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open India orders takedowns of social media posts it claims harm fight against raging COVID-19 outbreak 4
open Emotet malware self-destructs after cops deliver time-bomb DLL to infected Windows PCs 32
open Homebrew fixes Cask repo GitHub Actions bug that would have let anyone sneak malicious code onto machines 2
open Volunteer-run pirate Manga website attacked, loses hashed passwords, has ‘nobody’ to fix the mess 17
open Computer security world in mourning over death of Dan Kaminsky, aged 42 20
By Cederic
open If you have a QNAP NAS, stop what you're doing right now and install latest updates. Do it before Qlocker gets you 47
By Steve K
open US aviation regulator warns of mid-air collision risk if Garmin TCAS boxes are not updated 23
open MI5 wants to shed its cocktail-guzzling posho image – so it's opened an Instagram account 26
open Apple, you've AirDrop'd the ball: Academics detail ways to leak contact info of nearby iThings for spear-phishing 21
open Asian buyers set for security spending spree to catch up on shabby strategies 1
open Signal app's Moxie says it's possible to sabotage Cellebrite's phone-probing tools with booby-trapped file 38
open Apple supplier Quanta Computer confirms it's fallen victim to ransomware attack 10
By 45RPM
open wants mobile makers to declare death dates for their new devices from launch 102
open Half of Q1's malware traffic observed by Sophos was TLS encrypted, hiding inside legit requests to legit services 15
By petef
open REvil ransomware gang claims it stole top-secret tech designs – including Apple lappies – from Quanta Computer 7
open Japan accuses Chinese military of cyber-attacks on its space agency 4
open China broke into govt, defense, finance networks via zero-day in Pulse Secure VPN gateways? No way 10
open Would be so cool if everyone normalized these pesky data leaks, says data-leaking Facebook in leaked memo 34
open Do you expect me to talk? Yes, Mr Bond, I expect you to reply: 10k Brits targeted on LinkedIn by Chinese, Russian spies 14
open We need to talk about criminal adversaries who want you to eat undercooked onion rings 59
open Bank of England ponders minting 'Britcoin' to sit alongside the Pound 92
open Who knew Uncle Sam had strike teams for SolarWinds, Exchange flaws? Well, anyway, they are disbanded 12
open WordPress core contributor proposes treating Google FLoC as a security vulnerability 29
open Won't somebody please think of the children!!! UK to mount fresh assault on end-to-end encryption in Facebook 122
open Codecov dev tool warns of stolen credentials from compromised script, undiscovered for two months 8
open Sysadmin for FIN7 criminal cracking group gets 10 years in US prison for managing card slurping malware scam 3
open Brit authorities could legally do an FBI and scrub malware from compromised boxen without your knowledge 51
open Pakistan cut off Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Telegram – for just four hours 11
open Russian infosec firm Positive Technologies trying to stay positive after US sanctions 1
open Microsoft received almost 25,000 requests for consumer data from law enforcement over the past six months 16
By hoola
open Watchdog thinks Google tricked Australians into giving up data, sues. Judge semi-agrees 39
By hoola
open Mobile app security standard for IoT, VPNs proposed by group backed by Big Tech 10
open It was Russia wot did it: SolarWinds hack was done by Kremlin's APT29 crew, say UK and US 62
open University of Hertfordshire pulls the plug on, well, everything after cyber attack 50
By IGotOut
open Is it still possible to run malware in a browser using JavaScript and Rowhammer? Yes, yes it is (slowly) 10
open Nigerian email scammer sent down for 40 months in the US, ordered to pay back $2.7m to victims 18
open Report: Aussie biz Azimuth cracked San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone, ending Apple-FBI privacy standoff 26
open What the FLoC? Browser makers queue up to decry Google's latest ad-targeting initiative as invasive tracking 33
By Jonjonz
open Chrome and Chromium updated after yet another exploit is found in browser's V8 JavaScript engine 7
By Imhotep
open Spy agency GCHQ told me Gmail's more secure than Microsoft 365, insists British MP as facepalming security bods tell him to zip it 113
By eaadams
open FBI deletes web shells from hundreds of compromised Microsoft Exchange servers before alerting admins 74
open Google Sites blight: Over 100,000 web pages for business form searches overrun with backdoor RATs 8
By Twanky
open 1Password targets developers with Secrets Automation, acquisition of SecretHub 2
open NSA helps out Microsoft with critical Exchange Server vulnerability disclosures in an April shower of patches 21
open Cracked copies of Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop steal your session cookies, browser history, crypto-coins 41
By Blazde
open Average convicted British computer criminal is young, male, not highly skilled, researcher finds 79
open Mike Lynch-backed Darktrace to file for London IPO in aftermath of Deliveroo flop 11
open Stuxnet sibling theory surges after Iran says nuke facility shut down by electrical fault 34
open United States' plan to beat China includes dominating tech standards groups – especially for 5G 35
By Yes Me
open Texan's alleged Amazon bombing effort fizzles: Militia man wanted to take out 'about 70 per cent of the internet' 131


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