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open Barclays Bank appeared to be using the Wayback Machine as a 'CDN' for some Javascript 64
open F5 emits fixes for critical flaws in BIG-IP gear: Hopefully yours aren't internet-facing while you ready a patch 11
open Holy Guacamole! Researchers find Apache remote desktop software was silently pwnable for snooping on sessions 5
open Euro police forces infiltrated encrypted phone biz – and now 'criminal' EncroChat users are being rounded up 115
By seven
open Hold off that rush into the July 4 weekend – you may need this: Microsoft patches pwn-by-picture pitfalls in Win 10 4
open Cisco SMB kit harbors cross-site scripting bug: One wrong link click... and that's your router pwned remotely 4
open Details of Beijing's new Hong Kong security law signal end to more than two decades of autonomy 80
open Things that happen every four years: Olympic Games, Presidential elections, and now new Mac ransomware 16
open After six months of stonewalling by Apple, app dev goes public with macOS privacy protection bypass 20
open It’s happened again: AT&T sued for allegedly transferring victim's number to thieves in $1.9m cryptocoin heist 22
By Zarno
open Living on a prayer? Netgear not quite halfway there with patches for 28 out of 79 vulnerable router models 7
open NEC insists its face-recog training dataset isn't biased, but refuses to share details of Neoface system with UK court 12
open DDoS and dingoes: Australia to bolster cyber-defences with 500 hackers amid China spat 8
open Remember when we warned in February Apple will crack down on long-life HTTPS certs? It's happening: Chrome, Firefox ready to join in, too 61
open University of California San Francisco pays ransomware gang $1.14m as BBC publishes 'dark web negotiations' 28
open Yes, Prime Minister, rewrite the Computer Misuse Act: Brit infosec outfits urge reform 27
open CyberX, CyberX, does whatever a CyberX does. Locks IoT, machines too, Microsoft got it, so will you 3
open Macs, iPhones, iPads to get encrypted DNS – how'd you like them Apples? 45
open Let's roll the 3d6 dice on today's security drama: Ah, 15, that's LG allegedly hacked, source code stolen by Maze ransomware gang 22
open Brit police's use of facial-recognition tech is lawful, no need to question us, cops' lawyer tells Court of Appeal 55
open When one open-source package riddled with vulns pulls in dozens of others, what's a dev to do? 48
By big_D
open Talk about the fox guarding the hen house. Comcast to handle DNS-over-HTTPS for Firefox-using subscribers 28
By stiine
open US govt: Julian Assange tried to recruit hacker to steal hush-hush dirt and we should know – the hacker was an informant 47
open Honeypot behind sold-off IP subnet shows Cyberbunker biz hosted all kinds of filth, says SANS Institute 8
By Mark192
open There are DDoS attacks, then there's this 809 million packet-per-second tsunami Akamai says it just caught 50
By JJKing
open After huffing and puffing for years, US senators unveil law to blow the encryption house down with police backdoors 159
By Chozo
open Ransomware crims to sell off 'scandalous' files swiped from Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Puff Daddy's legal eagles 9
By jvf
open Laws on police facial recognition aren't tough enough, UK data watchdog barrister tells Court of Appeal 45
open Former UK Labour deputy leader wants to know how the NHS's contact-tracing app will ensure user privacy 52
By Katy_B
open Maze ransomware gang threatens to publish sensitive stolen data after US aerospace biz sensibly refuses to pay 43
open Carbon-based vuln hunters will always be better at infosec than AI, insist puny humans 2
open Three words you do not want to hear regarding a 'secure browser' called SafePay... Remote. Code. Execution 7
By Glen 1
open The state of OpenPGP key servers: Kristian, can you renew my certificate? A month later: Kristian? Ten days later: Too late, it’s expired 24
open Here's a headline we never thought we'd write 20 years ago: Microsoft readies antivirus for Linux, Android 38
open None shall pass: Yet another layer to protect hapless users, employers from dodgy docs added to Microsoft 365 6
open UK police's face recognition tech breaks human rights laws. Outlaw it, civil rights group urges Court of Appeal 38
open What did it take for stubborn IBM to fix flaws in its Data Risk Manager security software? Someone dropping zero-days 11
open Step on it, I've got the police on my hack: Anon swipes, leaks online 269GB of crime intel docs from cops, Feds 18
By J. Cook
open We were already secure enough for mass remote working before COVID-19, boast IT pros 8
open VMware and Office for Mac need patching, Microsoft can scan your firmware, and Anonymous takes credit for Atlanta police hacks 7
By big_D
open Hey NYPD, when you're done tear-gassing and running over protesters, can you tell us about your spy gear? 81
open Australia's Lion brewery hit by second cyber attack as nation staggers under suspected Chinese digital assault 74
open At Mozilla VPN stands for Vague Product News: Foundation reveals security product will launch eventually, with temporary pricing, in unspecified places 15
By ThatOne
open Australian PM says nation under serious state-run 'cyber attack' – Microsoft, Citrix, Telerik UI bugs 'exploited' 37
open Feds cuff Detroit man for allegedly hacking University of Pittsburgh Medical Center 1
open Nothing fills you with confidence in an IT contractor more than hearing its staff personal records were stolen by ransomware hackers. Right, Cognizant? 12
open 'Work pressure' sees Maze ransomware gang demand payoff from wrong company 5
By druck
open Used Cisco Webex recently? Memory vuln could have let remote attackers snoop on your meetings and files 3
open Chrome extensions are 'the new rootkit' say researchers linking surveillance campaign to Israeli registrar Galcomm 33
open Ah lovely, here's something you can do with those Raspberry Pis, NUC PCs in the bottom of the drawer: Run Ubuntu Appliances on them 29



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