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open Sweden’s Evroc going full Viking with Euro cloud to raid US providers 12
open Google shows cloud customers it's happy to have an open relationship 1
By Korev
open Individual data platforms for all health providers under controversial NHS plans 11
open Top cloud players reject Microsoft's attempt to settle EU licensing complaint 17
By ChoHag
open Rackspace datacenter infrastructure took 12-hour nap in London, Sydney, Hong Kong 23
open Alibaba plans to spin off cloud division within 12 months 1
By Grunchy
open NHS England spends £8M to extend Microsoft deals by a month 54
open EU monopoly cops probe complaints about Microsoft Azure 13
By Michael
open Developers now able to 'customize' their Azure Virtual Desktop experience 1
By ecofeco
open Microsoft Azure CTO believes confidential computing is the future of targeted advertising 24
By 43300
open Uncle Sam mulls dumping monolithic software stacks for modular blocks 11
open Academics have 'no confidence' in Edinburgh University's response to its Oracle disaster 43
open Amazon axes Halo gear as job cuts hit cloud segment 10
open Another cloud provider runs to shelter from Microsoft's licensing practices 8
By gerryg
open Google Cloud slips over in Europe amid water leak, fire 9
open Microsoft may stop bundling Teams with Office amid antitrust probe threat 97
By hoola
open IBM starts renting cloudy bare metal Linux almost-mainframes 9
open UK consortium bid for NHS data platform falls at first hurdle 43
open Ex-CIO must pay £81k over Total Shambles Bank migration 28
open Salesforce lets go of more of its towering presence in San Francisco 4
open Tiny Brit tech firms win spots on £1.84B public sector contract. Kidding, it's the usual suspects 23
open Fujitsu sets out on 5-year mission to standardize ERP on SAP S/4HANA 9
open Ofcom tempted to bring in competition watchdog to sniff the UK cloud market 8
open Microsoft admits Azure Resource Manager failed after code change 20
open The Shakespearian question of our age: To cloud or not to cloud 66
open Chinese biz banned from buying US tech rent it instead 7
open Microsoft wants you to build quantum apps in Azure, the cloud that's both up and down 9
By druck
open WFH? Google Cloud's offices like a 'ghost town' before new policy 41
open US lobbyists commission report dismissing proposed EU cloud regulations 20
open Arm has legs: VMware's Bitnami starts packaging apps for Graviton and Ampere 1
open Save $7 million on cloud by spending $600k on servers, says 37Signals' David Heinemeier Hansson 74
By eldakka
open Airbus in talks to buy 30% chunk of Atos's breakaway cybersecurity biz 2
open DigitalOcean waves goodbye to 11 percent of staff 19
open Uber strikes deals with Google and Oracle to cut datacenter dependence 7
By Korev
open Akamai to expand Linode into a cloud so good you’ll want your data to leave it 1
By wsm
open Euronext says non, nein to US cloud providers services as rivals sign up 6
open Wow, turns out cloud sales can slow down – eh, Amazon, Google? 13
open Broadcom's $61b VMWare merger faces another hurdle: UK's competition watchdog 5
open Bill shock? The red ink of web services doesn’t come out of the blue 29
open Oh dear, AWS. Cloud growth slowing as customers get a dose of cost reality 27
By dboyes
open Amazon slaps automatic encryption on S3 data 15
open NHS England Palantir contract extension could result in further legal threats 35
open Workday appoints VMware veteran as co-CEO 2
open AWS wins 5-year, $700m+ contract for cloud services to US Navy 3
By Grunchy
open Microsoft to buy 4% of London Stock Exchange in 10-year platform deal 30
open Pentagon shares nine billion cloudy dollars between AWS, Google, Microsoft, Oracle 7
open Cloud customers are wasting money by overprovisioning resources 7
open AWS intros homebrew Graviton CPU tuned for HPC, network stack tuned to updated Nitro system 1
open AWS joins the water positive gang, claims it will be there by 2030 25
open Doctors call for greater scrutiny of bidders for platform that pools UK's health info 57