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open Where there's a will, there's Huawei to develop one's own chipmaking kit 24
open Next Vision, or Vision Next? What we really thought about Google and Intel's AI events 2
open Digital Realty ditches diesel for salad dressing in US to cut datacenter emissions 12
By DS999
open Hailo's latest AI chip shows up integrated NPUs and sips power like fine wine 6
By druck
open Intel over the Moon as Lunar Lake’s NPU performance TOPS Meteor Lake 3
open Arm CEO warns AI's power appetite could devour 25% of US electricity by 2030 20
open Intel Gaudi's third and final hurrah is an AI accelerator built to best Nvidia's H100 1
open Arm flexes silicon muscles to push generative AI at the edge 1
By HuBo
open TSMC scores $11.6B funding infusion for Arizona fabs, now plans for third plant 7
By tony72
open Broadcom has willingly dug its VMware hole, says cloud CEO 34
By mfalcon
open Butler Investments joins Atos rescue party 2
By HuBo
open AMD to open source Micro Engine Scheduler firmware for Radeon GPUs 12
open PCIe 7.0 first official draft lands, doubling bandwidth yet again 13
By ArrZarr
open Intel's foundry business bled $7B in 2023 with more to come 17
By druck
open Rickroll meme immortalized in custom ASIC that includes 164 hardcoded programs 2
open TSMC boss says one-trillion transistor GPU is possible by early 2030s 15
open Overclocking muddies waters for Nvidia's redesigned RTX 4090 and US sanctions 4
open Pressuring allies not to fulfill chip kit service contracts with China now official US policy 14
open Intel's green dream is chips without any dips in Mother Nature's health 7
open Standardization could open door to third-party chiplets in AMD designs 2
By user555
open Kaby Lake-G chip back from the grave, now on modest firewall-router-NAS mobo 7
open TSMC's 3nm node powers up, setting stage for tech giants' next-gen chips 3
open What Nvidia's Blackwell efficiency gains mean for DC operators 4
By Snake
open Pragmatic Semiconductor opens UK's first 300mm wafer fab in Durham 16
open SAP ordered to pay $26.4M in South Africa energy firm dispute 3
By johnfbw
open As AI booms, land near nuclear power plants becomes hot real estate 54
open AI bubble or not, Nvidia is betting everything on a GPU-accelerated future 7
open Gelsinger woos Musk as Intel seeks to drum up Foundry Services business 2
open One rack. 120kW of compute. Taking a closer look at Nvidia's DGX GB200 NVL72 beast 22
By s. pam
open Qualcomm infuses AI support into Snapdragon 7+ Gen 3 platform 4
open US may sanction those rumored to be in covert Huawei chip network 3
By Tron
open Intel scores $8.5B in government cheddar to supercharge fab builds 7
open Alibaba's research arm promises server-class RISC-V processor due this year 8
By HuBo
open Nvidia: Why write code when you can string together a couple chat bots? 14
open Suppliers to Intel and TSMC's Arizona fabs now face build delays 7
open Nvidia turns up the AI heat with 1,200W Blackwell GPUs 17
open US CHIPS Act set to electrify semiconductor scene with billions 9
By IGotOut
open How to run an LLM on your PC, not in the cloud, in less than 10 minutes 83
open Ad agency boss owned two Ferraris but wouldn't buy a real server 123
By Mark 65
open From quantum AI to photonics, what OpenAI’s latest hire tells us about its future 10
open First Armv9 automotive CPUs aim to power AI-enabled vehicles 6
By HuBo
open Pentagon said to have pulled $2.5B Intel defense chips grant 8
open Nvidia rival Cerebras says it's revived Moore's Law with third-gen waferscale chips 11
open Meet the Proxinator: A hyperbox that puts SATA at the heart of VMware migrations 11
open IBM said to be binning off more staff as 'workforce rebalance' continues 24
By Draco
open Singapore startup SiliconBox to open packaging fab in Northern Italy 2
open Intel inches closer to $3.5B contract to build secret fabs for Uncle Sam 3
open US wants ASML to stop servicing China-owned chip equipment 55
open Dutch government in panic mode over keeping ASML in the country 53
open Brit chip industry wonders if UK budget will put its money where its silicon is 31
By druck