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open Oracle scores big win with Fujitsu Japan for its Alloy partner cloud 1
open Wipro appoints new CEO: 32-year veteran and current US boss Srini Pallia takes over 1
By Dan 55
open Microsoft reseller Bytes says more than 100 undisclosed share trades linked to ex-CEO 12
open Claims emerge that Citrix has doubled price of month-to-month partner licenses 31
open VMware by Broadcom promises more, cheaper, training, starting around May 8
open Boss at one of Microsoft's largest resellers quits, admits secret share deals 10
open eBay tells 1,000 employees their days at company are numbered 20
open AWS Marketplace adds sales of third-party services 1
By t245t
open As Broadcom nukes VMware's channel, the big winner is set to be Nutanix 27
open Broadcom to end VMware’s channel program, move partners to its own invite-only offering 9
open Infosys loses ten-year, $1.5 billion contract announced just three months ago 26
open China’s annual e-tail frenzy broke records – trust us, say government, Alibaba and 6
By DS999
open Sorry kids, Infosys and Wipro have cancelled graduate recruitment 11
By MyffyW
open Gulf states and 'The Stans' could become new tech hotspot – analyst 17
open Microsoft delays debut of IoT security offer due to 'unexpected system challenges' 11
By hoola
open Microsoft tells partners unbundling Teams is a 'compromise' with the EU 17
open Two top execs quit Infosys mere months after its president skipped 3
By Kane
open Bad times are just starting for India's IT outsourcers, says JP Morgan 70
open India's major IT outsourcers slow hiring and fret about deal pipelines 15
open Microsoft coughs up some change after allegedly selling software to no-no companies 13
open Microsoft pauses delayed partner ecosystem security update to count its money 2
open India’s top four outsourcers report rosy revenues, mild macroeconomic misgivings 3
open Alibaba Cloud reveals billion dollar 'ecosystem upgrade' 1
By fg_swe
open Philippines decides outsourcers need incentives to stick around, after all 4
open Salesperson's tech dream delivered by ill-equipped consultant who charged for the inevitable fix 56
open India's big four services giants bemoan rising labor costs 24
open Microsoft postpones shift to New Commerce Experience subscriptions 8
open Lenovo to form venture with Hong Kong comms conglomerate PCCW 2
open Microsoft forgot to renew the certificate for its Windows Insider subdomain 37
open European tech businesses cool on China due to coronavirus lockdowns 13
open Ericsson pulls out of Russia 'indefinitely' to protest war in Ukraine 18
By adam 40
open Capita offloads Microsoft licensing biz Trustmarque to private equity for £110m 1
open Pakistan considers ten-year tax holiday for freelance techies 11
open Renewal chasing as-a-service is now a thing – and vendors love it 21
By Not Yb
open Who are shortages good for? The channel! World's biggest distributor forecasts tech price hikes from January 3
By SusiW
open Windows what? PC makers have bigger things on their minds 40
open Raspberry Pi looks to set up African retail channel to make buying a mini computer there as easy as Pi 17
open Japan's NTT Group to allow remote work for all 320,000 staff 3
open BRICS bloc deepens collaboration on ecommerce and selling services across borders 4
By ilyad
open Busy day in China: Xi Jinping announces tech-sharing, services export push and a bourse for startups 17
open Lockdown-induced gadgetry rush sent Dixons Carphone's online sales skywards – and repaid £73m of furlough wages 4
open The great fire sale continues as Capita sells government joint venture Axelos for £380m 5
open finally proposes to police rogue umbrella companies but leaves questions unanswered 5
open Microsoft's bricks-and-mortar retail operation set to return from the grave? Not quite 1
open Massive tech-for-British-schoolkids cash pot up for grabs as UK education buyers prep £140m agreement 11
open It's the UK contractor tax factor: IR35 outsiders gaining leverage in skills market, survey finds 18
open 33 'unsustainably loss-making' Dixons Travel outlets set to be shuttered affecting 400 staff 6
By Tempest
open UK Home Office tenders £5m for a supplier to help it greenlight IT projects. Yes, you read that correctly 16
By hoola
open Fancy building to-spec PCs for the Bank of England, and more? A £46m end user support contract is up for grabs 17
open Selling hardware on a pay-per-use or subscription model is a 'lie' created by marketing bods 82