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open Infosys board asks boss Salil Parekh to stay another 5 years 3
By Ace2
open You can keep your old ERP system, but you'll still need ServiceNow, CEO tells The Reg 17
open Trying and failing to update Visual Studio? You aren't alone 13
By Bryan W
open Google Docs crashed when fed 'And. And. And. And. And.' 62
open US judge dismisses Republican efforts to block release of Salesforce emails 62
open Oracle users fail to get that moving apps to cloud means business transformation – Gartner 20
open Under pressure, SAP shuts down Russian operations 33
By Danny 2
open Atlassian outage lingers, sparking data loss fears 24
open Google focuses Lens on combined image and text searching 12
By Terry 6
open IBM deliberately misclassified mainframe sales to enrich execs, lawsuit claims 84
open Atlassian adds Analytics, Atlas, Compass to line up 1
By Joe W
open Atlassian Jira, Confluence outage persists two days on 34
By Enigman
open Google unrolls search features to tackle misinformation 22
open Russian devs plan alternative Android app store after Google Play bans paid apps 10
open Oracle adds autoML to its MySQL HeatWave service 1
open IBM powers up cloud service for managing crypto keys 1
open US, Canada to figure out rules on cops and Feds accessing people's data across borders 11
open Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang talks chips, GPUs, metaverse 1
open Google Maps just got lost for a few hours 35
open Salesforce sued in attempt to block release of Capitol riot info 51
By Lars
open Intel eyes subscriptions to grow software sales from 2021's $100m 17
open Microsoft introduces pay-as-you-go tier for Power Apps 5
By msobkow
open Intune out of tune after an Android 12 update? Help's coming 2
By _LC_
open Oracle, SAP suspend business in Russia amid invasion 14
open Akamai's Linode buy: Good for enterprise, risky for others 12
By ayay
open IT vendors set to use headline inflation to justify price hike 14
By msobkow
open IBM Consulting assimilates cloud firm for Azure expertise 11
By spold
open UK's National Savings & Investments bank looks for new IT partner in £172m deal 12
open Cringe: Salesforce latest megacorp to jump on non-fungible tokens bandwagon 13
open ServiceNow CEO says mergers and acquisitions are off the table – too messy 11
By jtaylor
open Tougher rules on targeted ads, deepfakes, crafty web design, and more? Euro lawmakers give a thumbs up 38
By Giles C
open Google sours on legacy G Suite freeloaders, demands fee or flee 109
open Sage to acquire remaining stake in ecommerce platform Brightpearl for £225m 5
open West Sussex County Council faces two-year delay to replace ageing SAP system for Oracle 22
open Not only was the UK Financial Ombudsman Service's Workday system months late, 38 IT workers' jobs are at risk 11
open Microsoft 365 admins 'flooded' with bulk and bogus notifications for over an hour 11
By ecofeco
open Microsoft's Teams Essential tier seems designed to coax people on to Business Basic 23
open So it turns out Google would like to pass Knative to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation after all 1
open Workday subscription revenue forecasts leave investors cold, wiping 9% off company value 8
open CIOs across Europe add their VOICE to chorus of calls to regulate cloud gatekeepers 4
open AWS still growing like a weed but Amazon's retail empire hit by soaring labour, supply chain costs 2
open Ever wondered where the 'cloud' was in Adobe Creative Cloud? Here it is in beta form 22
open Surrey County Council faces £700k additional SAP support fees as £30m Unit4 ERP set to miss go-live target 14
open Brit builders merchant Travis Perkins opts for Oracle after ERP disaster with Infor 32
By KBeee
open Salesforce should rename its Dreamforce conference to Feverdreamforce because this is getting ridiculous 7
open Still divided on whether teachers, parents or politicians are to blame 15
open What have the Romans ever done for us? In ServiceNow's new Rome release, replaced intranets, for one 1
open Technology does widen the education divide. But not always in the way you expect 29
open Intuit branches out into email marketing by splashing $12bn on Mailchimp acquisition 14
open Technology has the potential to close the education divide. Key word: Potential 38



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