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open MI5 still risks breaking the law on surveillance data through poor controls – years after it was first warned 8
open US Air Force announces plan to assassinate molluscs with hypersonic missile 26
open To CAPTCHA or not to CAPTCHA? Gartner analyst says OK — but don’t be robotic about it 35
open Do you want speed or security as expected? Spectre CPU defenses can cripple performance on Linux in tests 13
open APNIC left a dump from its Whois SQL database in a public Google Cloud bucket 4
open It's 2021 and a printf format string in a wireless network's name can break iPhone Wi-Fi 36
open Ex-NSA bigwig Chris Inglis appointed America's national cyber director by Senate 5
open South Korea’s nuclear research agency breached by North Korea-affiliated cyberattackers, says malware analyst group 16
By _LC_
open Racist malware blocks The Pirate Bay by tampering with victims' Windows hosts file 37
open CREST president Ian Glover to retire after 13 years – but where's the transparency, bossman? 5
open Poltergeist attack could leave autonomous vehicles blind to obstacles – or haunt them with new ones 53
open Google dishes out homemade SLSA, a recipe to thwart software supply-chain attacks 1
open Ex-Brave staffer launches GDPR sueball in Germany over tech giants' real-time bidding for ad inventory 21
By Falmari
open Tim Cook: Sideloading is a disaster and proposed App Store reforms would harm user privacy and security 56
open Biden to Putin: Get your ransomware gangs under control and don’t you dare cyber-attack our infrastructure 38
open South Korea has a huge problem with digital sex crimes against women says Human Rights Watch 9
By Korev
open GPRS-era mobile data encryption algorithm GEA/1 was 'weak by design', still lingers in today's phones 20
open School teacher accused of pocketing $1m+ in insider trading using tips from Silicon Valley pal 9
By Tempest
open Ryuk ransomware recovery cost us $8.1m and counting, says Baltimore school authority 6
By Halfmad
open We've found another reason not to use Microsoft's Paint 3D – researchers 20
open Cuffed: Ukraine police collar six Clop ransomware gang suspects in joint raids with South Korean cops 11
open Papa don't breach: UK data watchdog fines that other pizza place £10,000 over unsolicited marketing blitz 18
open Alibaba suffers billion-item data leak of usernames and mobile numbers 1
open Zoll Defibrillator Dashboard would execute contents of random Excel files ordinary users could import 15
open NCSC chief: Ransomware is more of a threat to Britain than hostile nations' spies 7
open TimeCache aims to block side-channel cache attacks – without hurting performance 8
By _LC_
open Brit IT firms wound up by court order after fooling folk into paying for 'support' over fake computer errors 40
open The latest REvil ransomware victim? Sol Oriens. Oh, a US nuclear weapons contractor 11
open When security gets physical: Mossad boss hints at less-than-subtle Stuxnet followup 11
open NATO summit communiqué compares repeat cyberattacks to armed attacks – and stops short of saying 'one-in, all-in' rule will always apply 21
open G7 nations call out Russia for harbouring ransomware crims ahead of Biden-Putin powwow 15
By Wim Ton
open Ex-NSA leaker Reality Winner released from prison early for 'exemplary' behavior 15
By DS999
open Norton dodges UK courts after telling Brit watchdog it will be nicer to consumers 33
open We've been shown time and again that strong encryption puts crims behind bars, so why do politicos hate it? 84
open The AN0M fake secure chat app may have been too clever for its own good 124
open UK tells UN that nation-states should retaliate against cyber badness with no warning 44
By AMBxx
open EA Games looted by intruders: Publisher says 'no player data accessed' after reported theft of FIFA 21, Frostbite source 18
open Seven-year-old make-me-root bug in Linux service polkit patched 59
open China arrests over 1000 for using cryptocurrency to help launder proceeds of phone scams 3
open Student Loans Company splashes out on 20,000 cybersecurity training courses – for just 3,300 employees 16
open South Korea’s data watchdog barks warnings at Microsoft and five local firms 2
open Ransomware-skewered meat producer JBS confesses to paying $11m for its freedom 20
open ALPACA gnaws through TLS protection to snarf cookies and steal data 11
open Huawei flings open the doors of its third privacy and security transparency centre 3
open Risk and reward: Nefilim ransomware gang mainly targets fewer, richer companies and that strategy is paying off, warns Trend Micro 2
open PrivacyMic looks to keep your home smart without Google, Alexa, Siri and pals listening in 38
open 'I put the interests of the country first': Colonial Pipeline CEO on why oil biz paid off ransomware crooks 23
open Intel's latest patch set plugs some serious holes in CPU, Bluetooth, server, and – ironically – security lines 5
open Security researcher says attacks on Russian government have Chinese fingerprints – and typos, too 13
open Extra urgency in June's Patch Tuesday: Microsoft warns six more bugs are being exploited 1



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