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open CISA unleashes Untitled Goose Tool to honk at danger in Microsoft's cloud 11
By J. Cook
open Critical infrastructure gear is full of flaws, but hey, at least it's certified 20
By druck
open You just gonna take that AWS? Let Microsoft school your users on cloud security? 3
By t245t
open UK refreshes national security plan to stop more of China's secret-stealing cyber-tricks 39
open What happens if you 'cover up' a ransomware infection? For Blackbaud, a $3m charge 9
open CI/CD: Necessary for modern software development, yet it carries a lot of risk 9
By klh
open Google destroyed evidence for antitrust battle, Feds complain 33
open European Commission bans TikTok from staff gadgets 23
By ian 22
open Trust, not tech, is holding back a safer internet 60
open Months after NSA disclosed Microsoft cert bug, datacenters remain unpatched 3
open Miscreants sure do love ransacking cloud networks, more so than before 9
open Microsoft locks door to default guest authentication in Windows Pro 24
open NASA infosec again falls short of required US government standard 13
By Ken G
open On the 12th day of the Rackspace email disaster, it did not give to me … 66
open Malicious Microsoft-signed Windows drivers wielded in cyberattacks 14
open This ransomware gang is a right Royal pain in the AES for healthcare orgs 8
open REvil-hit Medibank to pull plug on IT, shore up defenses 1
open Guess the most common password. Hint: We just told you 108
open Europe calls for joint cyber defense to ward off Russia 9
open Ritz cracker giant settles bust-up with insurer over $100m+ NotPetya cleanup 55
open Education tech giant gets an F for security after sensitive info on 40 million users stolen 6
open Biden now wants to toughen up chemical sector's cybersecurity 6
By JT_3K
open If someone tries ransacking your Windows network, it's a bit easier now to grok in Microsoft 365 Defender 6
open FTC slaps down Drizly CEO after 2.4m user records stolen from 'careless' booze app biz 10
open Oops, web trackers may have leaked 3 million patients' info 35
open Cost of a health insurance security breach? NY watchdogs say it's $4.5m 1
open Millennials, Gen Z actually suck at workplace security 76
open So, the US, China, and Russia walk into an infosec conference 3
open Microsoft: Watch out for password spray attacks – especially you, Basic Auth 7
By Dan 55
open Moody's turns up the heat on 'riskiest' sectors for cyberattacks 1
open Covert malware targets VMware shops for hypervisor-level espionage 3
open Microsoft to kill off old access rules in Exchange Online 13
open Ukraine fears 'massive' Russian cyberattacks on power, infrastructure 13
open Uber explains how it was pwned this month, points finger at Lapsus$ gang 26
open Indonesia accuses Google of abusing monopoly 4
open Nearly one in two industry pros scaled back open source use over security fears 17
By rnturn
open Twitter whistleblower Zatko disses bird site as dysfunctional data dump 38
open Musk seeks yet another excuse to get out of Twitter buyout: This time it's Mudge's severance check 54
By Johnb89
open Dump these small-biz routers, says Cisco, because we won't patch their flawed VPN 56
open Nadine Dorries promotes 'Brexit rewards' of proposed UK data protection law 163
open 77% of security leaders fear we’re in perpetual cyberwar from now on 32
open Twilio, Cloudflare just two of 135 orgs targeted by Oktapus phishing campaign 6
open Shout-out to whoever went to Black Hat and had North Korean malware on their PC 25
open Block sued after ex-staffer siphons customer data 8
open VMware confirms Carbon Black causes BSODs, boot loops on Windows 11
open Lloyd's to exclude certain nation-state attacks from cyber insurance policies 55
open Twitter savaged by former security boss Mudge in whistleblower complaint 36
open Smartphone gyroscopes threaten air-gapped systems, researcher finds 54
open The truth about that draft law banning Uncle Sam buying insecure software 43
open Google blocks third record-breaking DDoS attack in as many months 11