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open Since when did my SSD need water cooling? 18
open Microsoft may charge different prices for Office with or without Teams 32
open Samsung to cough up third of a billion bucks for ripping off patent 10
open Let's take a closer look at these claims of anti-ransomware SSDs 33
open Seagate hit with $300m penalty for selling sanctioned storage to Huawei 16
By Avon B7
open Microsoft stumps loyal fans by making OneDrive handle Outlook attachments 76
open HPE lobs scale-out storage services into GreenLake subscription vehicle 4
open Uptime guarantees don't apply when you turn a machine off, then on again, to 'fix' it 121
open Backup tech felt the need – the need for speed. And pastries and Tomb Raider 92
open Debian-based TrueNAS Scale updated – and iXsystems wins a gong 10
open A moment of silence for all the drives that died in the making of this Backblaze report 39
open NetApp ditches 8% of staff as customers put away wallets 6
By ecofeco
open Chrome bug bedevils file storage in the cloud 5
open JEDEC reportedly set to formalize Dell laptop memory standard 37
open Samsung expects profit dive as demand for memory and devices continues to slow 11
open Non-binary DDR5 is finally coming to save your wallet 83
open An IT emergency during a festive visit to the in-laws? So sorry, everyone, I need to step out for a while 65
open Uncle Sam needs novel memory for nuke sims. So why did it choose Intel? 14
open Just blob it in: Microsoft greases skids for data migration to Azure 1
open IBM set to bump up storage prices outside the US in the new year 2
open Iceotope study says liquid immersion is viable for hyperscale disk storage 1
open Intel’s axed Optane biz spurts out mixed bag of new SSDs 12
By JacobZ
open Go ahead, be rude. You don't know it now, but it will cost you $350,000 350
open IBM so confident in supply chain, it's frozen storage prices and has freebies for late shipments 3
open Micron samples first DRAM built using 1-beta process node 2
By Rattus
open Microsoft's Windows 10 Patch Tuesday update crashes OneDrive 16
open Seagate denies it illegally sold hard drives to Huawei 3
open Broker-dealers can stop burning records to CD, but they don’t have to, says SEC 12
open Morgan Stanley fined $35m after hard drives sold with customer info still on them 28
open 'Last man standing in the floppy disk business' reckons his company has 4 years left 136
open Bad UI killed the radio star 44
open Keeping printers quiet broke disk drives, thanks to very fuzzy logic 125
open Backblaze thinks SSDs are more reliable than hard drives 53
open Computational storage specs hit v1.0 after 4 years of work 7
open The sins of OneDrive as Microsoft's cloud storage service turns 15 45
open Flash memory vendors unveil PCIe 5.0 SSDs, latest spec for CXL interconnect tech 3
open Yes, it's true: Hard drive failures creep up as disks age 12
open Last week Intel killed Optane. Today, Kioxia and Everspin announced comparable tech 19
open US mulls more export bans – this time, memory – in war on Chinese chipmakers 16
open SK hynix and Los Alamos Labs to demo key-value store accelerating SSD 1
open Why the end of Optane is bad news for all IT 149
open Micron pledges US memory expansion after CHIPS Act passes 6
By oiseau
open Why Intel killed its Optane memory business 32
open Micron's 232-layer NAND is a game changer for database workloads 28
open My smartphone has wiped my microSD card again: Is it a conspiracy? 120
By Grunchy
open Samsung has 24Gbps GDDR6 ready for higher-performance graphics cards 2
By binary
open Micron releases DDR5 DRAM ready for next-gen servers 2
open Databricks promises cheap cloud data warehousing at an eighth of the cost of rivals 2
open The perfect crime – undone by the perfect email backups 206
open Chinese startup hires chip godfather and TSMC vet to break into DRAM biz 2