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open Toyota cuts vehicle production over global chip shortage 17
By jtaylor
open Nvidia promises annual updates across CPU, GPU, DPU lines 1
By msobkow
open Nvidia brings liquid cooling to A100 PCIe GPU cards for ‘greener’ datacenters 14
open US-APAC trade deal leaves out Taiwan, military defense not ruled out 5
open A peek into Gigabyte's GPU Arm for AI, HPC shops 5
open To multicloud, or not: Former PayPal head of engineering weighs in 4
By HildyJ
open Robotics and 5G to spur growth of SoC industry – report 3
open Biden tours Samsung fab, talks chip cooperation with South Korea 7
open Export bans prompt Russia to use Chinese x86 CPU replacement 87
open China will produce one in five of the chips it uses in 2026, says analyst 1
open China's vice premier Liu He advocates technology and government cooperation 4
open GNU Compiler Collection adds support for China's LoongArch CPU family 7
By rcxb1
open Foxconn forms JV to build chip fab in Malaysia 2
open The ‘substantial contributions’ Intel has promised to boost RISC-V adoption 14
By DS999
open Intel shareholders revolt against Pat Gelsinger's pay package 17
open EU-US Trade and Technology Council meets to coordinate on supply chains 3
open How CXL may change the datacenter as we know it 6
open (Our) hardware is still key in a multicloud world, Dell ISG chief insists 3
By nijam
open TSMC, Samsung plan price hikes for chip designers – reports 6
open Arm says microcontroller price hikes helped fuel sales 7
open AMD approaches '30%' x86 CPU market share, thanks to servers 'n' laptops 17
open Demand for GPUs used to mine crypto 'disappearing', says ASUSTeK 17
open GlobalFoundries’ chipmaking machine unfazed by global disruptions 4
open MIPS discloses first RISC-V chips coming in Q4 2022 17
open IBM: Give us three years to solve quantum computing scaling 8
open Intel sticks with FPGAs and ASICs for next-gen IPUs 1
By Danny 2
open Samsung unveils 512GB DRAM CXL module in E3.S form factor 6
open Infineon more than doubles profit as semiconductor shortages persist 7
open RISC-V CEO seeks 'world domination' by winning over the likes of Intel 40
open Clustered Pi Picos made to run original Transputer code 53
By bazza
open Germany makes new move to attract chip manufacturers 11
open Arm China CEO refuses to go despite SoftBank taking control 33
open Intel says costly 10nm ramp will counter PC slowdown 8
open Semiconductor firms: China lockdowns play havoc with supply and demand 1
By tmTM
open Almost two-thirds of SMIC's Shanghai employees are living at work 13
By DS999
open India: It would be fab if Intel and TSMC built plants here 48
By 9Rune5
open Nvidia, Intel, others pour $130m into optical chip startup Ayar Labs 3
open Semiconductor sales forecast to hit $676b in 2022 1
open Supercomputer lab swaps lead-acid UPS batteries for alkaline gear 24
By Snapper
open Apple and Intel likely the first to use TSMC’s 2nm node in 2025 5
open Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba makes 9 datacenter energy patents available 7
open Plans for Dutch datacenter to warm thousands of homes 29
open ASML CEO: Industrial conglomerate buying washing machines to rip out semiconductors 42
open Growing US chip output an 'expensive exercise in futility', warns TSMC founder 41
open AMD: Our Epyc CPUs helped Mercedes win F1 Constructors' Championship 12
open Ryzen Pro CPUs are better for work than Intel's, claims AMD 21
By jglathe
open Intel: Our fabs can mass produce silicon qubit devices 7
open Shanghai lockdown: Chinese tech execs warn of supply-chain chaos 47
By Twanky
open TSMC’s 2025 timeline for 2nm chips suggests Intel gaining steam 5
open Intel’s neurochips could one day end up in PCs or a cloud service 9
By Dhm



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