaks into xz, Linux world's data compression library 123
By dcocz
open 'Thousands' of businesses at mercy of miscreants thanks to unpatched Ray AI flaw 14
open Row breaks out over true severity of two DNSSEC flaws 11
open Don't be like these 900+ websites and expose millions of passwords via Firebase 11
open Securing open source software: Whose job is it, anyway? 21
By Roland6
open FBI: Critical infrastructure suffers spike in ransomware attacks 4
By Kev99
open Sandvine put on America's export no-fly list after Egypt used network tech for spying 11
open Security is hard because it has to be right all the time? Yeah, like everything else 28
open Google open sources file-identifying Magika AI for malware hunters and others 10
open Quest Diagnostics pays $5M after mixing patient medical data with hazardous waste 12
open Half of polled infosec pros say their degree was less than useful for real-world work 18
open Chinese Coathanger malware hung out to dry by Dutch defense department 13
open Cloudflare sheds more light on Thanksgiving security breach in which tokens, source code accessed by suspected spies 14
By ldo
open Rise of deepfake threats means biometric security measures won't be enough 18
By 0laf
open SolarWinds slams SEC lawsuit against it as 'unprecedented' victim blaming 16
open Microsoft sheds some light on Russian email heist – and how to learn from Redmond's mistakes 17
By simkin
open Wait, security courses aren't a requirement to graduate with a computer science degree? 64
open What Microsoft's latest email breach says about this IT security heavyweight 45
open JPMorgan exec claims bank repels '45 billion' cyberattack attempts per day 20
open Number of orgs compromised via Ivanti VPN zero-days grows as Mandiant weighs in 4
open Ransomware payment ban: Wrong idea at the wrong time 130
open After injecting cancer hospital with ransomware, crims threaten to swat patients 70
open Sandworm's Kyivstar attack should serve as a reminder of the Kremlin crew's 'global reach' 13
open Three Chinese balloons float near Taiwanese airbase 15
open A tale of 2 casino ransomware attacks: One paid out, one did not 64
open Microsoft's bug bounty turns 10. Are these kinds of rewards making code more secure? 9
open SonicWall swallows Solutions Granted amid cybersecurity demand surge 1
By sedregj
open How much to clean up a ransomware infection? For Rackspace, about $11M 7
open Clorox CISO flushes self after multimillion-dollar cyberattack 23
open NCSC says cyber-readiness of UK’s critical infrastructure isn’t up to scratch 16
open HTTP/2 'Rapid Reset' zero-day exploited in biggest DDoS deluge seen yet 13
open Red Cross lays down hacktivism law as Ukraine war rages on 4
open Chinese snoops stole 60K State Department emails in that Microsoft email heist 4
open Good news for Key Group ransomware victims: Free decryptor out now 5
open University cuts itself off from internet after mystery security snafu 21
open Malware loader lowdown: The big 3 responsible for 80% of attacks so far this year 6
open Russia's Cozy Bear is back and hitting Microsoft Teams to phish top targets 8
open What would sustainable security even look like? 40
By mpi
open Florida man accused of hoarding America's secrets faces fresh charges 147
open Millions of people's data stolen because web devs forget to check access perms 40
open Crooks pwned your servers? You've got four days to tell us, SEC tells public companies 29