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open Epic snub by Supreme Court in battle to escape Apple App Store payment prison 7
open Orkney islands look to drones to streamline mail deliveries 51
open Born in the USA! Broadcom will produce American-made RF modules for Apple 7
By ivorb
open Microsoft applies coat of Rust to Azure Sphere IoT platform 9
open Singapore branches out onto internet of trees 15
open IBM to fire Watson IoT Platform from its cloud 19
open MIT boffins cram ML training into microcontroller memory 6
open Delivery drone crashes into power lines, causes outage 42
By hoola
open Microsoft's metaverse is for training autonomous drones 5
open Hive to pull the plug on smart home gadgets by 2025 174
By RobDog
open Intel is running rings around AMD and Arm at the edge 14
open AWS sent edgy appliance to the ISS and it worked – just like all the other computers up there 10
open Nothing says 2022 quite like this remote-controlled machine gun drone 44
open DARPA wants to refuel drones in flight – wirelessly 24
open Splunk dabbles in edgy hardware, lowers data ingestion 3
By Numen
open Smart homes are hackable homes if not equipped with updated, supported tech 112
open Broadcom buying VMware could create an edge infrastructure and IoT empire 9
open Arm CPU ran on electricity generated by algae for over six months 91
open AWS allows a Lenovo server to play in its on-prem AI video cloud 2
open IBM secures DWP contract worth up to £2.1m for 6 months of cloud services 8
open AWS fixes strange clunks in its on-prem data-crunchers 1
open Meet Moeco, Ukrainian-led biz using IoT trackers to follow supplies into invaded land 9
open Arm to IoT devs: Go faster with our pre-made chip subsystems 5
open Insteon's vanishing act explained: Smart home biz insolvent, sells off assets 60
By nijam
open IoT biz Insteon goes silent, smart home gear plays dumb 81
open Microsoft inks satellite deal to push edge computing, software in orbit 1
open Microsoft, NXP unveil Arm-based Windows 10 IoT Enterprise experience 4
open Will this Mobileye IPO fund Intel's comeback plan? 2
open Alibaba smart electric vehicles now in mass production 2
open OpenStack-to-the-edge darling StarlingX hits 6.0, makes useful config tweaks 2
open January edition of Azure Sphere OS cancelled after Microsoft actually listens to customer's complaint 6
open Edge computing set for growth – that is, when we can agree what it is 13
open Planning on buying a new motor? Chip shortages set to hit UK carmakers this year and next 13
open Smart things are so dumb because they take after their makers. Let's fix that 84
By Dan 55
open Phone jammers made my model plane smash into parked lorry, fumes hobbyist 92
open Behold, Eclipse's open-source software defined vehicle project 17
open UK's Civil Aviation Authority hashing out rules for crash-proof cargo pods on drones 23
open Edge computing has a bright future, even if nobody's sure quite what that looks like 11
open Ex-DJI veep: There was no drone at Gatwick during 2018's hysterical shutdown 81
By jake
open RAF chief: Our Reaper drones (sorry, SkyGuardians) stand ready to help British councils 69
open EU to formally probe Nvidia's $54bn takeover over British chip designer Arm – report 28
open European Commission airs out new IoT device security draft law – interested parties have a week to weigh in 13
open Edgy: HPE's first message from the International Space Station to Microsoft's Azure? 'hello world' 10
open Will it bend? That is the question: Arm boffins boast of first flexible 32-bit chip 18
By adam 40
open Pub landlords on notice as 'Internet of Beer' firm not only pulls pints, but can also clean the lines 52
By DiViDeD
open UK product safety regulations are failing consumers online, in the IoT, and … with artificial intelligence? 16
open An anti-drone system that sneezes targets to death? Would that be a DARPA project? You betcha 73
open In this round of 'Real life or Black Mirror episode', drones that hunt down humans by listening to their screams 29
open Need some chips? The Raspberry Pi Pico's RP2040 is heading to a channel near you 18
open Sony makes a play for edge compute chores with smart sensors 3