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open European tech businesses cool on China due to coronavirus lockdowns 13
open Ericsson pulls out of Russia 'indefinitely' to protest war in Ukraine 18
By adam 40
open Capita offloads Microsoft licensing biz Trustmarque to private equity for £110m 1
By HildyJ
open Pakistan considers ten-year tax holiday for freelance techies 11
open Renewal chasing as-a-service is now a thing – and vendors love it 21
By Not Yb
open Who are shortages good for? The channel! World's biggest distributor forecasts tech price hikes from January 3
By SusiW
open Windows what? PC makers have bigger things on their minds 40
open Raspberry Pi looks to set up African retail channel to make buying a mini computer there as easy as Pi 17
open Japan's NTT Group to allow remote work for all 320,000 staff 3
open BRICS bloc deepens collaboration on ecommerce and selling services across borders 4
By ilyad
open Busy day in China: Xi Jinping announces tech-sharing, services export push and a bourse for startups 17
open Lockdown-induced gadgetry rush sent Dixons Carphone's online sales skywards – and repaid £73m of furlough wages 4
open The great fire sale continues as Capita sells government joint venture Axelos for £380m 5
open finally proposes to police rogue umbrella companies but leaves questions unanswered 5
open Microsoft's bricks-and-mortar retail operation set to return from the grave? Not quite 1
open Massive tech-for-British-schoolkids cash pot up for grabs as UK education buyers prep £140m agreement 11
open It's the UK contractor tax factor: IR35 outsiders gaining leverage in skills market, survey finds 18
open 33 'unsustainably loss-making' Dixons Travel outlets set to be shuttered affecting 400 staff 6
By Tempest
open UK Home Office tenders £5m for a supplier to help it greenlight IT projects. Yes, you read that correctly 16
By hoola
open Microsoft sues Florida reseller it alleges sold 'black market access devices' allowing unlocking of Office 365 15
open Fancy building to-spec PCs for the Bank of England, and more? A £46m end user support contract is up for grabs 17
open Selling hardware on a pay-per-use or subscription model is a 'lie' created by marketing bods 82
open Brit tax collector HMRC wants fireside chat with suppliers to discuss ways to spend the annual £900m IT budget 3
open Remember Entatech? UK liquidators are still trying to seize founder Jason Tsai's assets 11
open Reseller gives Brits Insight into value webcam shipments of the future-ture-ture-ture 4
open Ex-Dell distributor in Lebanon ignored ban on suing US tech giant. Now four directors have been sentenced to prison in the UK 47
open Brit competition regulator will soon be able to seize rogue traders' domains – and even Amazon accounts 26
open Capita, Fujitsu and pals tuck into slices of £3bn London NHS framework 17
open Post-pandemic hard-sell under way: Resellers leaned on to convert free trial users into fully paid-up customers 6
open Brit IT infrastructure giant Computacenter hits pause on shareholder dividends after furloughing 10% of staff 4
open 'Anything' related to remote working is a winner for Euro disties, but classic enterprise hardware? That's another story 19
open Tech services biz Allvotec furloughing staff, asking remainder – including top brass – to take pay cut 5
By bagpus
open Under pressure: K3 to put loss-making UK Microsoft Dynamics reseller biz into administration 6
open Thought you'd go online to buy better laptop for home working? Too bad, UK. So did everyone. Laptops, monitors and WLANs fly off shelves 118
By MrNigel
open UK Carphone Warehouse shops set to sling their last phones, 2.9k redundancies hit high street, as Dixons closes all 531 'standalone' sites 22
By Dave559
open Resellers facing 'months' of delays for orders to be fulfilled. IT gathers dust on docks as coronavirus-stricken China goes back to work 52
open 'Up to 300' UK heads to roll at Brit IT services firm Allvotec, with 200 jobs offshored to Bulgaria in cost-cutting drive 21
open lays out COVID-19 guidance as the tech supply chain considers its own 59
open Aria Technology loses Court of Appeal bid over £750k VAT dispute 17
open AMD takes a bite out of Intel's PC market share across Europe amid microprocessor shortages, rising Ryzen 57
open Capita unfurls new consulting arm. Hmm, what shall we call it? 52
open David Phillips, godfather of UK tech distribution industry, dies aged 74 1
open Ireland's B.ICONIC snaffles Stormfront to become largest Apple reseller in the UK 10
open Getronics confirms – finally – that CEO has quit following HMRC VAT payment debacle 6
open One of Blighty's most-loved charities hands £46m to one of Blighty's least-loved outsourcers 47
open Everything must go as school IT supplier Gaia Technologies' £5.7m debt burden revealed 20
open Yay, Intel chip shortages should be over soon! Nope. Strap in, at least another quarter or two to go, say PC execs 19
open Getronics CEO on HMRC winding-up petition: An 'embarrassing' blip with cash in the wrong places 22
open John Lennon says hello. Hello, hello... as Cancom buys Novosco for £70m 4
By Jedit
open Swiss wheeze: Microsoft reseller titan SoftwareONE plots IPO on Zurich exchange 1



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