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open Fairphone 3 stripped to the modular essentials: Glue? What glue? 104
open CEOs beg for America-wide privacy law... to protect their businesses from state privacy laws 41
By swm
open Lights, camera, camera, camera, action: iPhone, iPad, Watch, chip biz in new iPhone, iPad, Watch, chip shocker 128
open Facebook: Remember how we promised we weren’t tracking your location? Psych! Can't believe you fell for that 109
By JohnFen
open New lows at Bose as firmware update woes infuriate soundbar bros 80
By kami25
open Apple will wring out $18bn by upselling NAND to fanbois – analyst 49
By Vector
open There's no getting Huawei from 5G – Chinese giant joins Qualcomm, Samsung in bunging high-speed comms in mobe brains 13
open HP Inc waves bye to EMEA president with 'immediate effect' 25
By Tom 7
open OK, let's try that again: Vulture rakes a talon on Samsung's fresh attempt at the Galaxy Fold 5G 90
open Acer and Asus unveil some of the world's heaviest laptops ... and some of its lightest 11
open Google, YouTube cough up $170m to make that trifling little thing about slurping kids' info without consent go away 10
open Business PC sales up as suits flee looming end of support for Windows 7 49
open Raspberry Pi head honcho Eben Upton talks thermals, stores and who's buying the kit 51
open Apple cracks, straps on free repair service for defective Watches 10
open Ah, this should totally reassure Euro workers: They'll get Brexit EU settled status app on iPhones from October 86
open Huawei new smartphone won't be Mate-y with Google apps as trade sanctions kick in 75
By IGotOut
open Apple blinks on iPhone repairs, touts parts program for independent tech mechanics... sort of 51
open Back to school with El Reg - how about a chunky Lenovo for the student in your life? 38
open Want an ethical smartphone? Fairphone 3 is on the way – but tiny market share suggests few care 57
open Google touts managed Linux, gets cosy with Dell in Chromebook Enterprise push 24
open Huawei smartphone sales up but only thanks to China as US trade ban gives punters the jitters 15
open Dion? He off: HP Inc CEO Weisler quits over 'family health matter', Lores will be High-res 8
open Samsung Note10+ torn apart to expose three 5G antennas: One has to pick up something 69
By Stevie
open Buying a Chromebook? Don't forget to check that best-before date 177
open Cali court backs ex-Apple engineer who says he invented Find My iPhone and Passbook 42
open A challenger appears: Taiwanese devs' answer to Gemini PDA wraps a Raspberry Pi in a tablet 47
open Brits are sitting on a time bomb of 40m old electronic devices that ought to be recycled 118
open My MacBook Woe: I got up close and personal with city's snatch'n'dash crooks (aka some bastard stole my laptop) 374
open Lenovo ThinkPad X390: A trusty workhorse that means business but it's not without a few flaws 71
open Microsoft Surface users baffled after investing in kit that throttles itself to the point of passing out 78
open While US ban hit Huawei and inventory overload clipped Apple, Samsung quietly stole smartphone market share back in Q2 10
By xpz393
open Stuffing your MacBook Pro in a ziplock bag before a flight ain't gonna cut it, say Feds 32
open Donald Trump blinks in his one-man trade war with China: US govt stalls import tariff hike on Chinese phones, laptops, electronics 63
open Researchers peer into crystal ball to see future where everyone's ID is tied to their smartphone 83
open Hey dudes, we need to start living together in Harmony: Huawei puffs up new distributed OS 66
By DiViDeD
open Alexa, can you tell me how many Chinese kids were forced into working nights to build this unit? 97
open Ohm my God: If you let anyone other than Apple replace your recent iPhone's battery, expect to be nagged by iOS 175
open Chap uncovers privilege escalation vuln in Steam only to be told by Valve that bug 'not applicable' 37
open Top 5 greatest anime crossovers: Samsung deploys Microsoft at Note 10 hootenanny 34
open Brit couch potatoes increasingly switching off telly boxes in favour of YouTube and Netflix 99
open Side-splitting bulging batts, borked Wi-Fi... So, how's that Surface slab working out for you? 58
By Tikimon
open Lyft pulls its e-bike fleet from San Francisco Bay Area after exploding batteries make them the hottest seat in town 84
open You'll soon be fragging noobs on Kubernetes with Google's cloudy take on game servers 8
open And we're back live with the state of the smartphone market in 2019. Any hope? Yeah, nah 52
By Jove
open US gives Chinese smuggler 37 months in the slammer for selling knock-off Apple kit 13
open Microsoft snubs Hololens loyalists by already ending feature updates – even though version 2 isn't out yet 14
By JohnFen
open He's coming for your floppy: Linus Torvalds is killing off support for legacy disk drive tech 196
open OK, Google. We've got just the gesture for you: Hand-tracking Project Soli coming to Pixel 4 23
open Spri-Mobile? T-Print? Time to think of a nickname: The Sprint/T-Mobile US merger is go 33
open If at first you don't succeed, Fold? Nope. Samsung redesigns bendy screen for fresh launch in September 96



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