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open From vacuum tubes to qubits – is quantum computing destined to repeat history? 3
open SCREAM resonates in the race for the Gordon Bell Climate Prize 8
open Los Alamos finishes installing Crossroads super to test nukes without a big bang 19
open Tesla hedges Dojo supercomputer bet with 10K Nvidia H100 GPU cluster 7
By Catkin
open Rocky Linux backer CIQ rejects lawsuit's claims it was founded on stolen IP 11
open A closer look at Harvard and Google's HPC heart research project 3
open US shovels cash into supercomputers hoping to stoke fusion future 2
By mpi
open Tesla's Dojo supercomputer is a billion-dollar bet to make AI better at driving than humans 43
open Cerebras's Condor Galaxy AI supercomputer takes flight carrying 36 exaFLOPS 3
open Uncle Sam to put Aurora supercomputer to work on catalyst conundrums 5
open Fancy tinkering with the atmosphere? The Derecho supercomputer can advise 6
open Europe sets out to squeeze every last drop of power from supercomputers 3
By Wu Ming
open Intel sprinkles 12-qubit quantum test chips into the hands of researchers 4
open Look mom, no InifiniBand: Nvidia’s DGX GH200 glues 256 superchips with NVLink 3
open SambaNova injects a little AI mojo into US supercomputer lab's nuke sims 2
open IBM asks UChicago, UTokyo for help building a 100K qubit quantum supercomputer 10
open US supers maintain grip on Top500 list as China seemingly hides its powers 4
open Open source at America's famous Los Alamos Lab: Pragmatism as its nucleus 10
open A lone Nvidia GPU speeds past the physics-straining might of a quantum computer – in these apps at least 22
By v13
open Quantum computing: Hype or reality? OVH says businesses would be better off prepared 14
open Aurora exascale system gets 'mini-me' testbed for researchers 3
open D-Wave hello to another quantum pioneer warned over possible delisting 3
open Budget: UK chip strategy still nowhere to be seen. Money for quantum, AI? Sure 36
By Tron
open Petaflops help scientists understand why some COVID-19 variants are more contagious 14
open Quantum of solace: Rigetti to cut workforce as it faces Nasdaq delisting 2
By IGotOut
open Atos tossed €20m to build Max Planck Society supercomputer 2
open Could RISC-V become a force in high performance computing? 28
open LUMI supercomputer puts GPU partition through its paces with hardcore science 6
open Intel, AMD just created a headache for datacenters 29
open Atos will be paid $29m over $1b UK Met Office supercomputer dispute 29
open Samsung slaps processing-in-memory chips onto GPUs for first-of-its-kind supercomputer 10
open If today's tech gets you down, remember supercomputers are still being used for scientific progress 14
By jake
open Durham Uni and Dell co-design systems to help model the universe 4
open NOAA, Microsoft partner to put climate models in the clouds 3
By P. Lee
open Europe to have 2 of the 4 most powerful supercomputers as Leonardo comes online 14
By HPCJohn
open HPC's lost histories will power the future of tech 16
open Nvidia H100-based Henri supercomputer tests AMD’s claim on Green500 1
open Cerebras's supercomputer has more cores than world's fastest iron – with a big catch 6
open Nvidia, Lockheed team up to build digital twin of the Earth for climate researchers 7
open Aurora delays keep Frontier supercomputer in #1 spot on Top500 1
open Dell pushing hybrid quantum/classical system in HPC overhaul 1
open DoE supercomputing centers get $1.5B boost from Biden administration 1
open Tiny quantum computer plugs into top Euro supercomputer – because why not? 12
open HPE supercomputer to tell Singapore that it's hot, humid, probably going to rain 5
open Fujitsu launches HPC and not-quite-quantum cloud services 1
open Classiq works with Rolls-Royce on quantum boost for simulations 2
open Scientists model turbulence to boost space propulsion 10
open Saudi Arabia turns to HPE for AMD-powered Cray supercomputer 1
open Polaris supercomputer boots up, paves way for Aurora exascale system 2
By Korev
open Quantum systems maker D-Wave takes the SPAC route 6