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open Crypto-failure Terraform Labs to cough $4.5 billion and then liquidate itself 14
open Elon Musk ends OpenAI lawsuit without explaining why 22
open Samsung union stages its first ever strike – very politely 9
By PB90210
open Alleged $100M dark-web drug kingpin, 23, arrested 31
open IBM sued again for alleged discrimination – this time against White males 108
By Hans 1
open Amazon boss receives tap on wrist for statements breaking labor laws 13
open Apple's failure to duck UK antitrust probe could bring £785M windfall for devs 18
open Netherlands arm of KPMG fined $25M for cheating in exams 19
open US 'considering' end to Assange prosecution bid 88
open Musk burns bridges in Brazil after calling for senior judge to be impeached 86
open Apple to settle class action for $490 million after Tim overcooked China outlook 20
open Microsoft calls AI privacy complaint 'doomsday hyperbole' 31
open Apple may have made itself a target before the EU's Digital Markets Act comes into force 16
By 43300
open Twitter's ex-CEO, CFO, and managers sue Elon Musk for $128M 49
open Lordstown Motors to pay $25M in SEC settlement over misleading investor claims 6
By tmTM
open Google sued by more than 30 European media orgs over adtech 6
open Nikola founder faces ranch forfeiture following fraud conviction 13
By Rod.h
open Google co-founder Brin named a defendant in wrongful death complaint 31
By dwrolfe
open Australia passes Right To Disconnect law, including (for now) jail time for bosses who email after-hours 81
open California proposes government cloud cluster to sift out nasty AI models 1
open Fintech engineer grounded by crypto fraud caper, including $300m spoof trades 9
open India probes SAP and IBM over ancient Air India ERP tender 1
open Samsung heir Lee Jae-yong acquitted of stock manipulation charges 5
open US research body sues chip tech company Japan’s government plans to buy 4
By Dasreg
open DEA nabs $150M from dark web drug lord based... in Coventry 15
open Eyeing China, US may require clouds to report when foreign actors rent kit to build AI models 5
By Lurko
open France fines Amazon €32M for watching staff so much they'd have to 'justify each break' 13
open Meta accused of enrolling undecided EU users in ad-sponsored platform 26
open India again backs down on its controversial PC import restrictions 6
open SpaceX snaps back at US labor board's complaint, calling it 'unconstitutional' 49
open Court orders arbitration for Wipro and ex-CFO who left for Cognizant 5
open Google illegally refusing to bargain with employee union, says NLRB 15
open Former Adobe software engineering leader convicted of insider trading 7
By claimed
open SpaceX accused of firing employees critical of free speech fan Elon Musk 59
open China bans export of rare earth processing kit 110
open Europe classifies three adult sites as worthy of its toughest internet regulations 66
By Bartek
open GM's Cruise sheds nine execs in the name of safety and integrity 14
open Adobe warns it may face massive fines for subscription cancellation practices 18
By Bebu
open Epic decision sees jury find Google's Play store is illegal monopoly 53
open Amazon's practices are 'the essence of competition,' it tells judge 12
open Musk takes SEC 'Twitter sitter' consent decree appeal to US Supreme Court 53
open US lawmakers want blanket denial for sensitive tech export licenses to China 8
open Post-Brexit tariffs on EU-UK electric vehicle imports staved off till 2027 72
By AndrueC
open China gamifies censorship and surveillance with national internet law quiz 9
By MiguelC
open Roblox investor plays hardball over 'weak' parental controls 10
open Meta sued by privacy group over pay up or click OK model 90
By bpfh
open X/Twitter booted out of Australia's disinformation-fighting club 61
open Tata Consultancy Services ordered to cough up $210M in code theft trial 10
open Singapore to deter crypto investors with tactics like those used on smokers, gamblers 13
By Grogan
open Veteran wingman wants $1.75M from Boeing over emotional turbulence 2