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open While Reg readers know the difference between a true hacker and cyber-crook, for everyone else, hacking means illegal activity 54
open Dutch government: Did we say 10 'high data protection risks' in Google Workspace block adoption? Make that 8 23
open Biden administration labels China top tech threat, promises proportionate responses to cyberattacks 9
open AdGuard names 6,000+ web trackers that use CNAME chicanery: Feel free to feed them into your browser's filter 38
open Like a challenge in a high profile 'face-of-IT' role? Welcome to the Home Office 41
open Would you let users vouch for unknown software's safety with an upvote? Google does 26
open Qualys hit with ransomware: Customer invoices leaked on extortionists' Tor blog 16
By quxinot
open Proof of concept code published for latest Saltstack CVE: Don't be an update laggard 3
open It's not easy being green: EV HTTPS cert seller Sectigo questions Chrome's logic in burying EV HTTPS cert info 23
open Hacking is not a crime – and the media should stop using 'hacker' as a pejorative 156
open TPG buys Thycotic, immediately merges it with Centrify to create ~$230m access management monster 1
open Microsoft promises end-to-end encrypted Teams calls for some, invites you to go passwordless with Azure AD 23
open Eugene Kaspersky says cyber-crooks coined it during COVID and will take a break to spend their loot 3
By ThatOne
open Microsoft fixes four zero-day flaws in Exchange Server exploited by China's ‘Hafnium’ spies to steal victims' data 10
open Gootkit malware crew using SEO to get pwned websites in front of unwitting marks 3
By hoola
open theft blamed on social engineering attack: Registrar 'convinced' to alter DNS records by miscreants 20
open Chinese businessman plotted with GE insider to steal transistor secrets, say Feds 7
By helkiah
open Malware attack that crippled Mumbai's power system came from China, claims infosec intel outfit Recorded Future 16
open Mobile spyware fan Saudi Crown Prince accused by US intel of Khashoggi death 21
open Imperva pretty adamant that security analytics aggregator product Sonar is not 'one dashboard to rule them all' 2
By Wim Ton
open Google looks at bypass in Chromium's ASLR security defense, throws hands up, won't patch garbage issue 36
open Half a million stolen French medical records, drowned in feeble excuses 86
open India's demand to identify people on chat apps will 'break end-to-end encryption', say digital rights warriors 32
open 1Password has none, KeePass has none... So why are there seven embedded trackers in the LastPass Android app? 85
open UK's National Cyber Security Centre sidles in to help firm behind hacked NurseryCam product secure itself 14
open Ever felt that a few big tech companies are following you around the internet? That's because ... they are 68
By Roopee
open Alexa, swap out this code that Amazon approved for malware... Installed Skills can double-cross their users 16
By ecofeco
open Revealed: The military radar system swiped from aerospace biz, leaked online by Clop ransomware gang 25
open 'We're finding bugs way faster than we can fix them': Google sponsors 2 full-time devs to improve Linux security 33
open Mozilla Firefox keeps cookies kosher with quarantine scheme, 86s third-party cookies in new browser build 23
open What's CNAME of your game? This DNS-based tracking defies your browser privacy defenses 57
open Indian Railways suffers unspecified security 'breaches in various IT applications' 14
By Mark192
open Microsoft president asks Congress to force private-sector orgs to admit when they've been hacked 28
open VMware warns of critical remote code execution flaw in vSphere HTML5 client 7
open They break into your network but do nothing themselves: 'Initial access brokers' resell stolen creds for $7k a pop 1
open Clop ransomware gang leaks online what looks like stolen Bombardier blueprints of GlobalEye radar snoop jet 27
open Linux Mint users in hot water for being slow with security updates, running old versions 76
open The perils of non-disclosure? China 'cloned and used' NSA zero-day exploit for years before it was made public 39
By Tail Up
open NurseryCam hacked, company shuts down IoT camera service 28
open Planespotters’ weekends turn traumatic as engine pieces fall from the sky in the Netherlands and the US 105
open Brave browser leaks visited Tor .onion addresses in DNS traffic, fix released after bug hunter raises alarm 12
open Malware monsters target Apple’s M1 silicon with ‘Silver Sparrow’ 43
open Happy birthday, Python, you're 30 years old this week: Easy to learn, and the right tool at the right time 78
open Atheists warn followers of unholy data leak, hint dark deeds may have tried to make it go away 108
By Getmo
open Microsoft admits some Azure, Exchange, Intune source code snaffled in SolarWinds schemozzle 5
By Tree
open Just 2.6% of 2019's 18,000 tracked vulnerabilities were actively exploited in the wild 11
open Nurserycam horror show: 'Secure' daycare video monitoring product beamed DVR admin creds to all users 52
open Cred-stealing trojan harvests logins from Chromium browsers, Outlook and more, warns Cisco Talos 8
open Uncle Sam accuses three suspected North Korean govt hackers of stealing $1.3bn+ from banks, crypto orgs 7
open You don't have clearance for that: Microsoft ups the paranoia with a preview of Azure Firewall Premium 7
By daeus


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