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open SAP customers may struggle to escape ECC before support shutters if they don't start now 9
By Casca
open Salesforce expects lowest quarterly growth in two decades 5
open EMEA enterprise folks scrutinize deals more closely – and it's hurting Workday 3
open AWS CEO logs off after three years at the helm 2
By Snake
open Workday abandons new-build Dublin office project 12
open Are we in a cost of technology crisis? Our vultures think so 5
open Open source versus Microsoft: The new rebellion begins 187
By hj
open Microsoft hikes Dynamics 365 prices by around ten percent or more 15
open SAP transformation program a 'euphemism' for job cuts, claims European Works Council 7
open Microsoft unbundling Teams is to appease regulators, not give customers a better deal 54
open EU antitrust cops probe Microsoft ties between Entra ID and 365 services 29
open SAP accused of age discrimination, retaliation by US whistleblower 10
open Sunak's defunct SaaS scheme spent seven percent of budget designed to help 100,000 SMEs 26
open UK Cabinet Office hits pause on £9M Microsoft deal 33
open NHS in Wales bets big on Microsoft with deal worth nearly half a billion 28
By MrGreen
open Twitter spinout Bluesky ends invite-only phase and opens its doors to all comers 21
open Snow day in corporate world thanks to another frustrating Microsoft Teams outage 35
open Microsoft 365's add-on avalanche is putting the squeeze on customers 45
open Duke Uni libraries decamp from 37Signals' Basecamp over CTO's blogs 43
open Microsoft's Swiss army knife app hopes to cut through cloud clutter 6
By s. pam
open Microsoft 365 Copilot 'generally available' – if you can afford 300 seats 15
open Amazon to drop a cool $1B on Microsoft 365 cloud suite 19
open So this one time, at Bandcamp, half the staff were laid off 45
By ecofeco
open Atlassian buys 'asynchronous video' outfit Loom for almost $1 billion 25
open ServiceNow upgrade goes from AI to Zero Trust 1
open Salesforce engineers roll back change after breaking own cloud for hours today 3
By MyffyW
open Salesforce flipflops from 'you're fired' to 'you're hired' in six short months 27
open Microsoft billing 3 cents a minute to revisit tedious Teams meetings via API 23
open Official: Microsoft unbundles Teams in Europe 19
By 43300
open Verizon to 'sunset' Blue Jeans vidconf platform 26
open Google launches $99 a night Hotel Mountain View for hybrid workers 68
By Roland6
open It's official: EU probing bundling of Teams with Microsoft 365 42
open Global Slack messaging outage cuts world off from colleagues 14
open MySQL Heatwave dives into object storage data lakes 2
open Euro monopoly cops to probe Microsoft for slipping Teams into Office 44
open Investors give Salesforce a 4% slap on back for raising prices 1
open Microsoft Azure OpenAI lets enterprises feed corporate secrets to ChatGPT 22
By uqrxur
open Google formally accuses monopolist Microsoft of trapping people in its cloud 24
open Suit alleges Oracle oversold and under-delivered on NetSuite software 4
By Grunchy
open Tech vendors have been hiking prices by up to 24% amid inflation 14
open Salesforce lures staff with $10 donation to charity for each day they're in the office 14
open Microsoft battles through two 365 outages in one day 36
open CRM giant Salesforce's focus on margins sees sales growth slip 1
open Get ready, Snowflakes: Azure AI is coming for you with one click 6
open Salesforce boss Benioff scores payday of nearly $30m amid cost cutting 4
open Microsoft tackles SaaSy URL sprawl, dumping its dotcom in favor of 23
By hoola
open Where are we now – Microsoft 363? Cloud suite suffers another outage 20
open Microsoft not a Teams player as admin center, 365 service suffer partial outage 22
open Microsoft switches gears, keeps Exchange Online's CARs around until Sept 2024 1
open Activist investor Elliott holds off board-level influence at Salesforce 3
By Mayday