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open GitLab mulls ban on hiring Chinese and Russian support staff because 'security' 58
By pmb00cs
open Flippin' ECK, ours is the 'official' Elasticsearch experience for Kubernetes – Elastic 5
open GitLab reset --hard bad1dea: Biz U-turns, unbans office political chat, will vet customers 49
open Masters of Puppet say: There's no magical one-size-fits-all answer to doing DevOpsery 14
By Zolko
open Blood money is fine with us, says GitLab: Vetting non-evil customers is 'time consuming, potentially distracting' 77
By JoMe
open The Hurt Docker: Mystery Hub repository, website outage leaves fuming devs unable to deploy containers 5
open Ditch Chef, Puppet, Splunk and snyk for GitLab? That's the pitch from your new wannabe one-stop DevOps shop 13
open Flak overflow: Barrage of criticism prompts very public Stack Overflow apology 91
open Serverless neither magically faster nor cheaper, dev laments 19
open Chef melts under heat, will 86 future deals with family-separating US immigration agencies 59
open Hey, NPM. How do you like your Bogensberger? He's, well, done: CEO Bryan ejects from biz 8
By Smonson
open Chef roasted for tech contract with family-separating US immigration, forks up attempt to quash protest 105
open Why would anyone need Cloud Foundry when we have Kubernetes? Um, 'cos K8s is really hard! 2
open Freebie tier coming to issue-tracking Jira, but you'll have to cough up to unlock the good stuff 17
open IT biz Web Yoga adopts contrition pose, admits it turned blind eye to college's H-1B visa fraud 3
open Devs invited to bake 'Run on Google Cloud' button into git repos... By Google, of course 7
open There once was a biz called Bitbucket, that told Mercurial to suck it. Now devs are dejected, their code soon ejected 136
open Python the latest language to slither into Microsoft's serverless Azure Functions service 4
open Now CI/CD can get a better piece of the Actions: GitHub expands automation service to build, test, deploy tools 2
open They're climbing through the Windows: CircleCI goes native on Microsoft's OS 3
By Tom 38
open Captain, we've detected a disturbance in space-time. It's coming from Earth. Someone audited the Kubernetes source 17
open IBM drags Websphere devs towards Kubernetes with Kabanero package 1
open Amazon brings serverless pie to Visual Studio Code party 6
By Dan 55
open Front-end dev cops to billing NSA $220,000 for hours he didn't work 63
open Kubernetes goes in for nip and tuck, comes out with 25 'enhancements': We take a look at v1.15 5
open Dev darling Docker embraces Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 23
open Fsck it, we've lost Bitbucket: webhook integration fails after API tweaked 2
open Microsoft throws lifeline to .NET orphans in the brave new Core world 21
open AWS goes live with Windows containers... but contain yourselves: It's going to be niche 15
open Cloudflare goes big on serverless with new command line, lures devs with free account tier 5
By Dr Who
open GitHub slurps open-source bug zapping automator Dependabot, chucks cash at devs 1
open Come join the Mirantis Kubernetes party, just be sure to BYOD – the D being distro, not drinks 1
open Looks like we've got ourselves into another fine mesh: Enter the Service Mesh Interface 1
open Mind the crane: Windows Server containers loaded up on the Azure Kubernetes Service 4
open NPM today stands for Now Paging Microsoft: GitHub just launched its own software registry 14
By John 62
open Microsoft slaps the Edge name on SQL, unveils the HoloLens 2 Development Edition 54
open Docker made itself popular with devs. Now it has to make itself essential for biz. But how? Ah ha! Pay-as-you-go enterprise features 10
open Don't know how to do the Kubernetes? MapR says it'll hold your hand 2
open Atlassian bats eyelashes at the enterprise with AgileCraft acquisition 5
open Hey, DevOps fans. We've got another TLA for you to write down: CDF 8
By Cederic
open Microsoft flings open Azure Functions to Java workloads 1
open Bun fight breaks out after devs, techie jump ship: Bakery biz Panera sues its former IT crowd 46
open Docker to anoint new CFO this week, lures execs from tech giants amid layoffs, hires 3
open Fancy a .dev domain? They were $12,500 a pop from Google. Now, $1,000. Soon, $17.50. And you may want one 72
By Symon
open Git money, git paid: GitHub waves larger wads of dollar bills to tempt bug hunters 4
open Uptown func: Serverless types Nuweba trouser $4.8m as investors eye faster FaaS 6
open You like JavaScript! You really like it! Scripting lingo tops dev survey of programming languages 89
open Atlassian barges into the billion dollar club with a cheery G'Day! 4
open The DevOps Salary Report is in, and is great news for American men 5
open Crap app tapped to trap mishaps: Demo insecure software built to school devs on secure coding 2
By DCFusor


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