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open Boeing's Starliner CST-100 on its way to the ISS 2 years late 64
open Voyager 1 space probe producing ‘anomalous telemetry data’ 115
open NASA's InSight doomed as Mars dust coats solar panels 57
open Rocket Lab is taking NASA's CAPSTONE to the Moon 8
open Lithium production needs investment to keep pace with battery demand 17
By Swarthy
open D-Wave deploys first US-based Advantage quantum system 10
open Pictured: Sagittarius A*, the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way 55
open BMW looks to quantum computers to speed R&D 16
open Aerospace biz Orbex shows off a prototype Prime on its Scottish stand 5
open Astra Space to launch satellites from Shetland 11
open Mars Ingenuity helicopter and Perseverance are talking again 33
open Human-made hopper out-leaps rival robots in artificial jumping contest 29
open Quantum-tunneling memory could boost AI energy efficiency by 100x 2
open Worried about being replaced by a robot? Become a physicist 56
open NASA's modified Boeing 747 SP SOFIA to be grounded for good 25
open MIT's thin plastic speakers fall flat. And that's by design 35
open Rocket Lab to attempt mid-air recovery of descending booster 29
By herman
open Could a leaky capacitor be at fault on ESA's Sentinel-1B? 27
open US Space Force unit to monitor region beyond Earth's geosynchronous orbit 84
open Take this $15m and make us some ultra-energy-efficient superconductor chips, scientists told 21
open Engineers up the torque to get Lucy's solar array latched 14
open Space Launch System dress rehearsal canceled for repairs 30
open ESA: Fly me to the Moon, just not on a Russian rocket 16
open Intel ships mystery quantum hardware to national lab 9
open The Register gets up close and personal with ESA's JUICE spacecraft 14
open Scientists make spin ice breakthrough 10
open SpaceX launches first totally private mission to the International Space Station 29
open Newly released Space Force data could save life on Earth 13
By Sanguma
open Direct lithium extraction technique for greener batteries gains traction 37
By adam 40
open First Light says it's hit nuclear fusion breakthrough with no fancy lasers, magnets 148
open DARPA says US hypersonic missile is ready for real world 67
open ESA's Sentinel-1A satellite narrowly dodges debris 31
By ThatOne
open Boston Dynamics' latest robot is a warehouse workhorse 37
open Scientists repurpose hoverfly vision to detect drones by sound 18
open Terra Quantum nets $75m for cryptography, security work 2
open NASA astronaut returns to Earth on a Russian Soyuz 11
open Wozniak startup to share orbital space junk data 15
By DiViDeD
open NASA will award contract for second lunar lander to a biz that's not SpaceX 37
By Ken G
open Russia's Mir space station returned to Earth 21 years ago 8
By Ken G
open Oxidation-proof copper could replace gold, meaning cheaper chips, says prof 46
open Take this $715,000 and find security gaps in quantum computers, says NSF 24
open Hear us out: Smartphone lidar can test blood, milk 34
open ExoMars rover launch axed over Russia tensions 32
open UK space firm Skyrora opens rocket testing site in Scotland 10
open Ukraine's nuclear plants: Chernobyl off diesel power, explosions explained 27
open Software upgrades help Mars helicopter keep flying 14
open Pioneer 10 turns 50: Remembering humankind's first jaunt to Jupiter 28
open Microsoft claims breakthrough in quantum computer system 35
open Congress earmarks cash for fusion energy development 8
By ciaran
open Next-gen Moon buggy FLEX conquers California desert, seeks lunar speed record 23
By phuzz



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