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open AWS to pump billions into sovereign cloud for Germany 20
open Amazon's latest 'flex' VMs promise savings for your burstiest apps 3
open Ellison's exemplar SAP-to-Oracle region rules out ditching Oracle 23
open Once Alibaba’s main investor, SoftBank sheds remaining stake 1
By tony72
open UniSuper Google Cloud outage caused by an unfortunate series of events 16
open From chips to cloud, tech titans continue to splash cash across APAC 1
By neilg
open Google Cloud blunder sinks Australian fund for a week 11
open VMware waves goodbye to AWS middleman as Broadcom takes the reins 2
open Spanish startups say 'no más' to Microsoft cloud dominance 4
By Snapper
open AWS promotes itself as alternative to its own VMware service 6
By sedregj
open Amazon to blow $11B on cluster of Indiana bit barns 4
open Oracle changes its tune with HQ move to Music City 17
open UK county council misses deadline for £7.3M RISE with SAP system launch 15
open Fancy building a replacement for Post Office's disastrous Horizon system? 109
open US-EAST-1 region is not the cloudy crock it's made out to be, claims AWS EC2 boss 4
By notiggy
open Google Cloud chief is really psyched about this AI thing 6
open What happened to agility and new business models? Cloud benefits have all gone to IT 29
By Ken G
open Lambda borrows half a billion bucks to grow its GPU cloud 8
open AWS severs connection with several hundred staff 13
open French lawmakers take a swing at cloud monopolies 6
open Cloud server host Vultr rips user data licensing clause from ToS amid web 'confusion' 27
open Scaleway shows off its new RISC-V devices at Kubecon 4
By ldo
open Meta sues ex infra VP for allegedly stealing top-secret datacenter blueprints 4
By Lurko
open Amazon bends to Euro watchdogs, waives egress fees for folks ditching AWS 3
By wknd
open Companies flush money down the drain with overfed Kubernetes cloud clusters 13
open 40k servers, 400k CPUs and 40 PB of storage later... welcome to Google Cloud 13
open Multiple billions up for grabs as UK government launches cloud services tenders 41
open Two of India's most prominent startup tech giants are in deep trouble 18
open Restrictive licensing keeps businesses grounded in cloud vendor vortex 11
open IBM Cloud is upgrading a datacenter and users will have to halt their Power VMs 8
By elip
open Tesco techies and Azure jockeys hit the floor during weekend of outages 3
open Vodafone signs a 10-year, $1.5B deal with Microsoft that sheds European DCs 17
open Big Cloud deploys thousands of GPUs for AI – yet most appear under-utilized 7
open Why Google is waiving egress fees for disgruntled customers ditching GCP 16
By sabroni
open Gaia-X project doesn't have a future, claims Nextcloud boss 11
open Google releases fix for missing Drive for desktop files 11
By Alumoi
open AWS accuses Microsoft of clipping customers' cloud freedoms 8
open Europe signs off on up to €1.2B in state aid for homegrown cloud project 43
open AWS exec: 'Our understanding of open source has started to change' 23
open Google submits complaints about Microsoft licensing to UK competition regulator 7
open AWS rakes in half a billion pounds from UK Home Office 40
open Civo CEO on free credits, egress fees, and hauling it all back on-prem 9
open Alibaba cancels cloud spinoff, blames US chip sanctions 2
open Motives of multi-cloud users? Compliance and dodging vendor lock-in top the list 1
By Dimmer
open European Commission loves Oracle enough to sign six-year cloud deal 15
By Ken G
open AWS CEO talks up AI to focus minds of Wall Street types 2
open AWS says it wants in on the European sovereign cloud game 11
By druck
open Microsoft admits 'power issue' downed Azure services in West Europe 16
open Obscured by clouds: Time for IaaS vendors to come clean and play fair 9
open Amazon, Microsoft under UK regulator's eye as cloud market probe confirmed 5