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open US fears China may have ten exascale systems by 2025 26
open Ready for testing: First-ever supercomputer powered by Intel's wildcard AI chips 1
open HPE building its 4th global 'supercomputer factory' 1
By seldom
open AMD hasn't forgotten about that ambitious 2025 energy efficiency goal it promised 1
open Fujitsu to provide HPC, AI for startup to produce clean ammonia 8
open Climate model code is so outdated, MIT starts from scratch 106
open Russia cobbles together supercomputing platform to wean off foreign suppliers 23
open Fujitsu to open Arm-based A64X HPC systems to public cloud 2
By Terry 6
open Fujitsu claims 'major technical milestone' in quantum simulation 5
open US to rev fastest supercomputer with powerful test system 2
open Instant NeRF turns 2D photos into 3D scenes in seconds 18
open New Chinese exascale supercomputer runs 'brain-scale AI' 20
open Brain-like neurochips good for supercomputers, not just AI, says Sandia 1
By Korev
open Photonics startup Luminous Computing bags $105m 7
open Russia scrambles to bootstrap HPC clusters with native tech 25
open D-Wave to go public after $1.2 billion merger deal with SPAC 14
open Joined up thinking: Europe to oversee trio of projects for homegrown chips, HPC gear 4
open India turns on a new supercomputer 1
open Ever-growing volumes of data mean computational storage is becoming crucial for HPC, say boffins at Dell's tech chinwag 3
open Hardware boffin starts work on simulation of an entire IBM S/360 Model 50 mainframe 47
open IBM confirms new mainframe to arrive 'late in first half of 2022' 35
open A unified, agnostic software environment spanning HPC and AI won't be achieved 2
open A single HPC-AI software environment is less desirable than you might think 1
By msobkow
open We can unify HPC and AI software environments, just not at the source code level 2
By msobkow
open Why we will not have a unified HPC and AI software environment, ever 15
open This House believes: A unified, agnostic software environment can be achieved 33
open Now here's HPE with the weather in Northern Europe 4
open AMD tries to spoil Nvidia's week by teasing high-end accelerators, Epyc chips with 3D L3 cache, and more 4
open Upcoming Intel GPU to be compatible with Arm 22
open Quantum computing startups pull in millions as VCs rush to get ahead of the game 17
open 'Quantum computer algorithms are linear algebra, probabilities. This is not something that we do a good job of teaching our kids' 64
By Korev
open Calculating the big picture: Future HPC efforts will soon see off its von Neumann past 41
By LionelB
open First RISC-V computer chip lands at the European Processor Initiative 24
open 'Large-scale computing' needs a government team driving it, says 13
open HPE bags $2bn HPC-as-a-service gig with the NSA 1
By DS999
open Google demonstrates impractical improvement in quantum error correction – but it does work 12
By Sysgod
open Nvidia opens Hardware Grant Programme – which doesn't mean RTX 30 series cards 1
By Boothy
open Nvidia launches Cambridge-1, UK's most powerful supercomputer, in Arm's neighbourhood 28
open AMD opens wallet to lure scientific computing boffins away from Nvidia's CUDA onto its Instinct accelerators 6
By Aitor 1
open RISC-V boffins lay out a plan for bringing the architecture to high-performance computing 7
open Bull in a cosmos shop: Edinburgh uni boffins strike deal with Atos for BullSequana supercomputer 6
open South Korea to build an exascale supercomputer running local CPUs by 2030 2
By DS999
open America to get world's 'most powerful' AI supercomputer to create the most detailed 3D map of the universe yet 29
By Lars
open Oracle intros Arm-powered cloud, includes on-prem option for big spenders 4
open Quantum computing: Confusion can mask a good story, but don't take anyone's word for it 28
open You're V1 for me, says Arm: Chip biz's 'highest-performance core' takes aim at supercomputers, AI, anything relying on vector math 2
open Jensen Huang's kitchen gets another viewing as Nvidia teases Arm-powered supercomputing chip Grace 8
open Biden administration effectively slaps bans on seven Chinese supercomputer companies for military links 9
open We need a 20MW 20,000-GPU-strong machine-learning supercomputer to build EU's planned digital twin of Earth 94
By Dale 3
open US Air Force boots up not one but two AMD-powered supercomputers after five years of Intel Haswell CPUs 8



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