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open VR headsets to shift 30 million units a year by 2027, vastly behind wearables 8
open The iPhone 15 has a Goldilocks issue: Too big or too small. Maybe a case will make it just right 50
By Catkin
open Epic payout: FTC opens Fortnite settlement claim floodgates 3
open EU right to repair updates pass latest hurdle 16
open Uncle Sam names three Amazon execs as Prime suspects in subscription ripoff case 30
open Google on trial: Feds challenge deals that set your web search defaults 27
By Snake
open Apple pairs well with profits, not repair shops 22
open Hong Kong authorities cuff six in connection with floundering crypto platform JPEX 3
open So what if China has 7nm chips now, there's no Huawei it can make them 'at scale' 74
By orphic
open Judge sides with Meta and Google, puts California child privacy law on hold 24
By prh99
open 'Small monthly payment' only thing that stands between X and bot chaos, says Musk 115
open Desktop AI isn’t happening, says AMD, and might not for quite a while 9
By Snowy
open Microsoft Surface chief Panos Panay abruptly announces departure 2
By Magani
open Getting to the bottom of BMW's pay-as-you-toast subscription failure 202
open SK hynix vice-chair denies selling to Huawei, calls for memory probe 2
By spold
open HP reveals bonkers $5k foldable tablet/laptop/desktop 27
open Google promises eternity of updates for Chromebooks – that's a decade for everyone else 50
open Apple's iPhone 12 woes spread as Belgium, Germany, Netherlands weigh in 76
open These days you can teach old tech a bunch of new tricks 63
By Falmari
open Beijing freezes social media service for a month for letting kids see smut 6
open China kind-of-mostly denies it’s banned iPhones from use in government 5
open Apple-backed California right-to-repair bill just a bite away from governor's signature 17
By JT_3K
open iPhone 12 deemed too hot to handle for France's radiation standards 37
open Dutch consumer groups sue Google over its entire business model 40
open Portable Large Language Models – not the iPhone 15 – are the future of the smartphone 65
open Lightning struck: Apple switches to USB-C for iPhone 15 lineup 103
open Microsoft's Surface Duo phone hangs up, drops out of support 8
By t245t
open When does tackling pandemic misinfo become censorship? US courts argue it out 123
open Square blames last week's outage on DNS screw-up 8
By Greg 38
open BMW deems drivers worthy of warmth, ends heated car seat subscription 213
open Power grids tremble as electric vehicle growth set to accelerate 19% next year 337
By Roland6
open Linux on the Arm-based Thinkpad X13S: It's getting there 40
open Google Chrome Privacy Sandbox open to all: Now websites can tap into your habits directly for ads 71
open Norway court upholds miniscule fine against Meta for flouting privacy rules 33
open Bane of Big Tech, EU antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager, steps away for a bit 1
By ChoHag
open Chinese meme-makers crown US Commerce Secretary as Huawei brand ambassador 10
open Intel NUCs find fresh life in Asus, but rights are 'non-exclusive' 14
By clive1
open Mozilla calls cars from 25 automakers 'data privacy nightmares on wheels' 183
open The Anti Defamation League is Musk's latest excuse for Twitter's tanking ad revenue 116
open CrowView: A clamp-on, portable second laptop display 17
By Lee D
open Right to repair advocates have a new opponent: Scientologists 127
open Twitter says it may harvest biometric, employment data from its addicts 72
open We all scream for ice cream – so why are McDonald's machines always broken? 109
open Microsoft maybe still dreams of bendy phones, judging from 360° folding screen patent 6
By Kev99
open HP blames discounted PCs and China chill for Q3 revenue drop 3
open The printout may be dead but that beast of a print queue lives on 31
open We're about to hit peak device count, says HTC veep, as AR takes over 20
By Catkin
open Reports of the PC's death are greatly exaggerated, says IDC 8
open America's financial cops say Impact Theory's NFTs were unregistered securities 6
open Europe's tough new rules for Big Tech start today. Is anyone ready? 60
By tip pc