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open Official: Perl the most hated programming language, say devs 201
By onefang
open Containers? Ha! Ain't no party like a Tupperware party, boasts Facebook 3
open You may not know it, but you've already arrived at DevOps Land 18
By DCFusor
open Continuous Lifecycle 2018: Agile pioneer Dr Linda Rising to keynote 4
open You can't find tech staff – wah, wah, wah. Start with your ridiculous job spec 107
By IceC0ld
open Kubernetes has won. Docker Enterprise Edition will support rival container-wrangling tech 11
open With microservices Java can at last join us in our cloudy, DevOpsy world 4
By Adam 52
open Has Git ever driven you so mad you wanted to bomb it? Well, now you can with this tiny repo 17
By hellwig
open Culture, schmulture. DevOps, agile need to be software-first again 30
By Mark 65
open 'We think autonomous coding is a very real thing' – GitHub CEO imagines a future without programmers 64
By wmac
open Don't fear the reap... er, automation: Puppet hopes to make IT boring, says that's a good thing 13
open 10 years on, Amazon CTO reflects on DynamoDB launch 4
By Adam 52
open npm adds two-factor auth, security tokens in wake of JS typo attack 1
open Splunk hits Oracle's Larry where it hurts: His failure to win America's Cup boat race 16
open Keybase Git gets keys, basically: Secure chat app encrypts your repos 4
By Seajay#
open Oracle VP: 'We want the next decade to be Java first, Java always' 30
By Hstubbe
open JS code at the network edge. Oh, you're still here and not running, screaming? Read on 14
By thomn8r
open Cluster coordinator Kubernetes claims crisp care clip 1
By Tom 64
open Yahoo! search! results!, recommendations!, ad! flinging! code! is! now! open! source! 8
By Alister
open Facebook performs successful license surgery on React, GraphQL 2
open Facebook U-turn: React, other libraries freed from unloved patent license 15
open Java SE 9 and Java EE 8 arrive, 364 days later than first planned 9
By Hstubbe
open Puppet plays puppet master, gobbles up automation firm Distelli 4
By Kaltern
open GitLab freezes GraphQL project amid looming Facebook patent fears 9
open Stack Overflow + Salary Calculator = your worth 53
open The developers vs enterprise architects showdown: You shall know us by our trail of diagrams 33
open WordPress has adverse reaction to Facebook's React.js licence 27
open Pretend Python packages prey on poor typing 30
open Red Hat beer and burger box brouhaha: Would a pint help you wash down the containers? 2
open Trello boards the desktop with Mac and Windows apps 15
open 'Don't Google Google, Googling Google is wrong', says Google 209
By Grooke
open Atlassian kills God, rebrands as a mountain, a structurally unsound 'A' or a high five 35
open Container adoption still low, barks Cloud Foundation 3
open Developer swings DMCA sueball at foul-mouthed streamer PewDiePie 38
By nevarre
open Facebook ties JavaScript code together with Yarn 8
By sabroni
open Red Hat speed fiends celebrate automation 22
open Google, VMware and Pivotal team for on-premises Kubernetes 3
By elip
open If you wagered Bet365 would buy up Basho's remains, you'd be a big winner right now 2
By Tom 38
open Continuous integration platforms are broken – here's what needs fixing 25
open Malware? In my Docker container? It's more common than you think 2
open Twitter's twits turned troll's tech taunt into thought-provoking tonic 12
open Contain(er) your enthusiasm, nerds: Docker-backed OCI runtime spec hits 1.0 1
open Redis releases respectable revision, tiptoes through tricky political terminology 2
By ds6
open U Vlad bro? Docker accidentally cuts off Ukraine 15
open GitHub acknowledges autocrats with 'code owner' feature 6
open Atlassian hikes prices for most cloudy JIRA and Confluence users 16
open In after-hours trade on Monday, NYSE deployed test code to production 15
open How to avoid getting hoodwinked by a DevOps hustler 51
open JFrog leaps, wolfs down CloudMunch 1
By M7S
open Amazon and others sniffing around Slack 21


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