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open Qualcomm demos sub-700MHz 5G data calls via Chinese telco upstart 5
open Psst, you want us to design you an Arm chip? 'Cause we can do that, says RISC-V processor darling SiFive 8
open Want to hear our beloved David Attenborough narrate your life? Thanks to the power of machine learning, you can 14
By heyrick
open ICE to see you: Homeland Security's immigration cops tap up Clearview AI to probe child exploitation, cyber-crime 12
By veti
open Money talks as Chinese chip foundries lure TSMC staff with massive salaries to fix the Middle Kingdom's tech gap 71
open Shine on: Boffins bedazzle Alexa and her voice-controlled assistant kin with silent laser-injected commands 16
open AWS creates a quantum computing cloud with classical testbed plus rentable qubits 12
open India rolls out AI and e-government to increase taxpayer numbers beyond current miserable 15 million 1
open Single-line software bug causes fledgling YAM cryptocurrency to implode just two days after launch 108
open It's cool, claims Samsung as it pushes 3D IC SoC tech at overheated world 2
open Bratty Uber throws tantrum, threatens to cut off California unless judge does what it says in driver labor rights row 116
open India explores blockchain-powered voting but not to enable online elections 6
By Getmo
open Uncle Sam says it's perfecting autonomous AI-powered drone, vehicle swarms to 'dominate' battlefields 69
open Whoops, our bad, we may have 'accidentally' let Google Home devices record your every word, sound – oops 147
open UK puts £200m on table for dynamic purchasing system to supply public sector with AI 18
open Self-driving car supremo Anthony Levandowski sentenced to 18 months in the clink for stealing trade secrets from Google's Waymo 32
open Singapore to give all incoming travelers wearable tracking device 15
By Kernel
open If you're on invite-only tech-testing scheme, take care with Amazon's Alexa-powered answer to Google's Glass 24
open Microsoft to Cortana: you’re not going out dressed in iOS or Android, young lady! 35
By MrXavia
open US drugstore chain installed anti-shoplifter facial-recognition cameras in 200 locations – for eight years 34
open Lizards for lunch? Crazy tech? Aliens?! Dana Dash: First Girl on the Moon is perfect for the little boffin-to-be in your life 27
open So many stars, so little time: Machine learning helps astroboffins spot the most oxygen-starved galaxy yet 10
open Someone made an AI that predicted gender from email addresses, usernames. It went about as well as expected 139
open Amazon and Google: Trust us, our smart-speaker apps are carefully policed. Boffins: Yes, well, about that... 26
open 'I think the police are here...' Feds reveal Skype, text chats of Canadian trio charged with $8m crypto-coin fraud 23
open Face masks hamper the spread of coronavirus. Know what else they hamper? Facial-recognition systems (except China's) 52
open New Zealand government to explain its algorithms to stop robo-bias warping policy 8
By Mike 16
open Google extends homeworking until this time next year – as Microsoft finds WFH is terrific... for Microsoft 57
By Rich 11
open Intel couldn't shrink to 7nm on time – but it was able to reduce one thing: Its chief engineer's employment 87
open Is that croaky voicemail of your CEO just a Fakey McFake Fake – or does he normally ask you to wire him $1m? 16
open Amazon's auditing of Alexa Skills is so good, these boffins got all 200+ rule-breaking apps past the reviewers 25
open Nvidia may be mulling lopping Arm off Softbank: GPU goliath said to have shown interest in acquiring CPU design house 59
By adam 40
open Sick of AI engines scraping your pics for facial recognition? Here's a way to Fawkes them right up 68
open Twitter Qracks down on QAnon and its Qooky Qonspiracies 58
open SEC drags Silicon Valley AI upstart to court over claims of made-up revenues, investors swindled out of $11m 3
open UK formally abandons Europe’s Unified Patent Court, Germany plans to move forward nevertheless 122
open World Health Organisation AI chatbot goes deaf when asked for the latest COVID-19 figures for Taiwan, Hong Kong 15
open Germany bans Tesla from claiming its Autopilot software is potentially autonomous 22
By hayzoos
open 51 years after humans first set foot on the Moon, a deepfaked Nixon mourns how Armstrong and Aldrin never made it home 88
open Oh deer! Scotland needs some tech smarts to help monitor its rampant herbivore populations 41
By x 7
open Chips for Huawei are fried: TSMC stops shipping parts to Middle Kingdom mega-maker this September 39
open Nvidia watches Brit upstart Graphcore swing into rear-view mirror waving beastly second-gen AI chip hardware 14
By quxinot
open As internet governance meetings go virtual, compromise becomes harder to reach 5
open SoftBank: Oi, we paid $32bn for you, when are you going to strong-Arm some more money out of your customers? 72
open Disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff pleads guilty again after cryptocurrency flop broke laws set up to stop him 7
open Don't want AWS training its AI systems from your pics, text, audio, code? It's now easier to opt out of the slurp 1
open Four years after swallowing Arm Holdings, SoftBank said to be mulling Brit chip biz sale 48
By IGotOut
open Fancy some fishy-chips? Just order one of these sensors: Research shines light on suspect component sources 26
By Lomax
open Singapore-sponsored finance blockchain ready to run international payments, say financial heavies 4
open You've think you've heard it all about automation in technology? Get a load of this robot that plugs in cables 19


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