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open Microsoft stashes nearly half a billion in case LinkedIn data drama hits 10
open Australia fines tech companies for exploiting foreign tech workers 29
open Fahrenheit to take over Celsius 43
open Ex-McKinsey IT director claims he was fired for whistleblowing 22
open Pakistan turns its back on crypto to keep anti-terrorism watchdogs happy 6
open China becomes the 37th country to approve Microsoft's Activision buyout 10
By druck
open China bans Micron products after security review finds unspecified flaws 24
open Asia's top rideshare outfit, Grab, is late paying fines for running late 3
open US Disruptive Technology Strike Force has struck 3
open Australia asks Twitter how it will mod content without staff, gets ghosted 59
open Big Tech mainstays named as targets of PwC tax law leak 3
open EU-US Privacy Framework could make life easier for a data biz, if it survives 18
open Korea hopes US will extend sanction exemptions for SK hynix and Samsung 1
open Vietnam to require registration of social media, even on global platforms 5
open Ex-OpenSea exec convicted in first-of-its-kind case of insider trading of NFTs 6
open Fresh GDPR ruling says even 'minor anxiety' could mean payouts for EU folks 45
open Storing the Quran on your phone makes you a terror suspect in China 56
open Major decision on GDPR compensation rights expected soon 21
By IT Hack
open Smuggler busted heading for China with dodgy GPUs … and live lobsters 14
By Dave559
open Uncle Sam sounds like it may actually do something about rampant visa H-1B fraud 32
open Europe floats patent overhaul, which obviously everyone's thrilled about 8
By veti
open Amazon, Bing, Wikipedia make EU's list of 'Very Large' platforms 20
By tiggity
open South Korea prosecutes Terraform Labs co-founder Daniel Shin 5
open Tech giants could pay 10% of turnover under draft UK law 16
open Brit politicians, Big Tech grumble about India tech laws 10
open India smacked for illegal tech import tariffs that hurt buyers and exporters everywhere 2
open Sanctions-busting exporters sent $2 billion of tech to Russia through China, Hong Kong, and the UK in 2022 5
open South Korea fines Google $32M for using market power to stymie rival app store 5
By DS999
open Trade ministers flag researchers as possible vector of tech sanction-busting 6
By Grogan
open Tesla ordered to pay worker $3M-plus over racist treatment 40
open Google (sort of) loses in Indian antitrust appeal 4
By v13
open India-based cybergang busted for selling fake KFC franchises 14
open No 'decoupling' here: Apple, Samsung, and Qualcomm sing China's praises 9
open Where in the world is Terraform Labs villain Do Kwon? Montenegro, actually 12
open Toshiba board supports – without recommending – $15 billion takeover bid 6
open Indian state turns off internet for 27 million, for four days, to stymie one man 14
By Raj
open Hong Kong's state-sponsored SEO on national anthem strikes the right note 11
open Now collapsed SVB's parent files for bankruptcy as Biden calls for stiffer penalties 35
open DXC Technology fined $8m by SEC for misleading investors 1
open Tough luck, Brits: Binance suspends UK deposits and withdrawals 52
open Silicon Valley Bank's UK arm bought by HSBC for 1 British pound in rescue deal 49
open Silicon supply chain players plot exodus from China in wake of ASML's exit 23
open China launches yet another crackdown on social media 18
By sabroni
open US government says Silicon Valley Bank depositors can get their cash on Monday 36
open Silicon Valley Bank seized by officials after imploding: How this happened and why 133
open Two tech-centric banks strike trouble, spooking markets 12
open South Korea warns US: The CHIPS Act leaves a sour taste 18
By Roland6
open South Korea moves to resolve WWII dispute with Japan that troubles tech supply chains 24
open Ericsson fined for dodgy Djibouti dealings and warned over Iraqi indiscretions 5
By Xalran
open China blocked 54.3 million items online in 2022, after snitches sent 170 million tips 5