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open You Look Like a Thing and I Love You: A quirky investigation into why AI does not always work 62
By J. Cook
open Dead or alive, you're camming with me, says RoboPup: Bomb squad hires Boston Dynamics Spot to snoop on suspects, packages 17
By Raphael
open DeepMind gets good at games (and choosing them) – plus more bits and bytes from the world of machine learning 5
open Absolutely smashing: Musk shows off Tesla's 'bulletproof' low-poly pickup, hilarity ensues 171
open We(don't)Work: Rent-a-desk outfit cuts 2,400 staff in bid to be a functioning business 50
By JohnFen
open We know what you want to write: Google injects more AI into G Suite 8
By BGatez
open You wanted flying cars and colony worlds. Instead, IKEA furniture-building-ish AI robots 47
open Questions hang over Gatwick Airport after low level drone near-miss report 130
By TDog
open Magic Leap's CFO and creative director quit, and it's not a harbinger of doom or anything 36
open Five new players – including Blue Origin and SpaceX – are now in NASA's race to send landers to the Moon 28
open The US Army recruits WALL-E Chris H as its next-generation bomb disposal robot 29
open Bloodhound gang hits 1,010kph, retreats to lab to work on smashing the land speed record 48
open Rapid-fire Windows 10 builds, Azure on Arm not for the eyes of mortals, and Teams at 10,000ft 8
By Hans 1
open Twitter wants help with deepfakes, and Microsoft Azure will rent out new AI chips for its cloud users, and more 7
open Welcome to cultured meat – not pigs reading Proust but a viable alternative to slaughter 210
open Can't you hear me knocking? But I installed a smart knocker 193
By No Yb
open Boffins harnessed the brain power of mice to build AI models that can't be fooled 31
open NASA spanks $34bn on a disposable rocket – likely to top $50bn by 2024 moon landing 34
open Magic Leap rattles money tin, assigns patents to a megabank, sues another ex-staffer... But fear not, all's fine 63
open Thanks, Brexit. Tesla boss Elon Musk reveals Berlin as location for Euro Gigafactory 153
open Is this paragraph from Trump or an AI bot? You decide, plus buy your own AI for $399 37
By cd11
open They say lightning never strikes twice, but boffins have built an AI to show where it'll come next 26
open One man's mistake, missing backups and complete reboot: The tale of Europe's Galileo satellites going dark 149
open Robotics mastermind admits: I pushed over my 1-year-old daughter to understand balance 24
open Here are some deadhead jobs any chatbot could take over right now 108
open Enjoy a tipple or five? You might need this AI system to tell you when it's time for a new liver 23
open Need a special something on which to spank $3,500? HoloLens 2 is finally shipping 10
open What could go wrong? Redmond researchers release a blabbering bot trained on Reddit chats 23
open This news article about the full public release of OpenAI's 'dangerous' GPT-2 model was part written by GPT-2 44
open Remember the Uber self-driving car that killed a woman crossing the street? The AI had no clue about jaywalkers 357
open Heads up from Internet of S*!# land: Best Buy's Insignia 'smart' home gear will become very dumb this Wednesday 191
open OneCoin lawyer trial kicks off in NY as cryptocurrency founder remains on the lam 24
open I cannae do it, captain, I'm giving it all she's got, but she just cannae take another dose of bullsh!t 97
By Kiwi
open Watch Waymo's totally driverless self-driving car cruise around, how the US military wants to use AI ethically, etc 42
open Boffins don bad 1980s fashion to avoid being detected by object-recognizing AI cameras 88
open Thought you were good at StarCraft? DeepMind's AI bot proves better than 99.8% of fleshy humans 30
By DiViDeD
open The Feds are building an America-wide face surveillance system – and we're going to court to prove it, says ACLU 37
By Grooke
open The UK's Civil Aviation Authority asked drone orgs to email fliers' data in an Excel spreadsheet 58
By Roland6
open 'Earworn Wearables' will save the day (wireless earbuds, but cool name for your D&D halfling) 50
open Come on, you can't be serious: Now Australia mulls face-recog tech for p0rno site age checks 104
open Sticks and stones may break your bones but robot taunts will hurt you – in games at least 18
open Rekognition still racist, politicians desperate over deepfakes, and a good reason to go to (some) music festivals 16
By TomPhan
open Google claims web search will be 10% better for English speakers – with the help of AI 51
By JohnFen
open Talk about a killer feature: Home, Home Mini gear replacements promised after fatal update bricks gadgets 32
By JohnFen
open Inside the 1TB ImageNet data set used to train the world's AI: Naked kids, drunken frat parties, porno stars, and more 77
open Big Red tells crypto-coin publication: One does not simply call one's website 'OracleTimes' 38
open Er, hi. Small Q. Where's our billion-ish dollars gone? We summarize Bitcoin exchange's subpoena requests 25
open Samsung on fridge cert error: Someone tried to view 'unsavoury content' in middle of John Lewis 97
open Don't fall for the hype around OpenAI's Rubik's Cube playing robot, Berkeley bans facial recognition, and more 18
By Terje
open Guess who's dreaming of facial-recog body cams now? US border cops: AI tech sought to scrutinize travelers 30


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