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open The girl with the dragnet tattoo: How a TV news clip, Insta snaps, a glimpse of a tat and a T-shirt sold on Etsy led FBI to alleged cop car arsonist 118
open Zoom will offer proper end-to-end encryption to free vid-chat accounts – not just paid-up bods – once you verify your phone number... 4
open From the crew behind the Sony Pictures hack comes Operation Interception: An aerospace cyber-attack thriller 2
open Boffins find that over nine out of ten 'ethical' hackers are being a bit naughty when it comes to cloud services 27
open If you're despairing at staff sharing admin passwords, look on the bright side. That's CIA-grade security 60
open You. Yeah you, in the beret. Drop that media file right now unless you've patched Illustrator or After Effects 1
By PhilipN
open No Wiggle room: Two weeks after angry bike shop customers report mystery orders on their accounts, firm confirms payment cards delinked 69
open 845GB of racy dating app records exposed to entire internet via leaky AWS buckets 25
By BigE
open ESET rushes to defend rival Malwarebytes in legal war sparked by vendor upset at 'unwanted program' labeling 16
open 20 months behind bars for IT support worker who nicked £30k worth of crypto-cash 12
open RIP ROP, COP, JOP? Intel to bring anti-exploit tech to market in this year's Tiger Lake chip family 22
open Facebook pays for exploit to catch a predator, voting software security under the microscope... 5
open Whatsapp blamed own users for failure to keep phone number repo off Google searches 80
open Wailing Wednesday follows Patch Tuesday as versions of Windows 10 stop playing nicely with plugged-in printers 34
By Roland6
open Posh Spice's perfume people pop up in Maze ransomware gang extortion effort 1
open ConnectWise issues a slightly scary but unusually significant security advisory 2
open Trend Micro pulls another app over security fears: This time, the Privacy Browser in the Dr Safety Android suite 1
open As Uncle Sam flies spy drones over protest-packed cities, Homeland Security asks the public if that's a good idea 70
open Forget biz insider threats for a moment – let's talk about partners turning rogue and installing spyware on phones 17
open Now you've done it: Cyber attack targeted Australian brewery 'n' dairy biz Lion 20
open Russia-linked Gamaredon hacker crew using Microsoft's Visual Basic for Applications to pwn Microsoft's Outlook 3
By IGotOut
open Another month, another way to smash Intel's SGX security. Let's take a closer look at these latest holes... 6
open Keepnet kerfuffle: Firing legal threats at bloggers did infosec biz more damage than its exposed database 16
open Readers of a certain age will remember GPRS: Old insecure tech from turn of millennium still haunts 5G networks 13
By Mike 16
open Lettuce Encrypt, Encrypt We Must: Hobby projects change name after Let's Encrypt fires off trademark complaints 24
open An Internet of Trouble lies ahead as root certificates begin to expire en masse, warns security researcher 120
open GnuTLS patches huge security hole that hung around for two years – worse than Heartbleed, says Google cryptoboffin 8
open June's Patch Tuesday reveals 23 ways to remotely pwn Windows – and over 100 more bugs that could ruin your day 11
By Stumpy
open Thought you'd addressed those data-leaking Spectre holes on Linux? Guess again. The patches aren't perfect 21
open Researchers unmask Indian 'infosec' firm to reveal hacker-for-hire op that targeted pretty much anyone clients wanted 6
open Hospital-busting hacker crew may be behind ransomware attack that made Honda halt car factories, say researchers 3
open Brave soz about coding snafu that sent search queries to affiliate links but insists practice is 'industry-standard' 6
By Eric.R.
open Singapore to distribute wearable contact-tracing device and won't rule out making it compulsory 10
open Because things aren't bad enough already: COVID-19 is going to mess up election security assumptions too 2
open Huawei launches UK charm offensive: We've provided 2G, 3G and 4G for 20 years, and you're worried about 5G? 89
open Why would someone want to hack Germany's PPE supply chain? We're glad you masked 13
open Smart fridges are cool, but after a few short years you could be stuck with a big frosty brick in the kitchen 286
By jake
open Tycoon malware rages through US schools, LG's boot problem, and QNAP admins had better get busy 4
By big_D
open British Army pulls up its SOC: New regiment to do infosec work even civvies will recognise 19
open Kinda goes without saying, but shore up your admin passwords or be borged by this brute-forcing botnet 19
open UK govt publishes contracts granting Amazon, Microsoft, Google and AI firms access to COVID-19 health data 25
open Signal goes Gaussian to take privacy to the next level: All your faces don't belong to us 16
open OK Windows 10, we get it: You really do not want us to install this unsigned application. But 7 steps borders on ridiculous 104
By Mxm
open Facebook to save US users from ads bought by foreign state-controlled media 23
open Have I Been Pwned breach report email pwned entire firm's helldesk ticket system 87
open Legal complaint lodged with UK data watchdog over claims coronavirus Test and Trace programme flouts GDPR 121
open Sophos puts 100 at risk of redundancy as future of Naked Security blog hangs in balance 16
open Creeps give away money to harass recipients with abusive transaction descriptions on bank statements 21
open Update Firefox: Mozilla just patched three hijack-me holes and a bunch of other flaws 13
open Anatomy of a business email scam: FBI dossier details how fraudster pocketed $500k+ by redirecting payments 7


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