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open Atlassian wants you to put all your eggs in one Bitbucket and beyond 13
open I still haven't found what I'm malloc()ing for: U2 tops poll of music today's devs code to 125
open State of DevOps: Everyone's slinging code out faster 13
open First-day-on-the-job dev: I accidentally nuked production database, was instantly fired 187
open How do you do, fellow kids? Grandpa Puppet gets down with Docker 6
open What happened when 300 DevOps experts took over the QE II? 7
open Windows is now built on Git, but Microsoft has found some bottlenecks 86
By Roland6
open Twilio packages code boilerplate to woo devs 1
open Facebook shares own tools to trap bugs before they break code 3
open Bluemix gives users two months to adopt new rolling deployment tool 1
By Korev
open Go ahead, stage a hackathon. But pray it doesn't work too well 21
open AppDynamics pondering 'business-aware infrastructure' 1
By jake
open GitHub throws open doors on 'app' souk 1
open Management's agile, digital (insert buzzword here) strategy ossifying? Blame the Red Queen 12
By Stu 14
open Realm opens up to Windows apps 4
open Sencha packages web UI widgets for enterprise React devs 3
By oomwat
open CyberArk splashes $42m on DevOps security whizz Conjur 1
By teebie
open Servers as pets or cattle was 2012. Now it's McMansions or Hotels 4
By quxinot
open Don't waste your energy on Docker, it says here – wait, that can't be right... 17
open docker rm Ben Golub 1
open Red Hat wraps AWS in OpenShift containers for easy consumption 5
By Yoshi
open Jenkins admin? Get buzzy patching, says Cloudbees 2
open Victory! The smell of skunkworks in your office in the morning 25
open Wait – we can explain, says Moby, er, Docker amid rebrand meltdown 20
open Oracle gets to Wercker, dines on container biz 3
open Virtualization twisted devs, cloud and SaaS made them monsters 4
By barmijo
open Software dev cuffed for 'nicking proprietary financial trading code' 35
By quxinot
open Microsoft rolls the Deis for container wrangling 2
open Massive scale, tight security – what's not to love about Kubernetes 1.6? Well... 8
open DevOps hype? Sometimes a pizza really is just a pizza 19
open Carnegie-Mellon Uni emits 'don't be stupid' list for C++ developers 79
open JS package catalog npm frees its team software for open source devs 2
By MNGrrrl
open Splunk and New Relic say they're now friends with benefits 3
By pladys
open SVN commit this: Subversion to fix file renaming after 15 years 29
open Docker donates core container code to DevOps world's DMZ 1
open Devs bashing out crappy code is making banks insecure – report 45
open MongoDB emits free-tier DBaaS and migration service to woo devs 3
open Google opens cloudy cannery to let you cram code into containers 1
open You're mulling GitHub Enterprise. Not keen on on-prem hosting. You don't totally hate cloud... 4
open $310m AWS S3-izure: Why everyone put their eggs in one region 37
open Under Octata's covers: Resource management, scheduling, containers 2
open AWS's Kubernetes dilemma: It's a burden and a pleasure 11
open Big Blue's big blunder: IBM accidentally hands over root access to its data science servers 7
open GitLab invokes the startup defence to explain data loss woes 41
By o p
open With nearly 1m users on its books, DigitalOcean touts load balancers 7
open Why software engineers should ditch Silicon Valley for Austin 65
open To do DevOps right, beam down a UFO says Dynatrace 17
open Eee by gum! Aye up, Microsoft, what's tha y' got? Cloud for accents? 15
open MapR seeks DevOps love: Stateful storage WLTM Docker containers 1
By teebie
open GitHubbers invited to hack Davis, the microservices chat bot 4
By jake


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