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open Stand back, we're going in: The Register rips a 7th-gen ThinkPad X1 Carbon apart. Literally 54
open Let's learn from drone cockups: Confidential reports service opens up to unmanned fliers 8
open Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC: Howdy buck do you get a solid 60FPS in Rockstar's masterpiece? 39
By Trixr
open High-resolution display output or Wi-Fi: It seems you can only choose one on Raspberry Pi 4 116
By fredj
open HP Inc: Don't ask us about Xerox. Just get a load of our, er, flat as a pancake sales growth 3
open It's 2019 so, of course, there's alleged ad fraud to the tune of $1bn in tech pushed to doctors 11
open Xerox: Prepare to say cyan-ara, HP Inc. We're no paper tiger. We're really very serious about that hostile takeover 42
open Here's a starter for 10 on smartphones: Who grew in Q3? A) Everyone. B) Asian vendors. C) Apple 12
open Bose customers beg for firmware ceasefire after headphones fall victim to another crap update 189
open European smartphone market rallies but Apple didn't get the memo 20
open From July, you better be Putin these Kremlin-approved apps on gadgets sold in Russia 66
open PSA: You are now in the timeline where Facebook and pals are torn a new one by, er, Borat star Sacha Baron Cohen 85
open Samsung taking its sweet time delivering Galaxy watches from phone bundle bungle 10
By Bogbody
open Close the windows, it's coming through the walls: Copper Cthulu invades Dabbsy's living room 121
open Why can't you be a nice little computer maker and just GET IN THE TRUNK, Xerox tells HP in hostile takeover alert 39
open We're so, so, sorry you're not able to get PC chips, says Intel to everyone who hasn't gone with AMD yet 62
By holmegm
open We lose money on repairs, sobs penniless Apple, even though we charge y'all a fortune 156
open No wonder cops are so keen on Ring – they can slurp your doorbell footage with few limits, US senators complain 83
open Apple's latest keyboard travels back in time to when they weren't crap 64
open Intel end-of-lifing BIOS and driver downloads for dusty hardware 115
By P. Lee
open 'Literally a paperweight': Bose users fume at firmware update that 'doesn't fix issues' 157
open Huawei's first Google-free phone stripped and searched: Repair not too painful... once you're in 40
open Feds indict 14 over alleged scheme to get Apple to replace fake iPhones with real ones 10
open Weird flex but OK... Motorola's comeback is a $1,500 Razr flip-phone with folding 6.2" screen 115
open Judge shoots down Trump admin's efforts to allow folks to post shoddy 3D printer gun blueprints online 138
open Complete with keyboard and actual, literal, 'physical' escape key: Apple emits new 16" $2.4k+ MacBook Pro 152
open Facebook iOS app silently turns on your phone camera. Ah, relax – it's just a bug, lol!? 99
By Mark192
open Gas-guzzling Americans continue to shun electric vehicles as sales fail to bother US car market 155
By edris90
open I'm still not that Gary, says US email mixup bloke who hasn't even seen Dartford Crossing 202
open Google brings its secret health data stockpiling systems to the US 46
open Apple's credit card caper probed over sexism claims – after women screwed over on limits 75
open Teachers: Make your pupils' parents buy them an iPad to use at school. Oh and did you pack sunglasses for the Apple-funded jolly? 118
open Ex from Hell gets six years for online stalking and revenge pics rampage at two women 48
open Congress to FCC: Where’s the damn report on mobile companies selling location data? 44
open ZTE Nubia Z20: It's £499. It's a great phone. Buy it. Or don't. We don't care 63
By Hans 1
open Microsoft has made a Surface slab that mere mortals can dismantle 22
By AMBxx
open OPPO's Reno 2, aka 'Baby Shark', joins the deepening pool of high-spec midranger mobes 48
By nkuk
open California’s Attorney General joins the long list of people who have had it with Facebook 40
open Huawei. It's the patriotic choice: Mobe behemoth predicts 20% sales spike despite US sanctions 13
open Phew! All that competition in the US mobile industry was exhausting. Thank God for the FCC, am I right? 20
By quxinot
open AT&T: We did nothing wrong in promising unlimited data that wasn't. We're just giving the FTC $60m for fun 35
open The .amazon argy-bargy is STILL going on – and Uncle Sam has had enough with ICANN 29
open Baffled by bogus charges on your Amazon account? It may be the work of a crook's phantom gadget 59
open Google forks out $2.1bn for Fitbit – and promises not to exploit all that delicious health data to sling ads (honest) 60
open Not just adhesive, but alcohol-resistant adhesive: Well done, Apple. Airpods Pro repairability is a zero 180
open WTF? Apple iPhones shrank by more than $22bn in fiscal '19 47
By DiViDeD
open Xiaomi the way to go phone: That would be with a 108MP camera by the looks of things 30
open FYI, we're now in the timeline where Facebook decides who is and isn't a politician on its 2bn-plus-person network 42
open Weird Flex but OK: New Samsung laptop lines haul QLED monitor tech squinting into the sun 6
open Facebook ends appeal against ICO micro-fine: Admit liability? Never. But you can have £500k 13


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