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open HPE to build supercomputer to 'enhance Japan's AI sovereignty' 2
open Atos in chaos as bailout talks unravel faster than you can say 'restructuring' 12
open Musk ropes Dell, Supermicro into xAI supercomputer project 11
open Microsoft sued by ParTec in Texas over AI supercomputer patents 12
open Atos gets a reprieve with restructure plan from Onepoint consortium 6
open Atos defers its own D-Day to ponder financial rescue decision 3
open It's make your mind up time as Atos sets deadline to pick rescue package 3
open Nvidia's future in scientific computing hinges on a melding of AI and HPC 2
By HuBo
open Aleph Alpha enlists Cerebras waferscale supers to train AI for German military 1
open Green500 shows Nvidia's Grace-Hopper superchip is a power-efficiency beast 4
By HuBo
open Aurora breaks the exaFLOPS barrier but falls short of the final Frontier once again 6
open Italy's climate super computer, Cassandra, to combine HPC with AI 11
By Bebu
open SpiNNcloud Systems unveils Arm-based 'neuromorphic supercomputer' 7
By dharmOS
open MITRE promises a cute little 17-PFLOPS AI super for the rest of Uncle Sam's agencies 1
open Cheyenne supercomputer sells at auction for just $480K 28
By HPCJohn
open Dell shaves months off lead times for GPU-powered AI servers 2
open Australian supercomputer 'Taingiwilta' comes online this year with [REDACTED] inside 20
open Italy's military mulling space-based supercomputing cloud 18
By Sam 15
open Square Kilometre Array precursor looks to filter out satellite interference 13
open Australia has no next-gen HPC investment plan and clouds can't fill the gap 4
By Lurko
open What's going on with Eos, Nvidia's incredible shrinking supercomputer? 11
open Investors threw 50% less money at quantum last year 10
By druck
open HPE's updated Spaceborne Computer-2 ready to hitch another ride to the ISS 3
By ldo
open Europe's first exascale system will be slotted into modular containerized datacenter 3
open Quantum computing eggheads throw some other qubits at the wall to see what sticks 7
open DoE watchdog warns of poor maintenance at home of Frontier exascale system 4
open After bashing Nvidia for ‘arming’ China, Cerebras's backer G42 alarms US govt with suspected Beijing ties 7
open Alibaba shuts down quantum lab, donates it to university 2
open NASA geeks code new tricks to model rocket plumes and avoid a lunar dust-up 6
open As the Top500 celebrates its 30th year, with a $5 VM you too can get into the top 10 ... of 1993 24
open Intel drops the deets on UK's Dawn AI supercomputer 6
open Aurora dawns late: Half-baked entry secures second in supercomputer stakes 3
open Developing AI models or giant GPU clusters? Uncle Sam would like a word 18
open UK bets on Intel CPUs and GPUs, Dell boxen, OpenStack for Dawn supercomputer 9
open UK govt finds £225M for Isambard-AI supercomputer powered by Nvidia 25
open Tachyum says someone will build 50 exaFLOPS super with its as-yet unfinished chips 4
open US govt talks up $2B X-ray photobooth to check its nuke weapon sims are right 18
open From vacuum tubes to qubits – is quantum computing destined to repeat history? 31
open SCREAM resonates in the race for the Gordon Bell Climate Prize 8
open Los Alamos finishes installing Crossroads super to test nukes without a big bang 19
open Tesla hedges Dojo supercomputer bet with 10K Nvidia H100 GPU cluster 7
By Catkin
open Rocky Linux backer CIQ rejects lawsuit's claims it was founded on stolen IP 11
open A closer look at Harvard and Google's HPC heart research project 3
open US shovels cash into supercomputers hoping to stoke fusion future 2
By mpi
open Tesla's Dojo supercomputer is a billion-dollar bet to make AI better at driving than humans 43
open Cerebras's Condor Galaxy AI supercomputer takes flight carrying 36 exaFLOPS 3
open Uncle Sam to put Aurora supercomputer to work on catalyst conundrums 5
open Fancy tinkering with the atmosphere? The Derecho supercomputer can advise 6
open Europe sets out to squeeze every last drop of power from supercomputers 3
By Wu Ming
open Intel sprinkles 12-qubit quantum test chips into the hands of researchers 4