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open Meet Honda's latest electric vehicle: A rideable suitcase 88
open Long-lost 1977 Star Wars X-Wing prop discovered – lock s-foils in bid position 28
open Grant Shapps named UK defense supremo in latest 'tech-savvy' Tory tale 98
open Let's give these quadruped robot dogs next-gen XM7 rifles, says US Army 34
open IBM shows off its sense of humor in not-so-funny letter leak 55
open North Korea's neighbors issue warnings ahead of attempted 'satellite' launch 9
open Need a decent dining spot in Ottawa? Microsoft suggested a food bank 27
open Cage match: Zuck finally realizes Elon is full of twit 50
open Official science: People do less, make more mistakes on Friday afternoons 63
open US Air Force burns more money on electric flying taxis 14
open Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen's pop artifact stash now heads to a museum 15
open On the record: Apple bags patent for iDevice to play LPs 81
open Chipotle welcomes you to the age of robot guacamole 15
open Lamborghini's last remaining pure gas guzzlers are all spoken for 156
open Forget these apps and AI, where's my flying car? Ah, here's one with an FAA license 67
By Ken G
open If you want a big brain, make a habit out of daytime naps 41
open Mark Zuckerberg would kick Elon Musk's ass, experts say 70
By Ashto5
open Restaurant hired 'priest' to extract workplace confessions from staff 38
By teebie
open Elon Musk's Twitter moves were 'reaffirming' says Reddit boss amid API changes 161
open North Korean spy satellite launch ends in sea smash 10
open Cisco: Don't use 'blind spot' – and do use 'feed two birds with one scone' 219
By Zarno
open Of course Russia's ex-space boss doubts US set foot on the Moon 112
open Pornhub walls off Utah in age-verification law protest 74
open CEO sorry after telling staff to 'leave pity city' over bonuses 88
open NYC Mayor: Robo-pup 'out of the pound' and back to police work 17
open Tupperware looking less airtight than you'd think 59
open Thieves smash hole in wall to nab $500K in Apple iKit 41
open Pentagon whistleblower Ellsberg given months to live 18
By Lomax
open Adidas grapples with $1.3B in unsold Yeezy sneakers after breaking up with Kanye West 92
open Havana Syndrome definitely (maybe) not caused by brain-scrambling energy weapons 36
By teebie
open Take the blue pill: Keanu Reeves has had enough of AI baloney 66
open That's not a TP-Link access point, it's a… vacuum? 29
open Three seconds of audio could end up costing Fox $500,000 180
open Scientists conclude cats only have three personalities after YouTube clip binge 90
By Tiffany
open Iterable co-founder claims he was ousted because of racial discrimination, not LSD use 14
open Twitter refugees seek asylum in an unusual place: The Matt Hancock app 32
open Looking for a holiday DIY project? Build your own pen-plotter, for under $15 19
open KFC bot urges Germans to mark Kristallnacht with cheesy chicken 87
open All of the norths are about to align over Britain 111
open New measurement alert: Liz Truss inspires new Register standard 159
By Suragai
open Team Interpol: Metaverse Police 18
open Liz Truss ousted as UK prime minister, outlived by online lettuce 371
open Artist formerly known as Kanye reveals Parler trick: Buying the far-right haven 77
open Now you can't even scale Mount Everest without a drone buzzing overhead 17
open This maglev turntable costs more than an average luxury electric car 127
open Airbus auctions off bits from retired A380 superjumbo jet 18
open This rumor needs to Die Hard: Bruce Willis denies selling face to deepfake biz 16
By druck
open NSA super-leaker Edward Snowden granted Russian citizenship 77
By Aitor 1
open Billionaire CEO tells Googlers 'we shouldn’t always equate fun with money' 42
By Swarthy
open Amazon accused of singling out, harassing union organizers 42