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open Tim Peake joins Axiom Space as an astronaut advisor 1
By t245t
open Engineers fix ESA's Gaia observatory from 1.5M kilometers away 10
open Curiosity rover is crushing it: Ran over a rock and found pure sulfur 20
open Chinese researchers create four-gram drone that might fly forever 7
open Pi goes to spaaaaace... for a bit longer than planned 5
open NASA swings budget axe, kills $400M+ VIPER lunar trundlebot 17
open Here we go again. And again. Musk threatens to pull Twitter, SpaceX out of California 121
open SpaceX asks the FAA: 'Can we launch our rockets again, please?' 43
open ESA starts work on planetary defence mission, because Bruce Willis is retired 20
open Evidence for Moon caves emerges as humans hunt for hospitable hideaway under lunar surface 33
open SpaceX's Falcon anomaly could have serious implications for the space industry 60
open SpaceX hit by inflight Falcon 9 failure 35
open Boeing's Starliner set for extended stay at the ISS as engineers on Earth try to recreate thruster issues 48
open Astroscale space janitor attempts fly-around of derelict upper stage 7
open Glass rain, supersonic winds, and Eau de Rotten Egg – just another day on HD 189733 b 18
open Europe blasts back into the heavy launch biz with first Ariane 6 flight 54
open Time Lords decree: No leap second needed in 2024 45
open ITER delays first plasma for world's biggest fusion power rig by a decade 105
open Oak Ridge boffins twist exotic metal into eco-friendly, solid-state cooler 17
By ThatOne
open MIT's bionic leg upgrade leaves amputees walking like the wind 18
open Trouble in space as Boeing's not going, and China's back from the Moon 15
open China working on standard for brain-computer interfaces 8
open Chinese space company accidentally launches rocket in test gone wrong 50
open Mars is slam-dunked by hundreds of basketball-sized meteorites every year 19
open ISS 'nauts told to duck and cover after dead Russian sat sprays space junk 18
By 0laf
open Perseverance pays off as Mars rover's SHERLOC brought back from the brink 12
By petef
open Resource burden of electric vehicles set to triple by 2050 49
open China's Chang'e-6 capsule returns with lunar loot from the far side 25
open Humanity's satellite habit could end up choking Earth's ozone layer 92
open NASA ought to pay up after space debris punched a hole in my roof, homeowner says 54
By mtp
open Starliner to remain docked to the ISS into July – with no new departure date 49
open India to build re-usable launch vehicle after nailing third landing of mini-spaceplane 16
open NASA finds humanity would totally fumble asteroid defense 99
open Additional hatch operations on a Boeing vehicle – but this time it's Starliner 51
open 50 launches, 1 knighthood – Rocket Lab CEO talks heavy-lift rockets, Venus, and Musk 10
open Tiny solid-state battery promises to pack a punch in pocket gadgets 72
open Wrongful termination lawsuit accuses Neuralink of Herpes B-infected monkey business 21
open The Hubble Space Telescope is back in business 13
open Virgin Galactic celebrates flight hiatus with a reverse stock split 9
open Voyager 1 makes stellar comeback to science operations 31
open Dr Ed Stone, former director of JPL, Voyager project scientist, dies at 88 18
open Space health shocker: Astronauts return mostly fine 12
open Gates-backed nuclear plant breaks ground without guarantee it'll have fuel 76
open Molten lunar regolith heats up space colonization dreams 35
open Legendary Glastonbury farm using bovine excreta power plant adds graphene boffinry 35
open Virgin Galactic's VSS Unity bows out to make way for Delta Class successor 8
open EU grants €15M funding for ICARUS inflatable heat shield 24
By vekkq
open Astroboffins order most advanced spectrograph ever to sniff out alien life 30
open White House hopes $180M will solve science, tech gaps in commercial fusion power 19
open Quantinuum inches closer to fault-tolerant quantum with a 56 qubit machine 11