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open What supply chain crisis? Supermicro lifts rack-scale system production 2
open Linux Foundation and pals – including Intel – back software ecosystem around RISC-V 21
open Uncle Sam vows to Micron-manage China's memory chip ban 10
open Nvidia creates open server spec to house its own chips – and the occasional x86 3
open China's homegrown airliner makes first paid-for flight 10
open US and China trade chiefs aim for cool heads as chip wars heat up 6
open When it comes to liquid and immersion cooling, Nvidia asks: Why not both? 2
By druck
open Intel mulls cutting ties to 16 and 32-bit support 100
open US mulls retaliation for China blacklisting Micron without evidence of security threat 15
By Jonno
open Intel abandons XPU plan to cram CPU, GPU, memory into one package 6
By Korev
open Nvidia GPUs fly out of the fabs – and right back into them 3
open Nvidia's RTX 4060 and 4060TI are actually priced like mid-tier cards 15
open UK government prays that size doesn't matter as it chips in £1B for semiconductor sector 36
open Microsoft offers electrical engineers a lifeline as it pursues custom cloud silicon 3
open Ampere heads off Intel, AMD's cloud-optimized CPUs with a 192-core Arm chip 19
open Micron, Kyocera, Samsung bet billions on Japan chip plants 3
open Europe vows it won't let US and Asia treat it as a source of museum-grade chip tech 28
By jmch
open Nvidia CEO pay falls ten percent in FY23 on missed sales targets 7
open Nutanix de-converges by allowing dedicated nodes for compute and storage 1
open Climate agenda slips at TSMC, Greenpeace says 5
open Qualcomm chips are down as smartphones stay on the shelf, looks to AI for rescue 2
open TSMC and pals dream of €10B German chip fab 27
open Now you've all quit buying RAM and personal gear, chip wafer demand stumbles 6
open US chipmakers don't want to be locked out of industry's biggest market: China 12
By Avon B7
open FCA mulls listing rules after Hauser blames 'Brexit idiocy' for Arm's New York IPO 121
open TSMC chips away at the competition with 2nm production set for 2025 6
open Apple gives up legal war on iPhone CPU wizard who co-founded Nuvia 16
open GlobalFoundries, STMicro snag €7.4B in EU money for French fab project 1
open SoftBank taps Arm CEO Rene Haas for its board of directors 3
open UK PM Sunak plans to allocate just £1bn to semiconductor industry 86
open Weak memory demand leaves both Samsung and SK hynix nursing losses 1
By Kev99
open Hands off, vendors – it's for research! $11B of US CHIPS funds earmarked for NIST fabs 7
open Don't get in a semiconductor 'doom spiral' – sector will be back with a bang in 2024 2
By Nifty
open Taiwan asks US if it could chill out on the anti-China rhetoric 53
open TSMC revenues slide for the first time in four years 3
open GlobalFoundries sues IBM for flogging 'chip secrets to Intel, Rapidus' 9
By Snowy
open When you're ASML, not even a semiconductor downturn can dent your outlook 4
open Europe finalizes €43B Chips Act it hopes will help free it from foreign fabs 21
open Arm liable for $8.5B SoftBank loan if IPO is a no-show 15
open Brazil defies US, cozies up to Chinese tech on chip building 31
By jmch
open Stratus ships latest batch of fault-tolerant Xeon servers 13
open China the largest buyer of chipmaking machines as sales hit an all-time high 11
open Germany and Intel both want more from planned Magdeburg mega-fab 4
open Why we think Intel may be gearing up to push its GPU Max chips into China 2
open Samsung scores fresh Radeon deal with AMD for Exynos chip line ahead of profit crunch 2
By Chappy
open Samsung takes $3.1B gamble on OLED displays for tablets and notebooks 18
open Japan joins US, Netherlands in chipmaking tech export crackdown 8
open China sticks national security probe into America's Micron 16
open Korea passes tax break-driven 'Chips Act' as protectionism fears mount 3
open Intel successfully ships an updated datacenter roadmap 6
By cb7