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open Facial-recognition algos vary wildly, US Congress told, as politicians try to come up with new laws on advanced tech 10
open Behold the Internet of Turf: IoT sucks waste energy from living plants to speak to satellites 30
open UC Berkeley told to cough up $5m in compensation to comp-sci, engineering students recruited to teach classes 23
open AI of the needle: Here's how neural networks could detect nighttime low blood-sugar levels using your heart beat 45
open Microsoft wields ML to catch child predators, city drops 7-year facial-recognition experiment after no arrests... 15
open Flying taxis? That'll be AFTER you've launched light sabres and anti-gravity skateboards 201
open OpenAI's GPT-2 secret life as a pawn star: Boffins discover talkative machine-learning model can play chess 8
open Google and IBM square off in Schrodinger’s catfight over quantum supremacy 74
open Ring of fired: Amazon axes multiple workers who secretly snooped on netizens' surveillance camera footage 46
open Eggheads have crunched the numbers and the results are in: It's not just your dignity you lose with e-scooters, life and limb are in peril, too 73
open RISC-V business: SiFive and CEVA join forces to enable the development AI-amenable, edge-oriented processors 7
open Facebook to ban deepfake videos in posts and ads, sort of: Vids must be believable, made by AI, and not be parody 8
open Finally, a good use for AI: Machine-learning tool guesstimates how well your code will run on a CPU core 4
open Beset by lawsuits over poor security protections, Ring rolls out 'privacy dashboard' for its creepy surveillance cams, immediately takes heat 43
By fredj
open I spy, with my little satellite AI, something beginning with 'North American image-analysis code embargo' 28
open We live so fast I can't even finish this sent... 135
open How do you ascertain user acceptability if you keep killing off the users? 64
open Another free web course to gain machine-learning skills (thanks, Finland), NIST probes 'racist' face-recog – and more 7
open The IoT wars are over, maybe? Amazon, Apple, Google give up on smart-home domination dreams, agree to develop common standards 104
open Intel is doing so well at AI acceleration, it's dropped $2bn on another neural-net chip upstart (third time's a charm) 3
open Put the crypt into cryptocoin: Amid grave concerns, lawyers to literally dig into exchange exec who died owing $190m 36
open Internet of crap (encryption): IoT gear is generating easy-to-crack keys 18
open Warnings over emotional AIs, OpenAI explains how it became video-game king, plus ML climate impact probe 5
open These are the droids you're looking for: Softbank launches Japan cafe staffed by bots 26
open Xbox Series X: Gee thanks, Microsoft! Just what we wanted for Xmas 2020 – a Gateway tower PC 66
open Are you writing code for ambient computing? No? Don't even know? Ch-uh. Google's 'write once, run anywhere' Flutter is all over it 37
By TeeCee
open Revealed: NHS England bosses meet with tech and pharmaceutical giants to discuss price list of millions of Brits' medical data 191
By fredj
open Colorado cryptocoin execs spark up blunt '$722m ponzi scheme' criminal charges after investments go up in smoke 13
open Non-unicorn $700 e-scooter shop Unicorn folds with no refunds – after blowing all its cash on online ads 55
open $13m+ Swiss Army Knife of blenders biz collapses to fury of 20,000 unfulfilled punters 42
open Scientists use machine-learning algorithms to map out 10 billion cells from human bodies in fight against cancer 8
By boltar
open With a warehouse of unsold AR goggles, Magic Leap has a brainwave… let’s rebadge ‘em and sell to business! 43
open RISC-V Xmas gifts: SiFive emits vector-enabled cores, Western Digital teases new SweRVs, VxWorks hugs ISA, Samsung rolls it into 5G... 4
open I'll take your frame to another dimension, pay close attention: This AI auto-generates 3D objects from 2D snaps 24
open Tesla has a smashing weekend: Model 3 on Autopilot whacks cop cars, Elon's Cybertruck demolishes part of LA 144
open Homeland Security backs off on scanning US citizens, Amazon ups AI ante, and more 35
open DeepMind founder behind NHS data slurp to be beamed up to Google mothership 12
open You looking for an AI project? You love Lego? Look no further than this Reg reader's machine-learning Lego sorter 32
By corbpm
open In a touching tribute to its $800m-ish antitrust fine, Qualcomm tears wraps off Snapdragon 865 chip for 5G phones 17
By Mark192
open Amazon sticks AI inference chip up for rent in the cloud for machine-learning geeks 1
open Is your computer doctor secretly a racist? Two US senators want to find out the truth 46
open We took a shot every time Qualcomm said 5G, AI or mobile gaming in its Snapdragon 865, 765 system-on-chip launch... 18
By D@v3
open Trump Administration fast-tracks compulsory border facial recognition scans for all US citizens 58
open Den Automation raised millions to 'reinvent' the light switch. Now it's lights out for startup 188
open A little product renaming here, a little RISC-V magic there, some extra performance, and voila – Imagination's 10th-gen PowerVR is born 12
open Buy Amazon's tiny $99 keyboard so you can make terrible AI music for all your friends 35
open Explain yourself, mister: Fresh efforts at Google to understand why an AI system says yes or no 38
open Why can't passport biometrics see through my cunning disguise? 139
open Go champion retires after losing to AI, Richard Nixon deepfake gives a different kind of Moon-landing speech... 67
By Danny 2
open You're drinking morning coffee in 2019. These eggheads are in 2119 landing drones on their arms like robo-falconers 26


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