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open DuckDuckGo tries to explain why its browsers won't block some Microsoft web trackers 6
open Leica and Huawei terminate trading agreement amid US sanctions 14
By Lars
open FTC urged to protect data privacy of women visiting abortion clinics 30
open Zuckerberg sued for alleged role in Cambridge Analytica data-slurp scandal 18
By ecofeco
open Florida's content-moderation law kept on ice, likely unconstitutional, court says 46
open Dell's rugged Latitude 5430 laptop is quick and pretty – but also bulky and heavy 54
open AMD reveals 5nm Ryzen 7000 powered by Zen 4 cores 15
open FTC signals crackdown on ed-tech harvesting kid's data 9
open Repairability champ Framework's modular laptop gets a speed boost 24
open Lenovo halves its ThinkPad workstation range 16
By ALSW123
open America bucks global smartphone decline with help from Apple 7
open Acer's TravelMate laptops arrive – complete with Microsoft Pluton chips 3
open Logitech Pop: Stylish, portable, but far from the best typing experience 68
open Google's first report on Privacy Sandbox hits UK watchdog's inbox 2
By JimPoak
open Google Russia goes broke after bank account snatched 73
By Law
open Will this be one of the world's first RISC-V laptops? 55
open Supreme Court urged to halt 'unconstitutional' Texas content-no-moderation law 84
open Google keeps legacy G Suite alive and free for personal use 42
By DM2012
open China’s COVID lockdowns bite e-commerce players 1
open Elon Musk says Twitter buy 'cannot move forward' until spam stats spat settled 44
By ThatOne
open AMD claims its GPUs beat Nvidia on performance per dollar 8
open Turing Pi 2 crowdfunding goal smashed within a day 14
open Infusion of $3.5bn not enough to revive Terra's 'stablecoin' 55
open Ad-tech firms grab email addresses from forms before they're even submitted 89
open Demand for PC and smartphone chips drops 'like a rock' says CEO of China’s top chipmaker 19
By msobkow
open Coinbase CEO says everything's OK after SEC filing gives netizens the jitters 27
open Appeals court unleashes Texas's anti-Big-Tech content-no-moderation law 59
open Apple to replace future iPhone Lightning port with USB-C next year, this guy claims 71
open Google shows off immersive maps, AR-flavored search, Pixel 7, and more 10
By Mark 85
open LIDAR in iPhones is not about better photos – it's about the future of low-cost augmented reality 35
By DS999
open Indian government accuses Uber of jacking up prices for loyal customers 4
open The end of the iPod – last model available 'while supplies last' 57
By juice
open Intel blames software, COVID lockdowns for Arc GPU delays 3
By ecofeco
open Intel puts ‘desktop-caliber’ CPUs in laptops with 12th-gen Core HX 7
By msobkow
open Uber, Meta to reduce hiring as stocks slide 15
open Biden deal with ISPs: Low to no cost internet for 40% of US 29
open China plans to toss foreign-made PCs from government agencies 'in two years' 41
open Alibaba launches collaboration suite for smart glasses 5
open Twitter buyout: Larry Ellison bursts into Elon's office, slaps $1b down on the desk 81
open Tablet PC sales decline as consumers consider inflation 2
open Google's FLoC flopped, boffins claim, because it failed to provide promised privacy 22
By bazza
open Logitech's sales plunge 20% as demand for PCs slows 22
By Addanc
open Elon Musk wants to take Twitter public again 'within 3 years' 63
open Volkswagen to put Qualcomm tech under the hood across all brands 3
open Intel acquires graphics tech biz founded by ex-AMD, Qualcomm engineers 5
By Sil
open Don't hate on cryptomining, hate the power stations, say Bitcoin super-fans 111
open After historic win, Amazon workers at another NYC warehouse reject unionization 16
By hayzoos
open Qualcomm ‘on track’ for Apple M-level Nuvia chips in late 2023 7
open John Deere tractors 'bricked' after Russia steals machinery from Ukraine 129
open ZX Spectrum: Q&A with some of the folks who worked on legendary PC 59



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