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open Salesforce boss Benioff scores payday of nearly $30m amid cost cutting 4
open Microsoft tackles SaaSy URL sprawl, dumping its dotcom in favor of 23
By hoola
open Where are we now – Microsoft 363? Cloud suite suffers another outage 20
open Microsoft not a Teams player as admin center, 365 service suffer partial outage 22
open Microsoft switches gears, keeps Exchange Online's CARs around until Sept 2024 1
open Activist investor Elliott holds off board-level influence at Salesforce 3
By Mayday
open Microsoft dips Teams in the metaverse vat with avatars ahead 29
open Salesforce latest to sprinkle ChatGPT on itself, will ask language models to write code 8
open Salesforce banks savings by sweating tech infrastructure for an extra year 8
open Salesforce under investor pressure to dump more staff 6
open Google staff asked to share desk space in latest cost purge 57
open Salesforce woes continue as Twitter slashes spending with SaaS supermonster 9
open No more rockstars, say Billy Idol, Joan Jett in Workday Super Bowl ad 40
open Microsoft injects AI into Teams so no one will ever forget what the meeting decided 61
By jake
open Salesforce refreshes board as activist investors circle 6
open Changes afoot at Salesforce after activist investor Elliott takes a decisive slice 12
open IBM top brass accused again of using mainframes to prop up Watson, cloud sales 36
open Security tech chief quits Salesforce as list of top-table departures grows 2
open Salesforce: There's no more Slack left to cut 23
open Salesforce to chop 10% of workforce in $1.4 billion restructuring blueprint 6
By herman
open British Airways flights grounded due to glitch in flight planning app 16
open Salesforce's new hires are less productive, says CEO Benioff 37
open Adobe confirms UK looking into its $20b Figma deal, EU probe 'expected' 10
open Where are EU going with that Teams antitrust probe? Microsoft wants a word 25
open Oracle clouds never go down, says Oracle's Larry Ellison 23
By nijam
open Salesforce calls some workers back to the office amid slowing sales 9
open Exchange Online and Microsoft Teams went down in APAC because Microsoft broke itself 34
open Cloudflare hikes prices by a quarter, blames the accountants 14
open As recession looms, Workday warns that legacy HR systems need updating 15
open Low code is no replacement for software development, say German-speaking SAP users 39
By Tom100
open Salesforce trims workforce as growth slows post-lockdowns 2
open Sage denies misleading customers over perpetual licensing, users not happy 25
open Oracle's NetSuite tests automation, warehouse management waters 1
By cd
open Salesforce set to hire thousands in India after hitting brakes on US recruitment 9
open Microsoft highlights 'productivity paranoia' in remote work research 38
open Salesforce lets Genie out of the bottle 1
open Green alert: SaaS giants may use sustainability to justify price hikes 4
By ayay
open Deals are being 'inspected by higher levels of management,' says Salesforce 4
open Microsoft: Outlook desktop app crashing due to missing identity setting 26
open After eleven-year wait, Atlassian customers promised custom domains in 2023 14
open Barclays inks multi-year deal with Microsoft, starts rolling out Teams 16
open ServiceNow valuation dips after subs forecast cut 1
open Microsoft reviews M365 resilience after Indian outage 2
By Giles C
open Microsoft Teams outage widens to take out M365 services, admin center 51
open Slack to increase prices for Pro customers 12
open Back-to-office mandates won't work, says Salesforce's Benioff 72
open Microsoft unboxes Exchange Online certification in bid to push customers off-prem 8
By vogon00
open £11.5b in 10 years: UK's government cloud services unit G-Cloud 5
open End of the road for biz living off free G Suite legacy edition 47
open Oracle cloud growth up 19% but it's still a market minnow 1