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open Thought GPT-2 was powerful? OpenAI teases GPT-3. Meanwhile, Microsoft dumps human journos for robots 5
By ThatOne
open HP's hoping it'll be second time lucky with launch of Reverb G2 nerd goggles 8
open AR flop Magic Leap's 'pivot' spins CEO right off his throne 20
open Clearview AI sued by ACLU for scraping billions of selfies from social media to power its facial-recog-for-cops system 17
open China to test digital version of its currency at 2022 Winter Olympics 14
By Aleph0
open Arm goes off road... map: 5nm Cortex-X1 touted for phone, tablet, laptop processors needing Apple-level oomph 3
open Live analytics without vendor lock-in? It's more likely than you think, says Redis Labs 2
open Coronavirus masks are thwarting facial recognition systems. So, of course, people are building training sets from your lockdown-wear selfies 29
open Dude, where's my laser? 89
By greenup
open Runaway Latvian drone found meditating in tree after shutting down nation's skies 37
open Bionic eyes to be a thing in the next decade? Possibly. Boffins mark sensor-density breakthrough 23
open Railway cables overpowered errant drone's compass and flung it back to terra firma 68
open Internet of Tardiness: Microsoft puts on a brave face as IoT boat prepares to set sail 8
By druck
open US senators call for more transparency over $12bn TSMC fab plant investment 13
open The software bots are coming, the software bots are coming: Microsoft swallows UK automation minnow while dreaming of low-code apps 7
open We really doing this again? Rumour has it that Apple is nearly finished developing augmented-reality glasses 33
By Mahhn
open It's, it's, a red-and-blue striped golfing umbrella... Facebook teaches its online tat bazaar to auto-identify stuff for sale 14
By Glen 1
open Hey, what kind of silicon may power next-gen space probes? We hope your answer includes 'AI acceleration' 4
open Azure-hosted AI for finding code defects emitted – but does it work? 9
open Car crash: Uber axes another 3,000 jobs, closes 45 offices as punters snub app during coronavirus lockdown 21
open Nvidia's A100 GPU coming to a cloud near you, DARPA details AI war games, Intel wants to help scan your brain 6
open Singapore’s mega-investment firm Temasek joins Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency effort 2
open If American tech is used to design or make that chip, you better not ship it to Huawei, warns Uncle Sam 108
open Tales from the crypt-oh: Nvidia accused of concealing $1bn in coin-mining GPU sales as gaming revenue 44
open TSMC to build new 5nm chip factory in Arizona with US government backing 10
open Ampere, Nvidia's latest GPU architecture is finally here – spanking-new acceleration for AI across the board 15
open Meet Morpheus, the AI that'll show you how deep the universe's rabbit hole goes: Code can detect, classify galaxies from 'scope scans 4
By Mark192
open More automation to suddenly look like a jolly good idea as businesses struggle through coronavirus crisis, say analysts 28
open Don't trust deep-learning algos to touch up medical scans: Boffins warn 'highly unstable' tech leads to bad diagnoses 23
open US govt can talk about the end of lockdown, but Silicon Valley says 'as long as it takes' – and Twitter says 'WFH forever' 28
open Breaking virus lockdown rules, suing officials, threatening staff, raging on Twitter. Just Elon Musk things 105
By Emma25
open From pair to p-AI-r programming: Kite floats paid-for spin of its GitHub-trained code autocomplete assistant 9
By Glen 1
open CEO of AI surveillance upstart Banjo walks the plank after white supremacist past sinks contracts 33
By vir
open Just as we all feared, killer AI is coming... for weeds: How to build a grass-monitoring neural network for your home 3
By jake
open South Korea announces tech New Deal to stoke post-coronavirus economy 1
open Singapore releases the robot hounds to enforce social distancing in parks 63
open When the chips are down, thank goodness for software engineers: AI algorithms 'outpace Moore's law' 5
open Uber, Lyft struck by sue-ball, no, sue-meteorite in California after insisting their apps' drivers aren't employees 39
open If at first you don't succeed... IBM finds Watson a new job: IT ops and cloud-to-the-edge computing in the 5G era 4
open Proof-of-concept open-source app can cut'n'paste from reality straight into Photoshop using a neural network 36
By jake
open Latvian drone wrests control from human overlords and shuts down entire nation's skies 48
open You like to Moovit? Intel snaps up Israeli mobility startup for rumoured $1bn as part of expensive mobility push 4
open Facebook's mega-chatbot has 'a persona, discusses nearly any topic, shows empathy.' Perfect for CEO version 2 15
By HildyJ
open Human intelligence may not be enough: US military turns to machine learning algos to predict food shortages 15
By holmegm
open Tesla sued over Tokyo biker's death in 'dozing driver' Autopilot crash 87
open Lyft dumps 17% of staff, furloughs 5%, cuts pay as people stay home, avoid rides in possibly virus-ridden cars 10
open Three things in life are certain: Death, taxes, and cloud-based IoT gear bricked by vendors. Looking at you, Belkin 49
open Arm dumps risk for CISC – Chip Indies Skip Costs: Early-stage startups can pay $0 to access CPU, GPU blueprints 2
open I'm doing this to stop humans ripping off brilliant ideas by computers and aliens, says guy unsuccessfully filing patents 'invented' by his AI 64
open Free users become losers as AI startup with AWS bills to pay pursues viral opportunity 4


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