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open 'We already do that, we’re just OG* enough to not call it DevOps' 28
open Nutanix buys anon firm in India. DevOps upstart Calm won't comment... 2
open Same job, different place: US salaries top DevOps pay packet poll 14
open Atlassian promises frictionless, casual video encounters 1
By acidack
open Continuous Lifecycle 2017 call for papers is open 3
open Why Agile is like flossing and regular sex 73
open Red Hat redraws Ansible Tower so even enterprise managers can get it 2
open Chef Automate: Firm's DevOps odds 'n' sods crammed into one parcel 5
open DevOps: The spotty faced yoof waiting to blossom 30
open One container to rule them all? No. Um, a plastic box* refresher 10
open Bank tech boss: Where we're going, we don't need mainframes 32
open Cisco takes deep breath, plunges into Puppet's DevOps pool 1
open Oh, Red Hat. Contain yourself and your 'new innovations' talk 7
open Deploying software every day is... actually... OK – what devs tell their real-life friends 32
open You're not cool unless you have an app store, apparently. So Docker's building one 3
open Docker taps unikernel brains to emit OS X, Windows public betas 12
open Happy mode, sad mode, DevOps mode: Stop worrying and go bimodal 18
By Wings2i
open A new Habitat for applications? Chef launches open source app automation project 7
open JFrog's marriage made in ... well: Internet of Things, meet DevOps 8
open DevOps is for all, says DevOps pundit-in-chief. He doesn't have it in for the BOFH, honest 18
open HPE 'rewrites' ALM to target agile and open source folks 2
open Cumulus Linux 3.0 NOS now in the wild 1
By Number6
open Hand the security cookbook to your robot butler: Time to automate 8
By quxinot
open Trad software sales type looking for a break? Atlassian shrugs 2
open Atlassian cuts Bamboo from the cloud, lays pipelines into Bitbucket 6
open Lost containers tell no tales. Time to worry 38
By andyL71
open Jfrog flicks out scanner to dive deep into containers 2
By Lodgie
open Continuous Lifecycle London: What we saw, what we learned 2
open Free tool aims to make it easier to find vulns in open source code 14
open Love it or hate it, it's time for that Software Power Meeting again 11
By Wings2i
open Learn a scripting language and play nicely: How to get a DevOps job 77
open Review legacy code: Waking dragons is risk worth taking, says Trainline ops head 27
open Flinging Slack at them won't get team talking – senior Etsy engineer 8
open The Devils of DevOps stick it to YOU 25
open Reskilling to become a devops dude could net you $105k+ 52
By Hans 1
open Continuous Lifecycle: Conference full, few seats left in workshops 1
open Jenkins 2.0, where the devil have you been? 10
By richbos
open GitLab offers Digital Ocean to soak up customers' CI burden 5
open Pusher's purist: Five steps to reaching your DevOps zen 19
By quxinot
open French thrash Brits, Germans and Portuguese in IT innovation 48
By gz
open DevOps isn't just about the new: It's about cleaning up the old, too 8
By jmith
open Pair programming: The most extreme XP practice? 57
open DevOps firms must play with all – despite web of alliances 2
By teebie
open Atlassian plans 'mobile companions' for key apps 1
open Puppet snags COO, ties up partners, and renames itself 2
open Continuous Lifecycle: Just ten conference tickets left 9
By Dan 55
open Wanna be a DevOps expert? You’ll have to be a Red Hat expert first… 7
open Not Bitcoin, but close: Red Hat and Microsoft bite into blockchain tech 13
By h4rm0ny
open Automic lets big firms play with DevOps in private sandbox 8
By klebel
open Continuous Lifecycle: The final countdown 4


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